Chad Allen is Albany’s Most Famous Gay Dick


Chad Allen, the former Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman heartthrob, who has admirably found his own path to success after coming out in 2001, talks to New York’s Gay City News about the latest installment in his Donald Strachey detective series, Shock to the System, which premieres this week on here!TV and at the Tribeca Film Center.

And while, like any good potboiler, the show has its share of sexy situations (see above — “The [openly gay] director Ron Oliver and I create the concepts together and have a blast. It’s like our big gay set and all the straight guys have to do what we say.”) Chad says his favorite part of the series is the strong relationship depicted on the show between Strachey and his partner Tim:

“They’ve been together for a good long time and complement each other in exactly the right way. Strachey would fall apart without him. It’s not perfect by any means—whose is?—but it works. We need to see more examples of healthy gay relationships out there.”

And on the currently hot topic of closeted gay actors, he says: “There are still a lot of guys—I know them personally—some very famous who are even known to be gay or play gay characters, and yet they won’t come out. I just don’t get it. I know the journey can be tough. If you’re not in that place of feeling proud about who you are, then fucking stay in the closet!”

Dial M for Maverick [gay city news]


  1. says

    I just checked out HERE! TV for the first time this weekend. I think an older movie in this series was on and I loved it. The relationship between the lead and his partner is so incredibly refreshing. It’s not maudlin or over done and it’s not typical at all. And his character isn’t either too hetero-showy nor is he gay-baiting. They approach it as this guy is a detecting…who just happens to be gay. And I personally found that so refreshing.

  2. LiamOg says

    Love the photos of Morgan Fairchild on the Here! site. She’s right out the Thunderbirds.