Mark Foley’s Indiscretions Began in ’95, as did Cover-Up

Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican starting line-up. (via Wonkette)

road.jpg Foley indiscretions extend back eleven years: “In 1995, male House pages were warned to steer clear of a freshman Republican from Florida, who was already learning the names of the teenagers, dashing off notes, letters and e-mails to them, and asking them to join him for ice cream, according to a former page.”

road.jpg Mark Foley was considering not running for re-election, but Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, talked him into it, even after Reynolds knew about the inappropriate emails.

Foley_foxroad.jpg Can’t handle the truth? FOX labels Foley a Democrat, three times.

road.jpg Boy Scouts of America sloppily scrub “adult leader” Mark Foley from their website; honored Dennis Hastert. Program: “J. Dennis Hastert consistently has placed the needs of America’s youth at the forefront of debate.”

road.jpg The Open and Closeted Lives of a Gay Congressman. Friend: “You have someone who for all intents and purposes is a gay person, but continues to perpetuate the myth that there’s something wrong with it.”

road.jpg Hastert thinks Foley scandal is a “liberal conspiracy” designed to affect election. ABC debunks that claim.

road.jpg ABC reportedly pulls story on Advocate outing Foley ten years ago.

road.jpg ABC: The Politics of Outing Politicians.

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  1. sam says

    Foley is pathetic. The linked article, “The Open and Closeted Lives of a Gay Congressman” is enlightening, especially his response when a gay family friend confronted him on his vote for DOMA. He said that none of his relationships were the equal of his mother and father’s. He was obviously deeply self-loathing, thought there was something evil inside him, so he aligned himself with an institution, the Republican Party, that reinforced his negative beliefs and enforced a strict closet. Sad, pathetic, disgusting.

  2. Dan says

    I still don’t understand why people don’t aggressively out closeted politicians, especially those who legislate against gay people. I get the whole privacy thing for regular people, but politicians? Come on — let’s fling open the closet door. I mean, the big question right now is how many other GOP congressmen are gay?

  3. CJ says

    Sorry to admit this, but if Rove and the right successfully spin this onto the left, then even I have to give hats off to Rove. This whole thing is being spun as if it’s a “pedophile, gay issue”, and so far people seem to be eating it up like Sunday dinner…

    Where are the counter-responses from experts on pedophiles, gay rights, human rights, hell ANYONE with common sense to get on the board??? Anyone??? Bueller?

  4. Brad says

    Where are the infamous comments from “Tom” in all this??? Oh, making up more examples of “Bush Derangement Syndrome” lol. Most definitely he’s rocking himself in the corner of his room chanting “it’s just a dream, only a dream, only a dream.” I love gay republican’s, they’re so much fun…

  5. JoeInSF says

    Sad to see the Right use the Foley situation to bash gays and homosexuals.

    Sad to see Foley seem to blame his actions on homosexuality and alcoholism.

    But most of all, sad to see this issue of pedophilia (and its victims) being talked about in the most cavalier way.

    Some of my loved ones were preyed upon by older men when they were 13, 14, 15, and 16, and they did not have the power and maturity to say “no” back then. In the process, they lost something that was precious and, understandably, many have become cautious in forming intimate relationships as adults. As a friend pointed to me in powerful missive last night, he hasn’t become a monster or predator because of his experience; he has looked at what happened, forgiven himself and the molester, and moved on in the best way he could. He’s taken responsibility for his life in ways that Foley, implicated Catholic priests, and many others have not.

    And I don’t believe for a minute this crazy apologist/libertine crap that it alright for fully-formed adult men (25 years old +) to be having relationships with children 16-years old or younger. If that makes me intolerant, so be it. But listening to my friends, lovers or my mom talk about being abused by an uncle or family friend, I hear their pain and fear of opening up again. Gay or straight, it is not appropriate for adults to be having sex with children. The potential for lasting emotional harm is too great.

