Atty: Travolta Manny Kiss a “Customary, Non-Romantic Gesture”

Travoltatarmac_2John Travolta has sent his lawyer out to respond to speculation surrounding this photo of the actor kissing a man whom the lawyer reports is his male nanny manny.

“Martin insists that the smooch was harmless, and that Travolta’s wife, Kelly Preston was also on board the plane which ferried him and the nanny home from Ontario, Canada. He said that his client’s kissing another man was just a manner of customary greeting, and that Travolta kisses all those men and women whom he considers his close friends. ‘As a manner of customary greeting and saying farewell, Mr Travolta kisses both women and men whom he considers to be extremely close friends. People who are close to Mr Travolta are aware of his customary, non-romantic gesture.'”

This raises a few questions…

> Is it really proper in this day and age of sexual harassment lawsuits to kiss the help?

> If Kelly Preston were a beard, would she really give a hoot that John was having a ‘Gone with the Wind’ moment on the tarmac?

> Does everybody have a manny these days?

Travolta’s Tasty Take-Off Kiss [tr]


  1. jimmyboyo says

    A little late on the excuse.

    A timely response would have been more believable.

    travolta should get a new lawyer

  2. jimmyboyo says

    Brain LOL

    I am sure you didn’t mean to sound so waaspish…but….Your statement sounded like someone sitting at a southern country club sipping a mint julip

    “Can you believe he kisses the help?! For shame!”


  3. Cory says

    Arms reaching out, lips freshly moistened, hair perfectly coiffed with just enough mist in the background to evoke Autumn in Paris. Oh, to be in love…¬†

  4. Nellie says

    Honestly,I wish that John Travolta was straight so I hope the rep is telling the truth.I’m sick and tired of seeing ugly,sissy gay celebrities come out:Nathan Lane,Lance Bass,Ian Mckellen,Rupert Everett….it’s like double YUK!!!
    honestly,when will it happen when a hot,straight acting man comes out.Enough with the uglies.So forgive me for not wanting a ugly ass,pot bellied dwarf to be gay.

  5. jimmyboyo says



    Is a much better and apprpopriate term.

    “straight acting” Unless you are dating girls and impregnating a womb, you are not straight acting. “straight acting” is the biggest load of crap self hating queens use

    “BUTCH” is a better descriptive term

  6. Brian says

    Hehehehehe… I wasn’t thinking of the phrase “the help” in that way when I posted it, but Jimmy’s interpretation is far funnier.

    It’s so difficult to get good help these days.

  7. JT says

    I get kissed on the lips by two straight male friends all the time. Their wives kiss me right after they do. Lighten up! Men who are secure CAN kiss without it implying lust. And what the hell difference does it make what a person looks like. Believe me, if a famous hunk comes out, there’s a low probability of any of us getting a piece of his action.

  8. Ray says

    Hey Midnight Lounge…wake up and smell the Scientology Latte, buddy. “Travolta having an elevated understanding of his machismo?” That picture paints a really obvious picture…he’s gaaaaaaaaaay! And he’s closeted ..and he’s in Scientology..just like his buddy Tom Cruise. Just like dozens of other pathetic closeted actors..from Cary Grant and Rock Hudson to Keanu Reeves and Matthew McConaughey. Hey, it’s 2006, NOT 1954.

  9. jimmyboyo says



    sorry for the typos in that post

    LOL I called you Brain

    and waaspish as vs waspish

    Anyway; I didn’t think you intentionaly intended it like that, but it is funnier that way.

    “Kissing the help!!!!” Aghhhhhh

    Ironicaly people at one time would have reacted that way……As long as he doesn’t kiss the help.

  10. Jack says

    In America, two straight guys kissing on the lips would not happen unless it was a joke. This could be a joke played on the paparazzi or it could be something else.

  11. pbnyc59 says

    I have read and heard Orlando Bloom say many times in his last press junket that Johnny Depp keeps on trying to kiss him on the lips and Orlando protests, that I can believe. But most American men, even those who are so enlightened like JT, cough, cough, do not even kiss their straight friends on the cheeks. Most af my gay friends will kiss on the cheeks but not the lips, unless we were involved.

    A closet case by any other name would be…..

    And Jimmyboyo, watch those typos…Damon is checking.

  12. ubu says

    It’s pretty sad when Americans, even gay ones, look at men kissing and can’t think of anything but sex. Kisses like that between close friends or relatives are *completely* normal throughout most of Europe, the Middle East, Latin America. Gay men in this country also kiss each other hello and goodbye all the time and it isn’t about dating or romance or sex, and metrosexuals and the urban hip do as well. Maybe Travolta *is* gay, I have no idea. But this isn’t any evidence of that.

  13. JT says

    PBNYC59: I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by your coughing. I’m used to men’s gag reflexes being challenged after all these years. I also think that my straight friends know that I’m not going to slip them the tongue or try to fuck them.

