The Dance Phenoms: Channing Tatum and Cat Deeley


In case you haven’t seen Step Up, here’s its main attraction, Channing Tatum, in his pre-acting days. The model/actor/dancer made an obvious cross-marketing appearance on last week’s uber-gay summer reality dance competition, So You Think you Can Dance (clips here and here). The finale of that show, which is one of my summer favorites (a hot hour of mindless fluff), airs tonight.

One of the best additions to its second season has been the new British host, Cat Deeley. She was profiled in this week’s Sunday Styles section of the NYT, and told them that despite her presence on the show, she’s not much of a dancer: “I only dance when I go to clubs with my gay friends. I do a couple of hair flips and booty shakes and let them dance around me. They’re brilliant.”

With competitors like this, no wonder she fits in so well!

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  1. psmike says

    Ahhh…Andy’s back and so is his str8 boy thang. God love ya, Mr. T….I never ever thought I’d say this (’cause god knows I point it out enough)…but I smiled when I saw this picture..guess I missed it afterall. Welcome back….

  2. Joe says

    Wow! Channing is CLASSY! It looks like he has his very own sommelier standing by when he models!

  3. V.J. says

    You can’t blame Andy for showcasing Mr. Hot Stuff. There is something about Channing that charms me. Ohh my!

  4. jimmyboyo says lists Channing as openly bisexual (yeah it is reader edited).

    SYTYCD Is great BENJI!!!! the best entertainer and Travis is th best technical dancer.

    Travis supposedly gave shout outs to his 2 year boyfriend Anthony.

  5. jimmyboyo says lists Channing as openly bisexual (yeah it is reader edited).

    SYTYCD Is great, BENJI!!!! the best entertainer and Travis is th best technical dancer.

    Travis supposedly gave shout outs to his 2 year boyfriend Anthony.

  6. jimmyboyo says lists Channing as openly bisexual (yeah it is reader edited).

    SYTYCD Is great, BENJI!!!! the best entertainer and Travis is th best technical dancer.

    Travis supposedly gave shout outs to his 2 year boyfriend Anthony.

  7. jimmyboyo says

    LOL sorry for the multiple posts. I have no clue as to why that happened.

    Sorry everyone.

  8. Cory says

    He’s bi??? I’m moving to LA lol. Yes, I can be shallow, and hell yes, I would be his slave LOL…

  9. SG says

    He’s absolutely perfect. Great face, great body, great voice, great attitude. I can’t get enough of him.

  10. Leland says

    Of course, I’m only posting this because I am a serious follower of dance and not because Channing Tatum has lips that could suck-start a Harley and a basket

    that might even fill Super Bottom Reichen.

    Ran across this account by a guy who met Tatum when he was starting college and willing to pose for anyone with a camera and $30. Check the link for some lipsmacking pictures. Ah, Youth! Ah, college dorms!

    “Back in 1998, I was spending the summer in the dorm at Glenville State College to help with the student newspaper. I met a football player who was there for summer practice. His name was Chan Tatum, and I paid him $30 to pose for my wallpaper site. …

    Flashback: July 28, 1998 – “The Chan Tatum Affair”
    ….I saw this guy sitting on one of the benches in front of the dorm, eating his dinner. “Nice camera,” he said. So, I sat down to talk to him.
    “The name’s Chan,” he said, “from Tampa, Florida.”

    “Terry Estep, from Boone County.”

    Chan (“Just like Charlie Chan,” he explained.) is a freshman football player who’ll be living in Louis Bennett Hall this year. He moved up from Florida to take two summer classes this term. I’ve seen him around once or twice (I think I saw him in his underwear this morning, now that I think about it. He was walking into his room from the bathroom). Chan is pretty easy on the eyes. I don’t know how he got his moniker, but he’s about as aryan-looking as they get. Blond, close-cropped hair, green eyes, and a decent smile. He was wearing green shorts and a white muscle shirt with the midriff cut out.

    It’s so weird. I like Chan. He seems like a nice guy, and he told me to stop in and visit. BUT. There’s this little part of me that whispers “He wouldn’t like you if he knew you were gay, he wouldn’t like you if he knew you were gay…” It makes me realize how insulated I can be. Don’t get me wrong–Chan didn’t say anything that was even vaguely homophobic. But I sometimes forget that I’m not always around people who don’t have a problem with it. We’ll see if Chan does if he ever comes into my room. I’ll have to explain the giant Champion Underwear poster over my television.

