Oh Really? Provincetown’s “New Intolerance”


Does calling someone a “bigot” warrant a charge of disorderly conduct? More on “the new intolerance” in Provincetown I mentioned earlier this week being floated by the Chief of Police.

In some sense, perhaps. But bigot and faggot are two entirely different ots.

Accused: “After being pushed and prodded your whole life for being gay, you run into someone you know sees you as a second-class citizen and it’s human to respond. . . . I regret that it happened that way.”

A New Intolerance Visits Provincetown [boston globe]

Note: This photo I shot of my friends on Commercial Street does not indicate their intolerance toward anyone in PTown aside from this photographer…


  1. GBM says


    1) Making racist or “off-color comments” to someone just because they have a Jamaican accent is despicable. No ifs ands or buts.
    2) Calling someone a breeder or spreading shit on someone’s lawn (if they gays actually did this) is silly at best, and bullying at worst. There’s assholes of all kinds, gays included.
    3) With that said, being called a ‘breeder’ is in no way similar to being called a ‘faggot,’ ‘nigger,’ ‘kike,’ etc. No one likes unwanted attention or angry, jeering words shouted at them, but come on. How many times has the word ‘breeder’ been accompanied by physical assualt, degradation, cracked skulls, broken ribs, concussions, lynches, beat downs, murders, etc? And ‘faggot’? Said in the right way, it makes your spine tingle with the promise of such violence.
    4) And calling a bigot a bigot is fair game. Am I wrong?

  2. says

    aww… the poor straight people can go back down to sandwich and hyannis where they will be in the majority again and won’t be hurt by our poor homosexual slang.

    ptown has become infested more and more with breeders in the last few years especially around the 4th of July. Do they have to come and ruin everything? :) (I don’t think there were any of us homos rioting last year!)

  3. Rad says

    There was a rather hysterical segment on “The Daily Show” with Ed Helms investigating a straight family who moved to San Francisco’s Castro district then got up in arms about the porn and leather shops when his kids started questionning what they were about.

    My feeling is; do your market research, people (straight, gay, whatever). If a street, community, town or region has a population that is going to make you uncomfortable, DON’T GO THERE.

    If you DO, either be pleasant about it, or make sure you have another cup of “Shut the Fuck, Up!” before you get there.

    One thing I will NOT give up is the ability for my and my partner to walk down Commercial Street, holding hands. Sure, we would not do that in the local malls here, or outside of the trendier parts of Providence, but in P-Town (or Ogunquit or KW)… you roll your eyes at us there, you better get packing.

  4. Mike V. says

    Misbehaving straights in P-town is not new. Nineteen years ago, I was there with some friends. As we came out of shop which sold great shorts and fun, provocative t-shirts (like “Don’t Panic” sells), we practically ran into the “perfect” upper-middleclass white family (mumsy, daddims, teen boy, pre-teen girl) … and THEY WERE LIVID!! Such displays of filth (I don’t know if they meant the gay t-shirts or the gay men)! How DARE we! Think of the children! Parading our degeneracy (clearly, now, not about the t-shirts)!

    Everyone within earshot turned on them and told them to get the fuck out of P-town if they had such a problem.

  5. says

    Hey Andy,

    What’s happened to your RSS feed? I use it to see when you have something posted. And it’s not really been working right for the last few days. I often click on through to the site. So hopefully I’m not causing you lost advertising revenue.

  6. Dave says

    Bigotry is wrong – end of discussion. We who are the victims of such widespread intolerance should not in any way resort to the same tactics. This kind of crap gives all homophobes additional ammo at a time we’re trying to win friends and elections.

  7. joe says

    so no one else was just as freaked out by barry diller’s yacht invasion? that shit was disgusting. forget about the breeders, watch out for the gays. ugh.

  8. Kamasutra Jones says

    It always amazes me how fags get so upset when they are victims of supposed intolerance. Yet, when the shoe is on the other foot and they are the majority, they find no problem in spewing their intolerance for heterosexuals. Frankly, the word “breeder” is just as offensive as “faggot” to me. If we want to rid the world of intolerance, we need to work against ALL forms of intolerance, including heterophobia. Otherwise, we’re no better than them.

  9. Robert In WeHo says

    Kamasutra what you say is true but for one thing, we are an oppressed and often reviled minority attempting to stand up for who we are and the right to live our lives openly and with the same acceptance that those who oppress us enjoy. To that end, politely turning the other cheek and shuffling away in the face of overt bigotry being expressed towards us only makes us look week and reinforces the idea that our community can be pushed around without consequence. I firmly believe that unless we meet overt action and behavior against us head on; we will not gain the ultimate respect we deserve. Now, I’m not advocating violence or the intentional organized vitriol so often displayed towards us, but I am advocating the idea that, for some of these people, the only way to get it through their thick heads that their behavior towards us is unacceptable and will not be tolerated is to make them well aware that we simple will not stand for it and will willingly defend ourselves and our right to be who we are publicly and openly when challenged. Turning the other cheek only invites more abuse and reinforces the idea that we, as a minority, can be easily pushed around.

  10. patrick nyc says

    Well said Rad, The Helms bit on the Daily Show was too funny, and hard to believe it was true. Surprised no one posted it yet on youtube.

    Mikev. I’ve been going up to P’town since ’84 and lived there for two years ten years after. A friend of mine who lived there as well, and is back here in NYC, agreed with me, we were surprised Andy goes up that week. It is the most crowded week, July 4th is the most crowded day, not to mention straightest. The six hour drive out can take double. The whole town is a parking lot, forget the bars and restaurants.

    And Kamasutra, breeder was used by us fags a while ago, but with all the fags and dykes having kids now, it is pretty much useless as a slur. Don’t you think?

  11. allyouneedisdrugs says

    Kamasutra Jones – You stated that using the word breeder is as offensive as faggot. But you have no problem using the word ‘fag’. For example – *It always amazes me how fags get so upset when they are victims of supposed intolerance.* Now what is the difference between fags and faggots? Seriously, get your head checked.

    I do think that reverse discrimination is wrong. But what do heteros really expect? I mean, gays have been discriminated since when? Why do so many people (straight or gay) get so fucking shocked about gays turning it around? It has happened so many times with other minorities.

    And that woman who was *verbally accosted* after signing a petition that opposed same-sex marriage? Well, I think the bitch deserved it. I’m normally not for getting into fights, both verbally or physically, but I would have called her a bigot because that’s clearly what she is.