1. michael says

    I heart A Rod. The man is even more gorgeous in person. I know, because I sat across from him at MSG during Madonna’s Confessions tour. That bulge is no illusion.

  2. Kamasutra Jones says

    Yeah, it’s a cup. Of course it’s a cup. BUT, there’s obviously a big Dominican chorizo under that cup. BTW, it’s not just that part that is so sexy, either. A-Rod just has it going on all over the place. No juice needed! Well, except my saliva all over him…

  3. Hispandex says

    I want to like A- Rod
    but cant bear sell out Latinos like him that give millions to Devil Head Bush & the Republikkkans.. Im like “ew…”

    However,that being said, I’d prolly still hit it before I quit it.

    Gimme Jorge Posada any day over this one.

    Imagine if all male stars & athletes had to show it all off the way female stars have to .
    Damnit I wanna see some dick, I wanna see some ass, sports & entertainment need more man whores.

  4. says


    I’m like, on the line with A-Rod and Jeter. Sometimes I see them and they’re hot. Sometimes, I see them and I’m like “No.”

    But those two are such MEN, though. I love a big, brawny man like that! Ok, now I’m gushing…

    BTW, anyone privy on the rumours that Jeter and A-Rod get x-tra friendly when the wives aren’t around?

  5. Kamasutra Jones says

    Hispandex, I’m with you on Jorge Posada. As hot as A-Rod is, Jorge is even hotter. Those thick legs, the adorable face, the amazing bubble butt. Oh, I think I just came, again…LOL

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