News: Paris Hilton, Macho Lawyers, Scottish Firefighters

road.jpg John Wilson, a founding member of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association died in his Manhattan apartment early Friday. He was just 56.

Buttonsroad.jpg Gay history to go on display in Duluth, Minnesota. Some items from the Tretter Collection

road.jpg Nine firefighters who refused to hand out leaflets at a gay pride festival in Glasgow, Scotland in June may lose their jobs pending a disciplinary hearing: “The men, from red watch at Cowcaddens fire station, gave different reasons for refusing to hand out leaflets at the march. Some argued leafleting the event contradicted their moral beliefs, while others claimed it would be embarrassing for them to attend the event in uniform.”

road.jpg In first week out, Paris Hilton CD dubbed “a certified flop.”

road.jpg Big advertisers “storming out of the closet” to reach gay consumers: “In 1994, just 19 of the Fortune 500 companies advertised their brands in gay media in the United States. Last year, 175 did.”

road.jpg British law firms accused of overly “macho” atmosphere: “Most gay lawyers they surveyed said they were reluctant to disclose their homosexuality at work because they feared it would seriously hinder their careers. Some viewed the ‘constant trips to Spearmint Rhino (a lap dancing club chain), rugby matches and drinking sessions as holding undertones of homophobia’.”