    (Excuse the duplicative post: this permalink was being posted as I was responding to yesterday’s)

  6. CLIFF says

    JOEINSF, I am one of those individuals that you are talking about, having been molested on a couple of occasions while in high school…for a time, I put it out of my memory, repressing it the best way that I knew how…later in life, I sought help, forgave myself, forgave my molesters, and went on with life…I see articles in the papers, magazines, etc. from time to time, and it angers me greatly…old feelings that I had dealt with years ago resurface with a resilience hard to imagine…each time that I hear of a child being molested, raped or abused, the memories flood back like a sunami, pounding me emotionally, and dragging me into the undertow…it’s hard, really hard…but,in time I bounce back…thankfully, I am resilient…and with each occurrence, I get stronger instead of weaker…I have found it hard to be in a relationship…my trust level in people is not what it should be…and, the last few relationships that I have had, did not work out because of a lack of trust…I have not lost hope, however, and remain confident, that with more time and healing, things will turn out all right;and, I will eventually find someone who is loving, compassionate, faithful, and patient.

  7. Dave says

    It’s our responsibility as a community to get the message out that he became a pedophile because he felt he had to repress his homosexuality to be an active, beneficial member of society.

    Experts and facts would not help our issue; the O’Reilly-Right don’t respect or believe them anyway. So repeat after me, loudly, clearly and often:

    Foley became a pedophile because he repressed his sexuality.

  8. says

    we all use events to our advantage, its political and its human nature. Democrats seized upon this moment with a sharks feeding frenzy, and Republicans wish it would just go away. But it won’t.
    It’s a scandal of an interesting kind…its five days after the confession, and so far no one has stepped up and said they actually had sex with the congressman. Until that happens, to my mind, this is all sad, unfortunate and indeed speaks about the current political climate in this country. As far as I know, emails between a middle aged man and teens are not illegal (despite that nose-flaring Nancy Grace’s repeatedly posting five “potential” lawbreakers.) The one thing that is certain is that Internet is a playground, a respite from the realities of the world, a place to hide, seek and indulge in fantasies.
    The great moral taboo in this country is children…you don’t fuck, literally, with the children.
    Where Foley comes under fire, is that he continued to counter that he wasn’t gay, voted against anything that shined a friendly eye on gays (the Defense of Marriage act, specifically) and lived in a state of perpetual hypocrisy.
    Being gay and being Republican have always seemed like odd bedfellows.
    “We shouldn’t waste time and energy launching personal attack,” said Patrick Sammon, executive director of the Log Cabin Republicans. “Outing people distracts us from what is really important: How do we gain new allies among conservatives and people of faith?”
    How sad. The Log Cabin Republicans are the most self-loathsome group imaginable. It has always come as a surprise they don’t all join Exodus and turn in their gay passports. At least they are unfortunately, out. Foley was not. He lived in a world where IM’s and emails created his sexual and romantic life.
    Conservatives seem to blame everything on something: Gays were the cause of 9/11 (Falwell), Clinton (that constantly pin-stabbed voodoo doll) was and is the cause of everything bad that happens in the world.
    Conservatives need to grow up. Find a new agenda. There are plenty of real enemies in the world.

  9. AMS says

    I have only seen one person, so far, call “bunk” on the homosexual=pedophile connection. Last night Larry King talked to John Walsh who worked closely with Foley on child predator legislation. Larry asked him about whether he knew Foley was gay – and John Walsh told him right out that this wasn’t a gay or straight issue – it was a pedophile issue.

    I was really glad to see him make that distinction, considering Walsh had a young son killed by a predator. I wish more of these pundits would make it clear in no uncertain terms.

  10. republicanassholes says

    I have worked on Capitol Hill, and it has been widely known for years that Foley was not only gay, but was always hittin on underage pages.

  11. Zeke says

    I have had three e-mail requests to repeat comments that I made on the other Foley thread here.

    I’m sorry to those who have already been subjected to them but this really is an incredibly important topic to discuss and it’s imperitive that we not allow the MSM to lynch the entire gay male community for the evils of one.

    Here are the posts…

    I just got through watching a solid 20 minutes of Pat Buchanan and Tony Perkins on Hardball railing on and on about how this is a homosexual issue and how homosexuals are dangerous, perverted, unnatural, predatory, naturally inclined to pedophilia and a danger to society. They actually said ALL of these things. They were pulling statistics out of their asses but giving no sources. NO ONE on the panel challenged these guys as they proceeded to lynch the entire gay world. They didn’t have a single gay person on the panel to counter the gay bashing. It was sickening.

