Luke MacFarlane and Matthew Rhys Heat Up Brothers & Sisters


In case you missed it, ABC’s Brothers & Sisters was injected with a bit of gay romance the other night as Luke MacFarlane and Matthew Rhys’ characters Scotty and Kevin locked lips. MacFarlane has been busy with relationships on and off-screen. If you remember, he was spotted earlier this week with recently out Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight. No kiss there to report yet.



  1. matthew says

    I’ve always hated gays in t.v. dramas because they never have any drama of theri own. (and we all know how untrue that is) Finally a show where the gay character isn’t some boring sexual eunuch with no plotline of their own.

  2. says

    OMG this is cute!!!!!! ABC means American Broadcasting COmpany right? Not Australian? Damn then I dun think I’ll b watching the series then… =(

  3. JT says

    Damn! I have been boycotting ABC since they did that propaganda piece of shit about 9/11. I’ll continue to be strong…

  4. gabe says

    I saw Matthew Rhys opposite the scenery-chewing Kathleen Turner in the West End version of The Graduate coupla yrs ago and he was excellent!! Very funny and very sexy!!

  5. Anita Woodward says

    I like “Brothers & Sisters” but sometimes the gay dialogue is eyerollingly bad. I remember an episode where the gay son said, “As a gay man, I have never been able to master the art of monogamy,” or something like that – and I nearly choked.

  6. mark m says

    ok the dialogue was painfully trite and self aware.. cheese all the way…

    but God if my heart didnt just flutter….

    Two men on a major network sharing an intimate kiss… it’s the little moments like these that make all of the other BS in the real world less depressing.

    And the little moment where the neighbor nods coyly… adorable.

    I’m going to watch it again… hehehe.

  7. Anon says

    Nice, but the dialog and acting were a bit cheesy. Hopefully the bar is raised. These kinds of scenes used to lead to boycotts.

  8. Rascal says

    The feelings this scene evokes and the comments posted here just prove how starved our community is for thoughtful and sensitive (even if slightly mawkish) portrayals of our lives in the mainstream media. Will & Grace was a breakthrough of sorts but it set a very, very low bar (and an often offensive one, IMO). Moments like this are much more progressive.

  9. Patrick says

    Boring sexual eunuch?!

    Oh come on! Where have you been?! We’re always portrayed as sex hungry freakshows who can’t keep it in our pants except for when we’re doing someone’s hair and makeup…and sometimes not even then! Just because Will Truman was made Gay Goodwill Ambassador to the Midwest doesn’t mean he’s the only gay character to have ever been portrayed.

  10. Blair says

    I watched Brother and Sisters for the first time on Sunday not expecting this at all.

    This was a really sweet story line.

    I am hooked. My new favorite show.

  11. says

    I’ve been watching this show since it premiered, and I absolutely adore it. The thing that hooked me though was the dueling Republican-vs-Democrat family members, which is something I struggle with in my own family. The cute-as-hell gay couple was just icing.

  12. says

    I am not a fan of the show, and didn’t see this broadcast…

    But watching that clip, here at my desk, brought tears to my eyes and tightness to my throat…

  13. mdc says

    Sure it was cheesy, but moving nonetheless. Even very moving. I mean what do we have to choose from? I love that it was on network TV. As noted by somebody above, to me Will & Grace was as much a move backwards as forwards.

    Thanks for posting it today especially. It was great to see after the headlines this morning in the Times & Washington Post: “Religious Conservatives Cheer Ruling on Gays,” “‘Pro-traditional marriage organizations ought to give a distinguished service award to the NJ Supreme Court,’ said the Rev. Richard Land, head of the Southern Baptist Convention’s…,” etc., etc.

    Well, we knew it was coming. I’m hoping every time they play this card, it gets a little less effective.

  14. Kyle Childress says

    Speaking of gays on TV (and ABC for that matter), you should check out the little brother on “Ugly Betty.” Adorable. He’s about 10 or 12 and last night he sashayed into the kitchen wearing his Halloween costume. He’s wearing a plain sailor suit, and asks them who he is. The father says he’s a proud member of the U.S. military. The kid goes, no, I’m Gene Kelley in “Anchors Away.” His mother then adds, “Well, at school let’s just tell everyone your a sailor.” And he responds, yes, but one that can sing and dance. He then breaks out into “New York, New York. It’s a wonderful town;” he stops singing, then says, “Dance break” and taps out of the room. Like I said: Adorable.

  15. Dean says

    Brothers and Sisters is so good. It’s not a perfect show, but I find it really compelling… and the cast is terrific. There were a lot of good new shows this fall.

    The gay kid in Ugly Betty also deserves mention… one of the best parts of that (great) show.

  16. patrick nyc says

    I agree with those who find the show a bit trite, but the cast is great and I’m hoping it will pick up a bit as it goes along. There are few gays on network TV and these guys are portrayed in a very fair and balanced light. It’s easy for many to forget that Dynasty and Soap were two of the first to show an on going gay character and they both went form gay to straight.

    Remember that there are young kids, and their families, who are seeing a positive potrayal of gays, while the President and GOP continue to use us to win elections through fear and hate.

    The other Patrick

  17. Leland says

    Speaking of visibility, I’m sorry, Sir, for my late report from the front lines of Reichen and Lance’s never ending war against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. A week after accepting their HRC awards in DC, they were hurried aboard Joe Solomnese’s private jet and whisked West where they were smuggled into William Rast’s Spring 2007 “Street Sexy” fashion show at Social Hollywood in LA. Perhaps Rast will be designing the uniforms for Reichen’s Raiders.

    Last weekend, courageously ignoring threats upon their lives, they landed on the shores of the 10th anniversary party of the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut, perhaps to enlist some Native Americans in their tireless campaign for full gay equality.

    Monday night they were back in LA at the Overturn DADT Command Center, code name “The Abbey,” pretending to celebrate the release of a military porn novel. No word yet on how much of the profits/proceed will be shared with SLDN, but so good were the attendees’ disguises resulting from Reichen and Lance’s personal FBI agent’s advice, that Sir Lancelot apparently did not know that he was hugging Perez Hilton and Perez didn’t realize that the other man he hugged was Reichen, seemingly camouflaged in an outfit from the fall Jim Belushi Collection. Lt. Colonel David Cooley, Drug Enforcement Officer, said a good time was had by all but, for security reasons, refused to divulge the next hill Reichen and Lance will attempt to take. However, he predicts the term “Purple Heart” will soon have new meaning. Over and out.

  18. Big Gay Loser says

    Okay: I am a big gay loser! I keep watching that clip over and over again. It’s just the sweetest clip on You Tube I have ever seen.

  19. yeahisaidit says

    …hey now, what about the kiss shared by michael (the boss) and oscar (the gay employee) on nbc’s “the office” a couple of weeks back?…man, talk about hee-larious…!

  20. Anna Rose says

    You can bet the fundies like Parents Television Council, American Family Associatin or Concerned Women for America will jump on the FCC to fine ABC for showing a photo of two men kissing. Mark my words.

  21. kyan says

    Corny?, maybe… Sweet?, undeniable! Isn’t this something we all want to have experienced at some point in our dating lives? Just when everything is new and exciting and fresh…

    The only thing that bothers me is the guys use the word “frankly” three times in their short conversation.

  22. Troy says

    Wow, that kiss was really nice. Matthew Rhys is incredibly sexy. We need some shirtless pics of this guy. Oh and damn, there is a lot of “frankly”s in here.

  23. ric says

    You have to love this woman. That line is the same one I have used for years!! Stops them in their tracks everytime.