News: Christina Aguilera, Apple iPhone, Gay Wages

road.jpg STUDY: “[UK] Gay men face considerably lower wages than their heterosexual colleagues and are less likely to be in work, despite the introduction of a law to prevent discrimination against sexual orientation in the workplace more than two and a half years ago.”

Melroad.jpg Mel Gibson in DUI embarrassment. Apologizes for anti-Semitic tirade.

road.jpg NYT perpetuates Christina Aguilera/Britney Spears rivalry in a new profile on Xtina: “As Ms. Spears, a proud hillbilly and soon to be mother of two, attempts to clean up her image and quash speculation that her marriage to a backup dancer turned rapper is on the rocks, it’s her former rival, Ms. Aguilera, who has found the road to respectability. And the once-dirty singer is convinced that it is she who will have the last laugh.”

road.jpg Lambda Legal and ACLU ask Nebraska court to reconsider ruling reinstating Nebraska’s ban on same-sex marriage: “The federal appeals court panel … just ignored the U.S. Supreme Court, which has ruled that states can’t pass laws just to discriminate against gay people. We are hopeful that the court will recognize this decision simply can’t be squared with constitutional guarantees of equality.”

road.jpg Apple may introduce its iPhone in August, according to recent rumors: “A reader is reporting to us that a coworker’s tech-unsavvy friend, who is regularly hired by Apple to do marketing photo shoots, was recently brought on to take some shots of ‘the sleekest, sexiest damn phone he’s ever seen.'”

Soldierroad.jpg Following the outing of a gay linguist, Fort Bragg soldiers say “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is a trivial issue.

road.jpg Suburban Chicago gay bar Nutbush City Limits celebrates its 30th anniversary: “There are obviously still people in the suburbs who are very closeted and leading double lives, but much less than before. It’s not so unusual for a male couple to live openly in a small city or a suburb, whereas 10 years ago that was unusual and 20 years ago, if it happened, it was very hidden.”

road.jpg Nick Lachey reportedly roughs up 18-year-old who attempts to take photos of him with a cameraphone. Spokesman: “This harassment with camera phones – it’s just out of control.”