    I watched the EXACT same thing happen yesterday on CNN’s Situation Room with Tony Perkins. Once again NO opposing viewpoint.
    What other minority in America could be subjected to this kind of unchallenged slander on national news shows? Why do these show care so little about the fact that millions of hard working, tax paying, law abiding, moral and ethical gay Americans are being slandered in such a shameful way. Do we not matter to them at all?

    F*ck the fact that they’re hurting our feelings, this kind of crap is a real and present threat to our safety. The things that were being said are the kinds of things that incite people to violence but they seem to care less about their gay and lesbian viewers.

    This should be something that is reported on EVERY gay and progressive site and these stations should be FLOODED with complaints.
    If we sit back and allow this kind of abuse to continue then we are totally ball-less and deserve what ever we get.

    I for one am f*cking FED UP! I’m sick and tired of being expected to be tolerant of intolerance! From now on I’m a proud bigot bigot!

    I encourage EVERYONE here to contact CNN and MSNBC and tell them that we are sick of the abuse and will not stand for them inciting violence against us without so much as an opposing voice.

    As for Foley; f*ck him AND his “coming out”. When he was the darling of the right he wouldn’t admit that he was gay. Now that he’s known to be a child molesting, perverted piece of shit he wants to let the world know he’s gay so that everyone can blame his sickness and lack of self control on his sexual orientation?


    McGreevy did the same thing.

    If these assholes want to act like good, straight, family man Christians in public but like scum behind closed doors then they should f*ckin stay in the damn closet.
    Don’t hide in the closet when eveyone loves you and then come out when you’re caught being a scumbag and everyone is looking for a reason why you’re such a piece of sh*t!

    You assholes spent 40+ years hiding in the closet; do us all a HUGE favor and tough it out for another 40 years until you die. If you’re gonna be a scumbag then do those of us who are out, proud and respectable a big favor and take your dirty little secret to the grave with you.

    At this point I would give my left nut for just ONE respectful, out and proud gay politician, celebrity or sportsman without a sordid past. I feel sorry for gay kids today. When I was growing up there were no out gay heroes. That was bad. But I think it’s worse today when just about everyone famous who comes out is a scumbag with a closet full of nasty baggage.

    Sorry guys. I’m just about to blow a f*cking gasket! I don’t lose it often but when I do it’s ugly!

  12. Zeke says

    And the follow up post that explains why this has infuriated me so personally:

    If any of you are think that I have come unhinged over this issue, I can tell that I have.

    There is actually a very good reason that I think I should share at this point.

    As many of you here know, I am the father of a 12 year old son. My partner of 15 years/husband of three (married 2003 Toronto) and I raise him in the most traditional way that we can, minus the traditional guilt, hate and abuse that we were raised with. I try to only speak of my family, and particularly my son, online ONLY when it is EXTREMELY relevant to a discussion. I want to protect them from the freaks out there.

    Last night my son was doing his homework in the same room where my partner and I were watching Hardball. When the segment with Perkins and Buchanan came on I felt a panic attack come on. I didn’t know what to do. I have always tried to allow my son to be exposed to a certain level of rhetoric from the anti-gay side because I know he will be exposed to it one way or another when I’m not around to explain it to him. I want him to hear anti-gay comments when I am present and able to explain things to him. I mistakenly assumed that a MSNBC discussion would be balanced and both sides would be represented. I WAS DEAD WRONG!

    I hoped that my son would be so engrossed with his studies that he wouldn’t pay attention to the program. WRONG AGAIN!

    He listened intently while my partner and I tried to calmly explain things to him without losing our cools and scaring him. Although I was absolutely BOILING inside, I felt that my son dealt with it well and all was OK with him.

    After he went to bed, my partner and I just about exploded. We were incensed that we were put into such an unfair and uncomfortable position just so that Chris Matthews could stir up some shit to get ratings.

