Gayle Cheats: Oprah Absent at Madonna Concert


So last night I went to Madonna's Confessions Tour here in NYC at Madison Square Garden. Before the show I spot what I think is this matching lesbian power couple seated near us, both in white, one in a pantsuit, one in a dress, obviously called each other before the show to conspire on outfits.

Now, I normally wouldn't have given them a second glance, except maybe to check out the shoes again (more on that later), but one of them has been in the news lately.

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Someone comes over to talk to them and I realize it’s Oprah’s friend Gayle King, who, in a recent article in O magazine, said of the friendship between she and Oprah: “The truth is, if we were gay, we would tell you, because there’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

Obviously there’s some truth in that statement because she was at the gayest event in New York and didn’t seem to have a problem with it. Various men in the crowd were coming up to her throughout the concert, maybe to thank her for her statement.

She did, however, look mighty bored most of the time, and even pulled out her massive white bag at one point to start reorganizing it.

Later she seemed to suddenly realize there was a concert going on, but I think she just wanted to be recognized again.

And one fan seated a few rows behind me was about to give her what she wanted.

Ladies and gentlemen, Gayle King meets…the King of Gay.

Gayle_shoes_ Gayle_shoes_2
Ahh yeah, and I promised to show you the shoes. The whole ensemble made her look a little like a duck, but overall I think she looked fairly stunning.

But the real news here, no Oprah in site. Gayle was cheating. And by cheating I mean platonically cheating, not romantically cheating, of course…

I took a few photos of the concert itself but they didn’t really come out that well, and you’ve seen it all before anyway…

Oprah and Gayle: “We’re Not Gay.” [tr]