The News: Janet Jackson, Carson Daly, Hotel Sex…

road.jpg You may be the designer of Janet Jackson’s new album cover.

road.jpg General manager of restaurant in Waldorf-Astoria fingered by two waiters in sexual harassment lawsuit. Want $150 million: “Both men say Jean-Pierre Duteron made ‘unwanted sexual advances’ toward them between January and March. As time went on, the suit says, Duteron’s propositions of the married Spach got more crude. On one occasion, Duteron told Spach he wanted to ‘eat his a- – ,’ and Duteron grabbed his ‘testicles and buttocks’ several times.”

Carson_1road.jpg Does Carson Daly have manorexia? Perhaps he should have a sit-down with Dennis Quaid.

road.jpg Congrats to blogger/activist/athlete Keith Boykin for winning a gold medal in wrestling at the Gay Games.

Pharrell_1road.jpg Hot new music tracks for a steaming afternoon: “Hush Boy” by Basement Jaxx, “She’s Good For Business” by MSTRKRFT, and a deliciously smooth new track from Pharrell featuring Kanye West — “Number One”.

road.jpg Gay Pride organizers in Manchester, England anger community by charging £50 fee to march in parade: “Those early years were great, it was a real charity event with everyone having a great sense of community. Now it’s too big and commercial. The biggest amount of money made is by the businesses and not the charities, which is after all what it’s all about. It should be about gay pride and not about money.”


  1. PSMike says

    ummmm…I very likely am missing facts…but didn’t Pharrel never apologize for throwing the gay contingent (and only the gay guys) out of his party in Milan? If I’m not wrong…..what about him is worthwhile? Like I said..very possible I missed the rest of that story……..

  2. JOE 2 says

    Um…A HUNDRED AND FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS for unwanted sexual advances? Seems a tad excessive.

  3. Cadence says

    PSMike, first of all it was the security guards who threw out two of the gay guys, but let Rupert Everett stay. Secondly, when Pharrell found out what happened, not only did he let them back into the VIP area, but he applogized that night, and released a statement a few days later. This has been hashed over on this site, as well as others like Rod 2.0. There’s no need to find homophobia where none exists.

  4. PSMike says

    LOL..thanks Cadence…..I don’t think I could’ve been ANY clearer that I was possibly missing all the facts. Thank you for your help. Next time, instead of directing me to other sites to read….why not try reading what is right in front of you. 😉

  5. nuflux says

    I’m really unimpressed by the Basement Jaxx track. Jaxx needs to stop doing this “faux funk” thing they’ve been going for and get back to what made them good–upbeat, house-y tracks (remember “Rendez-vous?”). The only really good track from their last LP was “Oh My Gosh,” for exactly that reason.

  6. stevo says

    Jeeez! I wish I’d known that being groped was so lucrative. When I was just a young pup, not even a junior at Pepperdine, I worked for several uncomfortable months as a “host” at Gladstone’s 4 Fish in “Malibu” – right where Sunset Boulevard meets P.C.H.

    I spent three nights a weeks within ass-grabbing distance of the Maitre d’ (some balding frog named Jean-whatever). I thought his bad-breath advances were a test to see if a had “what it takes” to be in the restaurant industry. Finally, I quit and eventually moved past the ordeal.

    Through years of therapy, I’ve come to realize that the sexual harassment was not my fault. However…I still carry shame that I once worked in a restaurant which put customers’ left-overs in tin foil, shaped like a swan.

  7. Mark C says

    I know the people who are organising Manchester Pride and I have to say that quote you reproduce here is the most vile and evil slur I’ve read in a long time. £50 might be a lot money to some people but consider, its £50 that isn’t taken out of the revenue that goes to the George House Trust and the Lesbian & Gay Federation, the two biggest HIV/AIDs charities in Manchester. Manchester Pride raises more money for HIV/AIDS charities than any other Pride event I can think of, they don’t deserve to be pilloried in this way.