    When I finally calmed down and headed to bed, at about 3 am I heard my son crying in his room. I went in and asked him what was wrong. He said he didn’t understand why people would say things like that about his dads AND he didn’t understand why grown men would want to do “things” to little boys. What am I supposed to say to that? I cried with him and told him that some people are just very mean, and just like school bullies they feel a need to pick on people that they feel are weaker than they are. I told him that his daddies love him very much and would NEVER let anybody hurt him. I had to give him the whole “inappropriate touching” lesson all over again wondering if he somewhere, down deep inside, he now feared that I could be capable of doing anything but loving and protecting him. No PARENT should have such doubts!!!

    He told me that people in school (an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!) had been talking about the Foley situation and had been saying the same things that Perkins and Buchanan said. He doesn’t know what to do, and frankly NIETHER DO I! I kept him out of school today and made an appointment for my partner and me to talk to the principal this afternoon. However, I really don’t know what she can do about what kids say. She can make sure the teachers don’t join in on the lynchings but that’s about it.

    This is not something that my son or his parents should be subjected to. It is TOTALLY shameful, unprofessional and immoral for the mainstream media to put my family, or any other gay family or any gay individual into a situation where he/she/they have to defend themselves against mass charges of perversion, deviance and child molestation.

    In the past I’ve had to deal with total strangers telling my son that his father is a sodomite pedophile who is a danger to society and who is going to hell. I’ve had total strangers ask my son if I or his papa have ever touched him inappropriately. I have children of evangelicals telling my son things that no kid should ever hear. And ALWAYS, EVERY SINGLE TIME, it is done by people who CLAIM to be Christians and CLAIM to be doing the work of the Lord!

    My partner and I are great dads. We’re certainly not perfect but we do our very best and we must be doing something right because we have one HELL of a great kid to show for it. But our lives have been made SOOOOO much harder by mean spirited individuals, gay hating fundamentalists, “that’s so gay” and “you’re such a fag” pop culture, AND NOW the mainstream media!

    I’m exhausted by the constant battles, but for the sake of my precious son and all the other gay parents, gay kids and moral and ethical gay individuals out there I CAN’T GIVE UP!

    PLEASE join me in this fight my brothers and sisters!

    Sorry for getting so personal but my heart is broken and my rage is immeasurable. I don’t know what more to do.

    You can get more information and contact information to respond to this slanderous, defaming rhetoric at the other Foley thread here on Towleroad.

    It looks like it’s gonna be a grassroots pushback because the big wigs seem to think that nothing is over the line with any of this.

  13. Zeke says

    CROOKS & LIARS seems to be the only site that has picked up on the homophobic media frenzy that has been going on.

    None of the gay information websites that I’ve checked out are reporting on it

  14. Zeke says

    Raw story has picked up on the Christian Right’s push to blame homosexuals for this scandal.

    Check it out at:
    “Right-wing Christian groups use Foley to condemn homosexuality”

    Read the quotes in the article and then consider that these are being made on maistream media outlets without a single voice of dissention.

    As for gay media outlets reporting on this…..

    (sound of crickets chirping)

    I’ve contacted ALL of the progressive and gay blogs that I can think of. I even contacted Andrew Sullivan. So far only Raw Story and C&L have responded to me and are covering it.

  15. tommy says

    Zeke, you are so right on the subject. I was listening to Al Franken and they are also talking about the *gay* scandal, but trying to inform everyone that this is NOT the case. That this is about power and corruption. They stress that this is not a gay issue…unfortunatley, he doesn’t have a very large audience.

  16. Marco says

    One of my favorite comments so far in this scandal was from Newt (High Morals) Gingrich.

    He said something to the effect that if Republicans went after Foley aggressively, they would have been accussed of gay bashing.

    Too funny. Too sad. Sad that he’s equating Foley’s actions as normal “gay”. Funny in that he must believe in his alternate universe that is Fox news, the GOP are known for their tolerance and compassion towards the gay community. I mean, when have they ever been afraid of attacking gays before?

    I love the smell of GOP desperation in the morning.

  17. jimmyboyo says


    Thank you for sharing your experience. I feel for you and your family.

    Like you said, and I have said in the other thread….We can not just wait for the dems to defend us. They are trying to stay out of the Foleygate thing (let your enemy destroy themselves) and are very busy with the elections. Coming to our defense is not politicaly expedient for them.

    We as a community must from the grass roots/ net roots push our groups to get out there and counter this crap from the right.

