News: Stem Cells, Xtina, German Fisting, Pluto

road.jpg The California Assembly approved a bill that would allow domestic partners to joint file income tax returns, but not before a shouting match between the bigots and the gays: ,” said Assemblyman Jay La Seur, R-La Mesa (San Diego County): “Here we go again. In the time I’ve been up here, there have been 40 bills in this house to further the homosexual, gay agenda.” Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy, R-Monrovia: “It is not normal. It is abnormal. It is sexually deviant behavior.” Democrats reportedly called a caucus to stop the arguing and let everyone simmer down.

Stem_cellsroad.jpg Scientists have found a way to create stem cells without destroying the embryo. The new, controversial technique involves taking a single-cell biopsy from an embryo, which then grows into many cells, some of which can be turned into embryonic stem cells. In question is whether or not the biopsy compromises the embryo already in development. Last month, Bush shamefully vetoed a bill that would have expanded funding for stem cell research.

road.jpg Planet gossip: astronomers to vote on fate of Pluto.

road.jpg Blind item from the email newsletter popbitch: Which gay actor was seen enjoying himself in another country last weekend? The star was in the darkroom of hip Berlin fetish bar Mutschmann’s, getting fisted according to an onlooker, “by a Spanish-looking guy in his mid-thirties”.

road.jpg 150 people are expected to take part in Pride festivities in Galway, Ireland this weekend despite a homophobic email received by organizers: “It was basically trying to put us off having the parade. It was trying to stop people from coming out over the weekend but it won’t work. The email isn’t going to make us change any of our plans for the weekend and why should it?”

road.jpg Leaders in the South Australian government say they will introduce a gay rights bill in the next session of parliament.

Woreroad.jpg The male version of who wore it best?

road.jpg The new casts of The Amazing Race and Survivor, whose tribes will be split according to race. Said Producer Mark Burnett: “I know it’s going to be controversial. I’m not an idiot…Maybe that taboo (of race) could disappear through this.” Good luck.

road.jpg Christina Aguilera is a gay marriage supporter: “I’m shocked that it’s a big deal! I’m shocked that people are shocked. I think it’s really unfair that there has to be some kind of standard for marriage. Marriage should be about celebrating two people’s love for each other. It shouldn’t have anything to do with someone’s sexual preference. Europe is a lot more open when it comes to sexuality. I think that with the history of European culture, there is a lot more openness to being provocative. I’m just all about no judgement and (having) equal rights.” Like, totally.


  1. Rad says

    It’s not so much “Who is the actor in the dark room”, it more along the lines of “…damn, and even more people are having sex, and I’m not”. More power to whom ever, go for it! Lord knows it ain’t happening here in New England.

  2. says

    Ok, can I ask for clarification? Is this a admitted gay actor or an actor that everyone “knows” is gay but isn’t out?

    I only ask cause I would like to know what my options are if I fantasize about the event. =)

  3. Cory says


    As for Christina, I don’t normally follow or comment on “Pop” news, but good for her! I’m glad someone of her generation has the ability to stand up for a political point and sound halfway intelligent when expressing her beliefs. Some “pop stars” *cough* Britney Spears *cough*cough* need to get their GED’s and a good public speaking coach. Half her vocab is like, totally like bogus lol…

  4. Gilli says


    With reality show ratings descending fast, of course, Burnett’s going to try to do something radical.

    With the ensuring outcry, we’ll see if the networks actually allow him to pull this off.


  5. peterparker says


    If you don’t consider fisting to be ‘sex’ then all I have to say is that you’ve obviously never experienced the pleasure of that particularly enjoyable sex act…bless your heart.

    And I believe the wording of ‘another country’ is pretty clearly a reference to Mr. Rupert Everett.

    As for Christina…I heart her.


  6. says

    I get a bit wary of celebs touting the gay line in coincidence with the opening of a new movie or CD, but despite the assumed motives, it’s nevertheless a positive message being put out there.

    Plus, I am really digging her new CD. :-)

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