1. Jack says

    Speaking of weather, anyone know what has happened to CNN’s Rob Marciano? Haven’t seen him in awhile.

  2. Wayne says

    Jeff is a hottie, although it looks as if someone posting here has been burned by him. Since his pics don’t make him look “fat” or “afro-chested”, as the person above describes him, and since he obviously has some talent for the weather and for looking great in a swimsuit, I’ll have to assume that “Not a Jeff Fat” is the one who got dumped.

  3. Marco says

    Despite seeming to be a rather ignorant and racist adjective, the thought that this might mean Mr. Jeff has a curly mass of hair on his chest gives me an immediate rise.

    Now to find some pictures to come to my own conclusions…

  4. says

    Um, wtf is “afro-chested?”

    And, unless those pics in his “about me” section of his page are really old, he’s lookin’ quite delicioso to me. Hell, I’ll have seconds AND thirds, thank you.

    …or maybe I’m just trying to spite you. Mister meanie face Not-a-Jeff-fan. :-)