Mark Foley: The Early Years


Mark Foley's oldest friends reminisce to the Palm Beach Post about the disgraced congressman's days of innocence, when the "styler" was flipping burgers at the family restaurant, the Lettuce Patch, dabbling in modeling, and holding court with the popular girls:

"By the mid-'80s, even Mark's most provincial pals knew he was gay. None of us cared, but we slowly became aware that he did.

Though he remained available to his old classmates - we all had his cellphone number, and he would always call us back - his openness went only so far.

Occasionally, Mark's two worlds would collide.

Some of us noticed that Mark and his longtime partner, Dr. Layne Nisenbaum, had a choreographed routine. If they were out shopping and Mark spotted a pal from Lake Worth, they would separate - and Mark would run over and hug the old friend.

This never mattered to us, but now, we wonder: How well did we really know Mark?"

The Mark We Knew [palm beach post]

(via wonkette)

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