News: Timberlake Tantrum, Al Gore Goes Yahoo!, Hong Kong

road.jpg Yahoo! teams with Al Gore’s Current TV to create four internet channels focusing on sports, pop culture, travel, and automotive topics. Former Daily Show producer Madeleine Smithberg is working on shows for the channel.

Timberlake_2road.jpg Justin Timberlake: I’m bringing angry back.

road.jpg Los Angeles animal services orders Banksy to scrub down the elephant.

road.jpg Poll shows Colorado voters likely to ban gay marriage but accept domestic partner registry.

road.jpg Melting arctic ice pack opens unprecedented route from Europe to Santa’s workshop: “This situation is unlike anything observed in previous record low-ice seasons. It is highly imaginable that a ship could have passed from Spitzbergen or Northern Siberia through what is normally pack ice to reach the North Pole without difficulty. If this anomaly continues, the Northeast Passage, or ‘Northern Sea Route’ between Europe and Asia will be open over longer intervals of time, and it is conceivable we might see attempts at sailing around the world directly across the summer Arctic Ocean within the next 10 to 20 years.”

road.jpg New energy drink may be dangerously addictive.

Showgirlsroad.jpg You are a whore, darlin’! Showgirls musical to open in Las Vegas.

road.jpg Should we outlaw electronic voting machines?

road.jpg Hong Kong’s government has lost an appeal against a court ruling last year which struck down a discriminatory and unfair age of consent law. Under that law, “heterosexuals and lesbians face a maximum of five years in jail if they have sex before the age of 16, but homosexuals who have sex before they are 21 risk life in prison.” Gays in Hong Kong applauded the ruling: “This is a victory not only for me and the gay community in Hong Kong, it is a victory for all of us in Hong Kong, gay and straight alike who all have fundamental human rights that the courts here have shown us they are prepared to uphold.”