    Here is that contact list again with the updated HRC number


    Los Angeles, California
    5455 Wilshire Blvd, #1500
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    phone: (323) 933-2240
    fax: (323) 933-2241

    New York, New York
    248 West 35th Street, 8th Floor
    New York, NY 10001
    phone: (212) 629-3322
    fax: (212) 629-3225

    Human Rights Campaign
    1640 Rhode Island Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20036-3278

    Front Desk: 202-216-1500
    Toll-Free: 800/777-4723
    Membership Toll-Free: 800/727-4723


    For general HRC inquiries/comments, please contact
    For membership-specific inquires/comments, please contact

    Lambda Legal Defense Fund

    National Headquarters
    120 Wall Street, Suite 1500
    New York, NY 10005-3904
    tel 212-809-8585
    fax 212-809-0055

    Western Regional Office
    3325 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1300
    Los Angeles, CA 90010-1729
    tel 213-382-7600
    fax 213-351-6050

    Midwest Regional Office
    11 East Adams, Suite 1008
    Chicago, IL 60603-6303
    tel 312-663-4413
    fax 312-663-4307

    Southern Regional Office
    730 Peachtree Street, NE, Suite 1070
    Atlanta, GA 30308-1210
    tel 404-897-1880
    fax 404-897-1884

    South Central Regional Office
    3500 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 500
    Dallas, TX 75219-6722
    tel 214-219-8585
    fax 214-219-4455

  18. Zeke says

    Yes Anon, but I don’t understand what “they are Democrats first and gays second” means.

    Why would the possibility that they are Democrats first keep them from confronting the gay bashing on the networks? I honestly don’t see the connection.

  19. Zeke says

    In addition to being a gay father I am also a little league baseball and youth football coach. Because of the kinds of anti-gay misinformation that Buchanan, Perkins and Coulter are spewing on the networks, EVERY year I go through the same routine of reassuring potential new player’s parents that I’m not a pedophile and that their kids will be safe with me. I have to present letters of recommendation from my pastor, former players’ parents, school teachers and a local principal. I have been coaching for 20+ years and not until the last few years have I been able to find people that would risk recommending me in writing for fear that it could implicate them if I did in fact turn out to be a pedophile. This is something that the straight coaches never face. It is so demeaning, humiliating and dehumanizing to go through this year after year. It is an annual reminder that a huge number of people automatically assume that I am a pervert and a child molester even though I have been in a 15 year, monogamous relationship with the love of my life, who is eight years OLDER than me and we are raising a child of our own.

    I am asked all the time by parents and ESPECIALLY gay friends: “Why do you do it?”; “Why do you subject yourself to this abuse?”; “Why do you risk being falsely accused of a despicable crime and having your life ruined by a disgruntled parent?”

    All I can say is I love kids and I love being able to teach kids, the future of the world, to be good citizens through the wonderful lessons of sportsmanship. I was an Eagle Scout and I was a Marine for 12 years. I’ve done ALL of the “don’t ask, don’t tells” expressly because I’ve always wanted to be a good citizen and contribute positively to my family, my community and my country.

    I refuse to let my sexual orientation limit my contribution to society. I refuse to let other people’s ignorance and hate keep me from sharing my gifts with my community and I refuse to let other people’s misconceptions about gay people make me curl up in a wounded ball and hide in the shadows, making no contribution to the future of this world.

    Most of all, I love, ABSOLUTELY LOVE, watching the transformation of parents who once questioned and feared me because of ignorance of homosexuality, VOLUNTEERING to write letters of recommendation to future players’ parents. I love the friendships that I have developed with people who used to be rabidly homophobic. And I LOVE hearing former homophobes telling me that they now confront homophobia every time they encounter it because they see it as a direct insult to a person that they have grown to love and call “FRIEND”.

    So what is my two-sentence answer to why I am out and why I risk my future by coaching kids?

    Simple: Because my pride and my desire to contribute to and improve my community are greater than my fear of bigots and their ignorant misconceptions.

    And: Because there is no better way that I can think of to change the hearts and minds of even the most ignorant bigots.

