Ian Roberts Testifies About Murdered Friend

Roberts_5Australian rugby star-turned actor Ian Roberts testified at the inquest into the murder of his late friend Arron Light again yesterday. Light was a troubled teen whom Roberts had befriended in 1990, eventually taking him into his home in 1996. In 1997, Light disappeared just before he was to give testimony against Fred Rix, charged with sexually assaulting him. His remains were found in 2002.

Roberts last testified about the case in May.

The former rugby star, who came out of the closet in 1995, testified that he was scared to death when police called to tell him that they were investigating a pedophile ring that had reportedly abused Light because of the misguided association by some of homosexuality with pedophilia.

Said Roberts: “I was terrified what people would think and that it would destroy me in the public arena. Me having come out as a gay sports person one moment then to be involved in a child sexual assault case, it is always going to be situation where people of ignorance … associated paedophiles with being gay. I had just come out now this happened, people are going to obviously assume it’s all one and the same. I was very very uncomfortable about that.”

When he heard Rix was a person of interest in the recent inquest, Roberts felt he had to testify as he alleges Rix sexually assaulted him 25 years ago.

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  1. Dave says

    Why is it called a “pedophile” ring if Arron was a teenager at the time of the assault? I see news stories about heterosexual cases like this (adult abuse of a teenage girl) all the time, and the term pedophile is never used. It seems there’s a bit of a double-standard applied to homosexual cases.

  2. Ted B. (Charging Rhino) says

    Definitely a dbl-standard. Here if victim a girl the guy’s usually “just a child molester”, but a teenaged-boy, then he’s a “PEDOPHILE” **queue evil background pipe-organ** sex-offender.

    Unless of-course he’s a R.C. priest, then he’s a “Bishop”.

  3. downunder Den says

    FYI. Ian Roberts was a rugby league player not a rugby player which refers to the code of rugby union. May not mean much to you as an American but to us Aussies they are different, union is normally played in private schools and league has working class roots.

  4. Sean R says

    Ian is being really brave in helping give evidence on this awful case, he seemed to have been terrified that being associated with the case might end his career. The real tragedy is the death of a young soul.

    I don’t think it is helpful to cry double standard, to play with words or make light of anything to do with sexual assaults on vulnerable people girls or boys. It ruins lives and we can’t be ambivalent about it. Do whatever you want as consenting adults, but this is case is so awful and shows how lives are destroyed.

    Thanks for post this update Andy.

  5. Dave says

    “Crying double standard” isn’t making light of anything. Sexual abuse is horrible no matter what words are used to describe it. It’s also horrible that the media flagrantly and consistently portrays homosexual crimes of this nature as somehow worse or more insidious than heterosexual ones. Why is that okay?

    The fact is, on the very same page as that news story there is a link to another story about a man who had been involved with his 13 year old step-daughter. How many times were the words ‘child molester’ or ‘pedophile’ used in that story? Zero. Both stories were upsetting, both were horrible, but you have to ask yourself why such different terminology is used from one to the other.

  6. Tom says

    I think Sean misses Ted’s point. No one is being ambivalent about sexual assault–Ted is simply pointing out how situations involving gay men are reported in an especially lurid manner by the MSM. These types of reports stoke the average Joe and Jane’s fears that gay men are a bunch of perverts on the prowl for their teenage sons.

    It’s a valid observation and in no way “makes light” of the crime.

  7. peterparker says

    It’s so interesting to me to see the comments that Ian Roberts is a ‘magnificent role model’, ‘brave’, ‘caring’ and ‘deeply human’. If you do a google search of < "Ian Roberts""Arron Light"> what you’ll learn is that Ian met Arron while the football star was making an appearance at a children’s hospital. At the time, Arron was ten or eleven years old and recuperating from an accident in which he was struck by a car. According to Roberts, at some point, Arron began to ‘turn up’ at the house Roberts shared with his then-partner. Eventually, Roberts took Arron into his house to live with him. Oh, yeah, and at some point in there Light became a prostitute. It’s worth mentioning that Light never made it past his teens–he died at the age of 17.

