1. sam says

    Lance Armstrong always looks like a goofy fan who’s overly-excited to be in the presence of movie stars.

  2. JT says

    Every time I see him I’m struck by how he looks more like JFK Jr. each time. I really am smitten by this kitten.

  3. dc-20008 says

    Is Kitty still alive? I mean I know she is still above ground, but is she alive??

    I think Jake should be in a movie with Geoge Clooney and they should jog in speedos.

  4. rudy says

    Jake received the Young Artist award. Ms. Aretha and Ms. Kitty received other awards. Thankfully, McScruffy was not there with his guy pals, although RD Jr. nearly fits the bill as the degenerate third of the BFF trio.

  5. Rad says

    Kitty Carlisle Hart and Aretha Franklin… young? Compared to them Jake is what? “Most distinguished omeba”?

    I think my new slogan for Jake is “Ditch the Lance, then we’ll dance”. CanNOT STAND Lance Armstrong.

  6. just sayin' says

    At the HRC event last week, Reichen rocked a similar outfit, but with waistcoast added. Jakey looks so much better here by keeping it real and simple, sans vest.

    Less is certainly more.

  7. FizziekruntNT says

    What a vapid trio of self-aggrandizement.

    Here’s to 2007’s lineup of Chris Evans movies. At least Chris delivers the eye candy. Gyllenhaal always has a look on his face like he poopied. Feh!

  8. Kurt says

    This man is beautiful. I dont care what team he plays for or if we ever know. I’m just glad he’s on the planet when I am.

  9. Nick says

    I was there last night, a table away. Lance and Jake were talking the entire night… Oddly enough, Dave Eggers was at their table as well.

  10. Vous says

    Robert Downey is starting to show signs of lipodystrophy in his face.

    Posted by: dc-20008 | Oct 17, 2006 11:21:43 AM

    What the hell?

  11. Leland says

    Meanwhile, a Girl Scout troop near Lance’s manse has given Reichen a box of cookies, and he’s a finalist for the coveted annual Boys Underwear Association Award.