    Pride parades don’t work for me. They seem fringe and counterproductive to the stated goals. I personally believe the best way to promote gay rights and gay acceptance is to be OUT and live your life respectably.

    This is something that Foley never understood and precisely why he, as a politician with so much potential to do good, allowed his fear and imposed shame to divert him into unethical, immoral and possibly illegal acts.

    I hate to see potential wasted. Another reason why I’m a coach!


  20. Zeke says

    The Reform Jewish Movement, the largest branch of Judaism in the US released an official press statement condemning the Christian Right and Tony Perkins in particular for attacking innocent gay people in the press.

    It was pretty scathing.

    It would be nice to hear from some Christian Denominations and organizations as well.

    I expect that my denomination, The United Church of Christ, will be the first to do so, if they haven’t already.

    They are my next contact.

  21. _____ says

    I am so fucking sick of people thinking that this whole thing is a “gay” issue. Pedophiles who prey on girls are never blamed because of their heterosexuality. And what about those female teachers who were molesting their young male students, some of them as young as 12-13 years old, maybe even younger! Never did I hear anyone label those sick women as “pedophiles” or “child molesters”. I guess in a straight man’s world, whenever a woman fucks a little boy it’s considered a right of passage. Gimme a break. And it’s not just the conservative nut cases who are throwing in the word “gay” about this issue. Even the commentors on the Brad Blog were doing just that! And late night talk show hosts like Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno are doing the same thing in their jokes. Example = GOP stands for “Gay Old Pedophiles”. Now I have a sense of humor, but I think it’s tastless to link homosexuality and pedophilia even in a joking manner. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart doesn’t stoop to that level in order to gain laughs, and I applaud the show for that. I know, maybe I’m taking this all a bit too seriously but that’s just how I feel. Sorry.

  22. Zeke says

    I think it’s high time that we all drop our senses of humor when it comes to this kind of defamation. We’ve been laughing while people were seeking to destroy us for far too long.

    I have a GREAT sense of humor but I’ve never needed to demean, degrade or dehumanize ANYONE for a laugh.

    I’m totally with ya brother!

  23. jimmyboyo says

    The DNC just sent me a fundraising letter.

    I sent them a response letter with no check.

    I told them that they needed debate people like pat Buchanan and others who are trying to equate homosexuals with predators of minors.
    I mentioned that others on Gay blogs are starting to grumble and they better step up. It would be ironic for them to think they will win congress because of this scandal to only loose it in fact because the gay vote descides to stay home because the DNC is not fighting against the homophobia.

    I do not expect a response or them to actualy step up. We shouldn’t. They are interested in gaining power 9I hope they do), but we are interested in our lives/ lifestyle…etc

    Scroll up to the list of Gay rights groups and contact them and light a fire under their butts to get out their and be vocal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Anon says

    Zeke: Well, would they use gay bashing as a way to improve their chances to take over Congress or not? By not coming to our defense, are they letting the conservatives beat up gays and the Republican leadership on this issue to win the election? Less work for them!

    From the left we have arguments, such as from “gay expert” Bill Maher that this is all about being in the closet, as if that makes you sexually harass teenage boys or worse, or drives you crazy. This is nearly as bad! It’s an entirely separate predilection, one perhaps for Foley involving the fear of being caught and the thrill of it.

    What about coaching the girls?

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  25. Zeke says

    The latest tactic in this saga is to blame a “cabal of gay staffers” for the Foley coverup. I kid you not!

    It was already reported by Katie Couric tonight on the national evening news.

    I’m not at all surprised that the Republicans would use this tactic. When have they ever had a problem with throwing gays under the bus for political purposes? Even if they now want to claim that they didn’t want to be called homophobic.

    What I DO find shocking about this is the new revelation that almost EVERY one of these high ranking Republicans’ chiefs of staff were gay, including Hastert’s chief of staff who was fired today.

    Way to go boys; feeding the beast that is actively working to kill you.

    Can’t wait to hear how the religious right is going to react when they hear that so many Republican Congressmen have homa-sek-shul staffers.

  26. jimmyboyo says

    Scarborough had some guy on tonight that said the repubs were going to out all the undercover gay repubs working for them.

    They somehow think this will save the party.

    The base though will think “why did you hire them in the first place?”