    Now, I find it curious that a troubled teenager would be able to find his way to the home of a famous football star and would just ‘turn up’ on the famous football star’s doorstep. I find it even more curious that the football star would take the kid into his home as opposed to calling child welfare. And when you add in the fact that Ian says he was ‘scared to death’ when police contacted him about a local pedophile ring, things really begin to look, um, unsavory. Of course, Ian says that, because he’d recently come out of the closet he was afraid the public would confuse homosexuality with pedophilia. Seems like a huge leap in logic to me…I never thought other people would assume I was a pedophile when I came out as a gay man.

    Now, I’m not saying that Ian Roberts is a pedophile. And I’m not saying that anything improper ever happened between Ian Roberts and a teenage Arron Light.

    But what I am saying is that, on a semi-regular basis, I see Ian Roberts hitting the bars and restaurants on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood. And he’s often in the company of various guys who look incredibly young. When I say ‘incredibly young’ I mean 15 or 16 years old. Now, maybe all these guys are over the age of 18, but they don’t look it.

    Which brings us to a couple of theories: A) perhaps Ian Roberts’ hobby is mentoring troubled teenagers and, instead of taking them to basketball games or to movies, he prefers taking them on outings to gay bars and restaurants on Santa Monica Blvd or B) the reason Ian was ‘scared to death’ when police called him about a pedophile ring is that Ian might have an interest in teenage boys that goes beyond that of a mentor/mentee relationship or C) that Ian Roberts has no interest in sexual relationships with teenage boys and simply managed to befriend a troubled, homeless, teenage prostitute who he eventually took into his home because, well, that’s what Aussie football stars do in their spare time.

  8. Tread says

    Wow, Peter, you really got him there. Glad to know you’re willing to cast your judgement on someone you don’t know, but “see a lot”.

    Get over yourself. You sure wouldn’t like people passing judgement like that on you.

  9. peterparker says


    I’m not passing judgement on Ian Roberts. I don’t know Ian Roberts. I have no idea what sort of person Ian Roberts is attracted to sexually. Nor do I know what Ian Roberts does in his (or anyone else’s) bedroom.

    What I do know is that I have personally seen Ian Roberts in the gay bar/restaurant area of West Hollywood accompanied by guys who looked awfully young, perhaps even underage. I have no idea if he was on dates with these guys, if he’d just picked them up, or if he was simply being generous and buying a homeless youth a nice dinner and maybe a cocktail.

    I’m also saying that if you take statements made by Ian Roberts himself and facts that have come out in this murder case, Ian either looks like an extremely benevolent person…or a guy who might possibly have had a sexual relationship with a troubled minor.

    Ian himself has gone on the record that when he was a minor, he was sexually molested by Mr. Rix. Studies have shown that underage victims of sexual molestation are more likely to mature into adults who will sexually assault/molest a minor than are people who were never molested. How do I know this? Because I’m a psychotherapist who has worked with several perpetrators of molests.

    Ian may not have grown up to become an adult who molests, and I’m certainly not saying that he molested Arron Light or any other minor. But I am saying that I find it awfully odd that a troubled, teenage minor who also happened to be a prostitute not only managed to track down Ian Roberts’ address, but ultimately ended up living at Ian Roberts’ house. Odd indeed.

  10. Tread says

    Bullshit Peter. This statement is cover for your judgement:

    “Now, I’m not saying that Ian Roberts is a pedophile. And I’m not saying that anything improper ever happened between Ian Roberts and a teenage Arron Light.”

    That’s like saying “Not to offend anyone” when your intention is to absolutely offend someone. It’s two-faced and dishonest. Your further statements that “underage victims of sexual molestation are more likely to mature into adults who will sexually assault/molest a minor than are people who were never molested” just adds insult to injury. You sound like that freakshow, Paul Cameron, who uses outdated and misleading research to say that all gays are pedophiles or some such nonsense.

    You don’t know Ian Roberts, so do him and us all a favor and don’t pass judgement on someone you don’t know.

  11. Ray says

    So what if he “hits the bars” with guys who look like they are teenagers? Who says that they are “troubled youths”? Who says that the relationships are not consensual and legal? And as an aside, are we now defining pedophilia as “a sexual attraction to teenagers”? Because if so, 90% of the male population are pedophiles.

  12. jack says

    Oh Tread, a little defensive aren’t we? Tres bizarre.