  14. Anon says

    The problem for JT’s “defenders” is all the other anecdotal evidence to the contrary. Mannies are always so conveniently around when you need them too!

  15. John says

    All of this seems a little provincial. Doesn’t it only matter how we each connect to friends/lovers/partners?

  16. Bryce says

    We live in a country where any kind of affection from one male to another is always suspect leaving straight males unable to express themselves emotionally to other men without the fear of being thought of as gay. As gay people should we really perpetuate this? Does it not just make hurt us in the end when two gay men walking down the street holding hands get their faces smashed in by homophobes? Why can’t two straight males hold hands, hug or even kiss without both homophobes and homosexuals screaming they must be gay. Are we as gay people really that insecure?

  17. Steve says

    I’m just wondering where i can myself some “straight friends who kiss their gay friends on the lips”

    I mean, obviously i’ve been missing out. Where do they gongregate?

  18. mark m says

    To all of those here who are arguing that a kiss between two men shouldn’t be viewed as gay, American men are scared of intimacy, blah blah blah…..

    It’s a wonderful ideal to cling to but reality is that most American straight men don’t wrap arms around each other close their eyes and smooch on the lips ESPECIALLY when they are A) not related and B) Employed by the smoocher.

    The hoopla IS silly…but it’s because the Hollywood facades are so ridiculous. It’s fun to watch someone in the public eye do such a terrible job of lying.

  19. Bryce says

    “To all of those here who are arguing that a kiss between two men shouldn’t be viewed as gay, American men are scared of intimacy, blah blah blah…..”

    But the fact remains that in other cultures they do and if anyone in our own American culture should be comfortable with it it would most likely be a rich celebrity with nobody to answer to but him/herself. The point is….who give a fuck? Take a look at ourselves and try to self-evaluate why some of us (gay men) get such joy out mocking the subjects in such a photo.

    And it must also be pointed out that this is not a passionate kiss. It appears to be smooch on the lips…Like….when friends part? Get over it.

  20. Jack says

    It’s not gay people’s fault people think this way! It’s straight people that continue to perpetuate this. They believe any show of affection is weakness or girly. When you were in school did the gay people tease two people of the same-sex for being too close, NO!!! It’s the straight kids that say, you’re gay, what a homo.


  21. nuflux says


    Give me a break. It’s a movie star, someone whose image in the eyes of sexually repressed America largely determines his paycheck, who would be LEAST likely to break the male intimacy mold.

    Mark M. said it best. Get real.

  22. Gilli says

    Nellie, JimmyBoy:

    “Straight”? “Butch”? You mean like, uhhh, Rock Hudson? =)

    Surely by now, you guys have figured out that JT’s wife Kelly is accepting if not encouraging of his, uh, “mantics”.

    As mentioned previously, I’ve quite enjoyed being on set with JT here on “Hairspray”. He’s doing a GRRReat job of playing the character Tracey’s MOm!

    Yesterday on set, we were more than pleasantly surprised with Queen Latifah who was playing a minister–and singing of course.

  23. cypher says

    Fyi, I am a European and it is most certainly NOT par for the course for men to kiss each other on the lips UNLESS they are gay. Str8 guys DO NOT do it. The only possible exception would be Italian brothers/fathers.

  24. Chris says

    I cannot belive that we try so hard to get respect from other people and we cat fight as to whether Mr Travolta is gay or not… Some of the comments on here go to prove to those who would condemn us to be right, that we are shallow body fascists who only think about sex. As I mentioned previously I have straight friends who are very comfortable kissing on the lips for hello’s and goodbyes with their wives around. This does not make them gay.

    Surely we should be thankful that there are people out there who embrace us as people and not a stereotype to be avoided.

    I like gossip as much as the next person, but think about time this is buried in file 13 as its a non issue….

  25. Darrell says

    I want to talk to that man who said you have strait freinds who you kiss on the lips all the time. What country do you live in? I think it’s totally awesome that two strait men who aren’t drunk can do this with just a quick peck and it be nothing more than a greeting. Does your strait friend have a brother that he kisses like that? send me an e-mail to and we’ll talk more about this.

  26. Puddy Katz says

    what?!!! johnny depp kisses orlando bloom on the mouth. Hot!!! any tongue involved?

  27. Darrell says

    I wish so bad that I oculd find two flesh and blood strait brothers online who kiss on hte lisp with a quiick peck and that they would send a vidoe of it to me online. If anyone is on herd like that plaese let me nkow by senidng an e-mail to me at Also if you send a video of you and your brother kissing, upload it to a video site such as dropclick so it hopefully won’t get commented on because when I get attachemts they useually don’t work. You can turn off the comment feature on youtube if you wish so that folks won’t say your gay. You can put “Striat brothers kiss” for the serach terms.