Senator Inhofe: An Inconvenient Piehole

Inhofe_1Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) told radio host Glenn Beck late last week that Gore is full of crap and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s study on global warming, which involved thousands of scientists, is a bunch of bull:

“So in all of the recent science, as I’ve mentioned on your radio show, it confirms that I was right on this thing. This thing is a hoax.”

And of course, if you’ll remember, in the entire recorded history of Inhofe’s family, even among his 20 kids and grandkids, there’s never been a gay.

Forget those 1 in 10 statistics. He’s looked at ’em all, and he’s confirmed it.


  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Somebody needs to talk to the “working girls”, or maybe “working boys” too,in Oklahoma to get the dirt on this nut. I see “Jimmy Swaggert” written all over him.

  2. dc-20008 says

    My partner and I walk in front of his house on Capital Hill in DC and stop and kiss in front of it.

  3. countrygonetohell says

    Chad: He got elected by the same idiotic half of our country that voted for the moron George W. Bush.

    The USA as world superpower days are over. And we need to start getting used to it, because if we have another President as bad as Bush (if that’s even possible) then this country is going down the shitter, as they say.

  4. Brian says

    I grew up in Oklahoma (escaped years ago). There are more people in that state than one would think who are appalled at this short-bus neanderthal. It’s just that the religious folk can’t seem to realize that the letters G-O-P and G-O-D mean completely different things. Good luck trying to explain it to them. I’ve never been able to make that lightbulb turn on.

  5. Michael says

    I live in Oklahoma, and every single day, I shake my head in disgust at this man. I do hope that a majority of people out there don’t think we all come from the same mold.

  6. Sam says

    James Inhofe has got to be the dumbest person currently serving in either house of Congress – and that’s saying something. His closest competition might be the other senator from OK, Tom Coburn. Coburn got elected by screaming that there was an “outbreak of lesbianism southeast Oklahoma!” The sadest part is people are dumb enough to buy their lies and vote for them.

  7. Robert In WeHo says

    If you ever needed proof that Republicans are ignorant, homophobic bigots, just listen to James Inofe.

  8. mark says

    When historians look back on the downfall of the great democratic empire of the United States and they find the kind of proclamations that Inofe and others make about social and scientific issues, the scrutiny won’t be on the brazen ignorance of the politicians. They’ll implicate the American people for putting those kinds of men into power in the first place.

  9. Jason says

    Anyway to get a group of beautiful people to test his theory that he has no Gays in his bloodline? We would need pictures though.