Men of Mortuaries: You’ll Just Dig ‘Em


What would David Fisher think?

MenofmWhen I first saw the Calendario Romano, the 12-page datebook from Vatican City featuring hot priests and seminarians, I thought that was perhaps the most unique set of male calendar babes I had seen. Here though, is a new calendar dedicated to men whose everyday business also has to do with the afterlife.

Men of Mortuaries, is the brainchild of California funeral home director Ken McKenzie, whose calendar of 12 bodybuilder morticians will benefit breast cancer patients. McKenzie, whose sister is a breast cancer survivor, said he wanted to find a way to help patients struggling with finances.

Now, while I of at least one studly mortician, the image of the death professional needs a lift, according to McKenzie: “Whenever you hear about a funeral director it’s a guy in a suit in the corner with a hump on their back. The hardest part was finding 12 attractive funeral directors. That just doesn’t happen. This industry is just not known for that.”

So, if hot French rugby players seem so last year, you’ll be able to bone up for Men of Mortuaries in October 2006.