News: Queer Eye to Wed, Prince Harry, Donna Summer…

Perryroad.jpg Commenting on the White County High School gay-straight alliance battle, GOP candidate for Georgia Attorney General compares gay-straight alliances to pedophile or gambling clubs: “I think the problem here, and I think where the court substantially erred, is that the intent of the Act was never to allow organizations that advocate illegal activity [to have campus access]. And in Georgia, sex between minors is illegal; statutory rape laws apply. Homosexual activist clubs in schools are detrimental to students and to the moral well-being of society.”

Harry_bellyroad.jpg Prince Harry back in the saddle

road.jpg Queer Eye grooming guru Kyan Douglas plans May ‘wedding’ to his partner of two years, Greg Durham.

road.jpg A court in Riga today will hear cases against six anti-gay protestors who disrupted gay rights events over the weekend of July 22 by throwing eggs, excrement, and rotten fruit, and trailing participants in vehicles while verbally assaulting them.

road.jpg Bob Hoven, founder and publisher of Palm Springs gay publication MegaScene, has died of natural causes at his home. He was 75.

road.jpg Donna Summer gets new record deal, to release album in Spring 2007.

road.jpg Blogger/activist Josh Wolf thrown in jail for refusing to hand over videotape to the FBI: “Wolf doesn’t want to give up the complete, unedited version of the tape. He believes the federal government is indiscriminately monitoring antiwar groups under suspicion of terrorism, and as a journalist he shouldn’t be forced to surrender unused footage in support of that investigation. He won’t say, though, what’s on the 15 or more minutes of the confidential portion of video.”


  1. patrick nyc says

    I’d like to know where this asshole McGuire, the schmuck running for AG in Georgia, gets his information. How does having a gay straight alliance in High School mean that the kids are going to have sex? And if he is so concerned about sex between minors, does that include straight kids? I’m sure a few of them are doing so.

    This is the kind of crap that feeds the gay bashing. Lets teach them young that if you are gay it is wrong. The worst part is that many of the poor confused kids are the ones who will then repress and lash out at openly gay kids.

  2. karashi says

    Holy asshole. Pedophilia’s illegal, gambling’s illegal. I’m pretty sure that being a gay kid in school or a non-homophobic straight kid is NOT illegal, just sometimes difficult.

    Especially with fucktards like this guy.

  3. Michael says

    Is there a reason that wedding is being put in quotes? While it may not be legally recognized here in the US, it is still a valid marriage and doesn’t deserve to be put in quotes as if it’s not real.

  4. ICEMAN says

    The GOP AG candidate stated, “In Georgia sex between minors is illegal”. So is he going to start arresting pregnant teenage girls and their boyfriends?

    Why aren’t the Log Cabin Republican’s speaking out against this man? I’m going to guess it’s because they agree with him.

    As usual it’s a Republican running for office and we all know that the Republican’s can’t win an election without using Gays as their whipping post.

  5. Anon says

    I thought Bill O’Reilly’s ideas on the illegality of underage sex to be strange. He wanted to punish 13-year-old girls more than 16-year-old girls because they were “more underage”. However, there doesn’t seem to be any logic to any punishment scheme. Do we really punish 16-year-olds and let 17-year-olds off scot-free?? Quelle bizarre.

  6. patrick nyc says

    Why don’t these idiots ever mention that these girls don’t get knocked up on their own. It is more likely that it was the guy hitting on the girl to begin with.

    Since this country is so worried about the family and ‘saving marriage’ why don’t they outlaw divorce? As well as making it a felony to commit adultery. You’d see how fast they would get off the subject. Hell both Rush and Newt are working on marriage number four.

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