Luke and Owen Wilson: Choosing a Butt Double

According to Hollywood Rag, portions of the budget for recent films You, Me and dupree and My Super Ex-Girlfriend went toward butt doubles for Owen and Luke Wilson, respectively. That would be “$500 for an eight-hour day, with an extra charge for naked cheeks.”

WilsonsLuke described the process of choosing one’s butt double as such: “What they do is they give you photos of different guys’ backsides and have you pick one out. I found myself poring over the Polaroids and saying, ‘I like that one but it doesn’t have quite the pizzazz I want for this scene.’ Or, ‘This one’s good, but it’s too muscular.’ I’ve got a little bit of damage back there. As you get a little older, you get little dents and indentations. You want to act cool about it when you eventually say, ‘I like this guy’s a**.'”

Owen had no comment, but his Dupree co-star Matt Dillon has been inspired to speak on the topic. Said Dillon: “I don’t know what’s wrong with [Owen’s] butt because I didn’t pay any attention to it. I truly don’t know what that was all about.”

Of course, nothing slightly homoerotic ever crosses the mind of Matt Dillon. He recently revealed his shock and repulsion upon finding a friend getting off with one of his socks: “I did have a friend who did that. That’s just disgusting. My f***ing sock! They were disposed of immediately, the whole damn drawer of them.”

Let’s hope Dillon’s butt stays tight and youthful so he never has to go through the really gay process of choosing a double for it.


  1. says

    I think that’s a little harsh on Matt Dillon. I know if some lady rubbed my sock all over her snatch I would burn every last one of them – and use a stick to carry it to the fire. And then burn the stick.

  2. peterparker says

    So, Luke Wilson has ‘dents and indentations’ in his butt? I’m about his age and I can safely say there are no dents nor indentations on my ass. Just a tattoo that says “Now is a good time to tell me you love me.”

  3. Rad says

    I have to agree with Matt; as much as I enjoy a good whacking session, if I ever found someone using MY sock drawer to get off (aside from being flattered) I would probably pitch the contents (of course, unless it’s some hottie). He didn’t scream “Drop my socks, you faggot” then beat the crap out of the guy. He just dealt with it.

    As for Luke and Owen; can’t stand either of them as actors, however I would not mind a roll in the hay with either… separarate or together. Perhaps add a couple dents and divits to Owens’ tukus.

  4. patrick nyc says

    I just want to know how Matt found out. Did he catch the guy in the act or did the guy put the dirty socks back in the drawer? I’m sure he’s seen a lot more than that in his long career.

  5. Dave says

    It is hard enough for me to look at either one of the Wilson brothers in the face, so i am glad that they have ass doubles, makes it easier to get through whatever crappy movie they are in. Bottoms up!

  6. Marco says

    Yeah, I am unusre of Matt’s comments smacking of possible homophobia, as alluded to. I’d fucking toss those socks in a heartbeat.

    owen does nothing for me. But Luke………Ahhhhhhh.

    Wait. Wait. one more second of me imagining i am that teen girl’s place in bed beside his character in Old School…..

    Ah. Good times.

  7. rascal says

    RE rumors of Dillon’s, er, acquiescences… Back in the day his on-set trailer was allegedly equal opportunity for those wanting to polish a Mattknob…

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