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News: Thomas Roberts, Painful Body Wax, Darfur

road.jpg George Clooney begs UN for end to genocide in Darfur: "Now, my job is to come here today and to beg you, on behalf of the millions of people who will die — and make no mistake they will die — for you to take real and effective measures to put an end to this. Of course it’s complex, but when you see entire villages raped and killed, wells poisoned and then filled with the bodies of its villagers, then all complexities disappear and it comes down to simply right and wrong."

Wax_1road.jpg The smoothest man at the Notre Dame/Michigan game: man gets full body wax to be able to see Brady Quinn in action. Ouch. (via deadspin)

road.jpg British Pop Idol Will Young has onstage wardrobe malfunction.

road.jpg Brazilian Brokeback: Muscular gay gauchos meet Gloria Gaynor...

Roberts_4road.jpg CNN Anchor Thomas Roberts, who recently came out at the National Gay and Lesbian Journalists Association Conference in Miami, told AfterElton that his coming out had nothing to do with the reshuffling of anchor positions at CNN, and offered some advice for young journalists (and others) struggling with the process of coming out: "There are all kinds of fears we accumulate through high school, college, even going back as far as grade school, that are carried into the adult years. That fear can really hold you back. It (coming out) has to be when people feel… they are ready for it. It's hard to live afraid…. Hopefully, everyone, gay or straight, journalists or doctors or otherwise, can overcome that obstacle, because it stands in the way of you being the best you can be, with your job, with your family, with everything, and not have to be afraid anymore."

road.jpg Campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in India is rapidly gaining momentum.

road.jpg Living life to the fullest: The last photo taken of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin before his untimely death by sting ray.

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  1. Yesterday on CNN around 3pm central time Roberts was talking about the school shooting in Montreal. They rolled some footage and then briefly the screen cut back to Roberts at the anchor desk holding a compact and powdering his nose. I couldn't help but wonder if someone in the control room was trying to fuck with him because of his recent outing. (It was kinda funny though).

    Posted by: stephen | Sep 15, 2006 3:26:57 PM

  2. Glad to see Roberts not playing the gay card. and as for primping in front of the TV cameras, who can forget John Edwards combing his Pretty Pretty Pony locks

    Posted by: Tom | Sep 15, 2006 3:37:32 PM

  3. With everything I read about him I like him more and more. And not because I think he is I saw that camera cut to him primping and it pissed me off 'cause I jumped to that conclusion.

    Posted by: Trey | Sep 15, 2006 3:58:35 PM

  4. Thomas Roberts is a hottie!

    Posted by: towlie | Sep 15, 2006 4:14:01 PM

  5. ...Or Paul Wolfowitz mixing saliva with the grease on his scummy, evil head!

    Posted by: nuflux | Sep 15, 2006 4:33:52 PM

  6. Wow, what an attractive man. He's got too much makeup on though. I think he'd def look more delectable in like, hiking gear or something a bit less stuffy.

    ...or in nothing at all. :-)

    I agree with Trey, I'm liking this guy more and more. Not that I'm ready to trade in my Anderson or anything.

    Posted by: Derrick | Sep 15, 2006 6:19:03 PM

  7. >>>>

    Neither am I.

    Posted by: Ted | Sep 15, 2006 8:09:04 PM

  8. Mr. Roberts is showing some real integrity and thoughtfulness on this issue. He is very handsome, but what is more compelling is his honesty. Hopefully this will be an inspiration to all gay americans.

    Posted by: Timothy | Sep 15, 2006 8:33:57 PM

  9. Will looks better than ever.

    The gay gauchos are cute.

    Thomas seems really personable. I hope we can see more of him in the future maybe an investigative report or documentary. Unfortunately I didn't see Thomas putting makeup on but I think you people are over reacting. Those kind of things happen all the time.

    When 80+% are against gay people where else is there to go? When gay people recieve some rights in India then they can say that.

    Posted by: Jack | Sep 16, 2006 12:58:43 AM

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