News: Smell of Beckhams, Provincetown Art, Ghana

road.jpg NOCO: Provincetown “arts district” is named. Gallery owner: “I would rather be in the heart of something than on the edge of something else. There’s the old Provincetown thing going on here. This is where artists live and breathe. There is real meat in NOCO.”

Smell_usroad.jpg Posh and Becks to the world: Smell us.

road.jpg “Invisible” gays in Ghana struggle to fight AIDS: “We try to tell them that the menace is out there, that right now the menace is in Ghana.” Peer counselors have sold 18,000 condoms and 500 tubes of lubrication but they’re battling another force at the same time — the police, who are using carrying condoms as grounds for a prostitution arrest. “If a member is arrested for selling condoms or lubrication, we don’t have the means to represent that person in court. We don’t even have enough funds to operate.”

road.jpg Madonna touts “Kabbalah fluid” to clean up UK radioactive waste: “The pop superstar is a keen follower of the Jewish spiritual movement which believes that water can receive magic healing powers through ‘meditations and the consciousness of sharing’.” Best of luck with that.

road.jpg GLAAD study: Too few gay characters on TV.

road.jpg Gay man on the lam faces over three years in prison for infecting his partner with HIV. Judge: “His conduct was callous because he took no steps to prevent his partner being in such jeopardy. It was also cruel because of the risk the defendant exposed him to is likely to affect the quality of his life and even the length of it. I am aware of the impact this has had on the victim.”