    You should take a moment to research Roberts. Really.

    And if you move in the circles here, finding someone that does know him who will in turn make an uncannily similar assessment to Peter’s, shouldn’t be all that hard for you.

    Try doing us all a favor, calm the eff down and let people enjoy their freedom of speech.

  13. peterparker says

    Ray and Tread,

    First of all, Tread, I’m not casting judgement. I’m merely suggesting that there may be an alternate story here that isn’t quite as obvious to those who have never worked (as I have) with sex offenders. There are some subtle clues reported in the media and observed firsthand by me that suggest Ian Roberts *may* have had motives in helping Arron Light that went beyond simply being a nice guy. It looks suspicious to me when a famous, wealthy football star allows a homeless, teenage, gay prostitute to move into his home with him. Then again, suspicious acts do not *necessarily* a crime make. It could be that Ian Roberts is simply a generous guy who wanted to help out someone less fortunate than himself. Or it could be much less innocent than that. I’m well aware that I’m looking at this through the lens of someone who has heard an awful lot of stories of molestation and that I may therefore be jumping to inaccurate conclusions. I’m also aware that as a psychological professional who has worked with people convicted of sex crimes, I possess professional knowledge not usually known by members of the general public of behavioral patterns of sexual predators as well as risk factors for maturing into a sex offender. It is possible that this knowledge gives me insights that tip the scales in the direction of my suspicions being correct. And it’s just as possible that I’m incorrect. Whether I’m correct or not, I have just as much right to wonder about the story and discuss my thoughts about the situation as you do.

    Also, Tread, it is laughable when you imply that I’m using ‘outdated and misleading research’ when I say that ‘underage victims of sexual molestation are more likely to mature into adults who will sexually assault/molest a minor than are peopel who were never molested’. In the circles of mainstream psychological professionals who work with perpetrators and victims of sexual assaults/molests, it is widely accepted as fact that perpetrators of these crimes have a higher incidence of having been sexually assaulted/molested as a child than does the general population. Research study after reputable research study has reached the same conclusion time and time again. I’ve never said, here or anywhere else, that someone who has been the victim of a sexual assault or molest will mature into a sexual predator. What I have stated is the fact that studies have shown that such a history increases the risk of becoming a sexual predator as an adult. Kindly stop comparing me to liars like Paul Cameron.

    And Ray, to answer one of your questions, no, we are not defining pedophilia as a sexual attraction to teenagers. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, which every reputable psychological professional uses to render a psychological diagnosis, gives specific criteria for diagnosing an individual as a pedophile. To summarize, pedophiles: are sexually attracted to prepubescent children (usually age 13 and younger); are 16 years of age or older and at least 5 years older than the child to whom they are sexually attracted; and have experienced significant distress in social/occupation functioning as a result of their attraction to minors.

    To answer your other questions…I don’t think anyone has stated that the guys Ian Roberts has been spotted with in West Hollywood are ‘troubled youths’. I certainly didn’t state that. I did suggest, as a possibility, that perhaps Mr. Roberts was simply buying a meal for a young person who was down on his luck. I suggested that because it is entirely possible.

    To answer another question…Who says the relationships are not consensual and legal? First of all, I never stated that Ian Roberts was in a relationship that was not consensual or legal. And I am not an attorney, however, it is my understanding that if Ian Roberts or any other adult in the State of California has a sexual relationship with anyone under the age of 18, then the law says that the relationship is not consensual due to the fact that a minor is not mature enough to give consent for sex to an adult. That is why an adult can be charged with statutory rape even if the minor with whom they had sex testifies in a court of law that the sex was consensual. Moreover, except in very rare cases (such as when a minor is legally married to an adult), sex acts between adults and minors are illegal. Any adult accused of performing sex acts with a minor could be arrested, prosecuted and, if found guilty, would have to register as a sex offender.

    And finally, once again…I’m not passing judgement on Ian Roberts, nor am I claiming to know anything about his relationship with Arron Light or anyone else. I’m simply trying to look at this situation from as many angles as possible.

  14. Ty Michael says

    Hanging out with young guys means up to no good. When i was young, I would not hang with older guys unless i wanted sex and food from them. Something is fishy here!!

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