    ….”Wow. I could sell pictures of that!” I hooted later that evening.
    Chan stood in my doorway, wrapped in a fuzzy white towel, holding a bottle of laundry detergent. Seeing him walk past my door, combined with the rapport we’d developed earlier, resulted in my uncharacteristic outburst.

    “Do you think so?” he asked.

    “Oh, yeah. Can I take your picture again?” I asked him. “I have a wallpaper site, and I’ve had some people pose for me. How would you like to be one of my models? I couldn’t pay you much, but at least you’ll be able to buy some beer or something.”

    He nodded in a half-disbelieving way, but with enough self-confidence that I got the feeling he’s used to being ogled and enjoys it a little. I shot a few frames of him in the towel and then followed him down the hall to his room. The desk is covered with tapes and papers. A few football trophies stand at attention on his shelf, flanked by pictures of Chan with his girlfriend from back home.

    “What do you want me to do?” he asked. “I’m not sure what kind of pictures you want. I just beat off an hour ago, though.”

    My mind locks on to that statement. Would you be jerking off for my camera if you hadn’t? I thought incoherently. The lack of self-consciousness in his statement unlocked my sense of professionalism–this kid wanted to be directed and would do anything I want. His only stipulation was that he didn’t want the coach to find out about the pictures.
    He opened a drawer and pulled out a pair of boxer briefs. Turning away from me, he let the towel drop to the floor and stepped into the shorts, pulling them up and covering the sight of his ass. The boy looked good, and my mind kept ticking off strategies for hiding an erection I never developed. Behind the camera, I don’t register normal emotions. I should’ve been panting and drooling over this young football player standing half-naked in front of me, but I didn’t.

    I tried a variety of angles and poses, switching out the lens to see what effects I could get. The box fan in the corner, the fridge, the bed–each visual distraction reinforced my desire to buy a professional backdrop when I could afford it.

    I had him put on a pair of shorts and sit on his bed, holding his football, as though he were having a quiet moment before the big game. Nothing says “jock” like holding a football, and I could hear the sighs of gay men everywhere as he stood in front of the mirror with his cock tenting his shorts.

    “What about your butt? Would you go nude?”

    He thought about it a second. “I don’t know. I’d better not this time.”

    “Okay. What other underwear do you have in there?”

    He rummaged around again and came out with another pair. He turned away and stripped off his shorts and underwear in one motion.

    “For the record, this is where I could’ve shot your butt,” I joked. He laughed and pulled on the other shorts. I directed him to the bed and had him stretch out, pretending to sleep. More frames. Then I ran out of film. Shit.
    “Stay right there,” I told him. I rushed down to my room and snagged two rolls of color film I’d been saving for the Nature Trail. I had only shot a few frames when the telephone rang. He answered with a “Hello, sis.” I continued to work the phone into the shoot, quietly motioning for him to stand this way or that.

    “Hmmm?” He asked his sister. “No, I’ve just got a video playing.”

    A sudden perverse instinct took over. I gestured for him to lay back on his bed and shot a few close-ups of the bulge in his underwear. I motioned for him to rub himself. Might as well make this look like an ad for phone sex, I thought. He didn’t balk at the idea, either. His hands went straight for the money.

    I finally ran out of film and thanked him for his time.

    “This site of yours,” he asked. “Is it mostly men or mostly women who look at it?”

    “Well, it’s geared toward men, but it’s really a mix.” I thought This is where he threatens me and tries to take back the film.

    “Oh, okay. Good night.”

  11. Cory says

    Where does it say he’s bisexual? Niether nor state such claims… And yes, I checked LOL

  12. JT says

    Steven: Leland didn’t write this. And the website he gives has the full text ALONG WITH PICTURES!!!

  13. mike says

    he ius dating Jenna Dewan, former Janet Jackson back up dancer, as well as his co-star in the movie.

  14. olivia butler says

    channig tatum is one of the fittest guys on earth butt yett again he’s in america n im in england that’s so gay
    ggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr butt any way as long as i get to watch him dance then its all good

    love ollie
    (olivia butler)