1. Brian says

    Mmmmm… I loves me some Brady Quinn. Anyone familiar with the “happy baby pose” in yoga will understand why I refer to it as the “happy Brady pose”.

  2. 24play says

  3. Allen says

    Has anyone caught a glimpse of the Cal Berkeley quarterback Nate Longshore?? Their team is set to go to the Rose Bowl this year, and this young man is definitely beautiful.

  4. Ron says

    Brady is gorgeous. He looks like he should be in an Abercrombie ad pulling down some guys pants. As for the Heisman…Brady blew that with the loss to Michigan and the close call with Michigan State. While he is a great QB, unless the other Heisman front runners have major slip ups…he’ll be close but no cigar.

  5. joey paccitti says

    I would love to challenge Brady Quinn to a wrestling match. I am 22 and I am his size. All I hear is how strong he is, so lets see who gets pinned. We will wrestle on the mat in our sweats and have a ref present

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