1. MT says

    I thought the idea for the SFU and was so oddly tender. All their advertising was brilliance. The Dahlia ad just looks creepy.

  2. Mark says

    I’m not sure there was much of a choice for an ad. The point of the picture is to accent the fact that she had her mouth slit from ear to ear (thus the lip extension)…the other fact of her being found cut in half in a spread eagle fashion would not have made a very appealing ad campaign.
    Copying is the highest form of compilimenting.
    That said, is there anything truly original anymore?

  3. says

    While the similaries are without question, I think the Black Dahlia image works because it is obviously an attempt to make a heart image from the lipstick/blood in the woman reflecting that the crime was one of passion (I have not seen the film) while SFU was using the black and white image with the addition of the color on the lipstick to illustrate something more metaphoric about life and death and our responses to it.

  4. Jack says

    Six Feet Under wins. It is tastefully done. The Black Dahlia poster looks like she has already been embalmed. It’s a clear copy.

  5. James says

    Roy and Mark have very good points, but I think the Dahlia ad perhaps an homage to the SFU ad.


  6. Wayne says

    Can’t we all just get along? Why do we have to choose which is better? And two people can’t come up with similar ideas? Jeez, the bitterness is alarming!

  7. PS says

    I don’t think it’s so much that the Black Dahlia poster is copying the 6FU poster. The profile of the woman in the Black Dahlia poster is critical to the way in which she was murdered. Her mouth was sliced open ear to ear (and her body). And in the TV commercial for the film it’s blood dripping down her face, not lipstick. So no, I don’t think it’s a blatant rip off at all. Besides, everyone is “inspired” by everyone else.

  8. says

    I never made the SFU connection until now, but if you have ever seen the police photos from the original crime scene depicted in the film (and I emphatically urge you NOT to go hunting for them) the poster makes a far grislier reference to the actual murder. Haters aside, I am anxious to see this movie. When DePalma isn’t coasting, he is wildly entertaining. ‘Carrie’ anyone?

  9. pbnyc59 says

    To start with DePalma was best put in his place by the SNL, (Saturday NIght Live), spoof of him ripping off Alfred Hitchkock in every film he has done. The best quote was every few years Brian De’Palma robs the grave of dead directors.

    The man does not have an original thought in his head. As for the Blue Dalhlia, it was done as a TV movie back in ’75, I was still in High School. They did not have the permision of the family so it was not a very fact based film, though Lucy Arnez, yes Lucy’s daughter, was good in it.

    I love the cast but will save the 10.50m until it comes on cable.

  10. Arek says

    How anyone could call this a rip-off is beyond me. They both happen to feature dead women. Big deal. The ideas behind each image are drastically different, as are their tone.

  11. Paul says

    I thought the same thing when I saw the trailer… the TV trailer just shows the nose to the chin, exactly like SFU.

  12. Helen says

    well, if you know about how beth short was found, you know that her mouth was sliced open ear to ear – so, while the artwork is similar – the dahlia poster has a very legitimate reason for using the imagery it does.