iPhone, iPod are No-Shows at Apple Conference

The opening day of Apple’s developers conference in San Francisco, at which they promised a dizzying amount of new products, turned out to be a much more limited affair today, as Steve Jobs’ speech focused mainly on the new Mac Pro and the upcoming Leopard OS, which promises to have hefty upgrades for MacMail, iChat, and a revolutionary back-up system called Time Machine.

No announcements were made regarding upgrades to the iPod line, or about the much-rumored iPhone. There was, however, a promise of more announcements during the week, so perhaps they may yet have a few tricks up their sleeve.

Apple Previews Mac OS 10.5, Launches Mac Pro, Intel Xserve [os news]


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    I didn’t know Apple promised “dizzying amount of new products”. really though, any seasoned mac fan knew exactly what they would show us…mac pro, leopard and xserve. 😉 Anything else has nothing to do with a developers conference.