    Who knows. All I know is that you log cabin republicans/ judases in the gay community are about to get a knife stabed in your own backs by your employers.

    I wonder if the repubs are willing to go all the way and toss Ken mehlman and Karl Rover under that bus as well……….

  27. jimmyboyo says

    I wonder what the gay republicans that visit this site here think about this?

    Mitch, Tom, just to name a few

    2 million gays supposedly vote republican (so claims the Log Cabin people)…..hmmmm…well, you guys are going to become the scapegoat to save the party…….Oh well. I can not say I feel sorry for you.

  28. Zeke says

    I say let them out every one of the bastards.

    Not only would it serve them right but it will be extremely entertaining to hear all the dirty little secrets that all of these outed queens will start screaming about their former employers.

    Hell hath no furry like a Log Cabinette scorned!

    Grab your popcorn fellas, it’s gonna be quite a show!

  29. jimmyboyo says

    zeke LOL

    I am sure a few in retalliation will out the “safe” ones like Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman.

    It will go like this “Oh, you bitches outed me!!! Well NBC, ABC, CNN quess who I have pictures of doing blah blah blah”

  30. Zeke says

    Want to read some real sickening crap? Hop on over to and read how they’re spinning all of this.

    According to them, this whole debacle is the fault of the “Gay Left”.

    I can only read that site for about a minute before my blood starts to boil. According to them liberal Gays are the devil and George W. is the savior and it’s perfectly reasonable for gay people to support anti-gay candidates and anti-gay policies.

    If you can stomach it, check it out.

    Sick, sick, sick.

    I too have been wondering where the usual conservative voices of Towleroad have been lately. They have remained eerily silent throughout all of this.

  31. Zeke says

    Even gayPatriot is all in a tither over the rumors that the Republicans are preparing to have a VERY public, gay-staffer house cleaning. They’ve called for an “Action Alert” and listed the phone numbers of Hastert and other Republicans so that their readers can call and ask them not to out gay staffers.

    That’s probably because half of gayPatriot’s readers ARE the gay staffers of anti-gay Republicans.

    Interesting how they start to squirm when THEY’RE going to be PERSONALLY scapegoated!

    But once again, according to them, it’s all the fault of the GAY LEFT.

  32. Anon says

    Actually, a lot of these staffers were openly gay and out, so I’m not sure where this “outing” is going. Right now, Foley’s openly gay former chief of staff is trying to take down Hastert and getting a lot of press tonight. I think though that the headlines are fading because there are no bodies and few more damaging innuendos left to explore. I could sense that the cable news guys are trying to move on to the next story. The mainstream press is admitting there are some more gay closeted Republicans in congress but not naming any names as of tonight. I’m not sure why the national committee would risk seats by outing them.

  33. jimmyboyo says

    You know, I am starting to think something very good could possibly come out of this for the gay community.

    Maybe its just the tin-foil hat I like to wear while hanging out in my bomb shelter , but I think their might just be a silver lining for us (outside of dems gaining congress).

    Lets say that the repubs do out all of the gay repub staff leaders……they in turn of course will air a bunch of dirty laundry like bribes etc sinking the repubs even more. They also will out gay repubs everywhere like ken and Karl……also including a bunch of right wing media gays and religous right closeted gay preachers etc…..Ralph Reed (though he sunk himself on the Abramoff crap)

    They all of course will be all of a sudden claiming, ” but I am not a predator of minors and those are totaly different from being gay.”

    The far right will see many of their darlings all of suden outed. They will be floored and see that we truly are everywhere and not all wearing drag in chelsea.

    Maybe just maybe when they see a bunch of their Christian Coalition preachers outed ….we might witness a Gay renesance. A new Dawn for the gay community.

    That or the piece of rye bread I ate earlier had some ergot on it (ergot a highly hallucinogenic mold that grows on bread and is supposed to have caused the witch and werewolf scares throughout Europe and the american colonies)


  34. mark m says

    I submit that most adults who pursue adolescents (female teachers included) are doing so because of their own arrested development.

    Men like Foley enjoy the idea of younger boys because they can feel powerful (i.e. like a man)… Men of the same age intimidate them.

    What a dickless pussy.

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