Ian Roberts Testifies About Murdered Friend

Roberts_5Australian rugby star-turned actor Ian Roberts testified at the inquest into the murder of his late friend Arron Light again yesterday. Light was a troubled teen whom Roberts had befriended in 1990, eventually taking him into his home in 1996. In 1997, Light disappeared just before he was to give testimony against Fred Rix, charged with sexually assaulting him. His remains were found in 2002.

Roberts last testified about the case in May.

The former rugby star, who came out of the closet in 1995, testified that he was scared to death when police called to tell him that they were investigating a pedophile ring that had reportedly abused Light because of the misguided association by some of homosexuality with pedophilia.

Said Roberts: “I was terrified what people would think and that it would destroy me in the public arena. Me having come out as a gay sports person one moment then to be involved in a child sexual assault case, it is always going to be situation where people of ignorance … associated paedophiles with being gay. I had just come out now this happened, people are going to obviously assume it’s all one and the same. I was very very uncomfortable about that.”

When he heard Rix was a person of interest in the recent inquest, Roberts felt he had to testify as he alleges Rix sexually assaulted him 25 years ago.

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