Mark Foley’s Indiscretions Began in ’95, as did Cover-Up

Ladies and gentlemen, your Republican starting line-up. (via Wonkette)

road.jpg Foley indiscretions extend back eleven years: “In 1995, male House pages were warned to steer clear of a freshman Republican from Florida, who was already learning the names of the teenagers, dashing off notes, letters and e-mails to them, and asking them to join him for ice cream, according to a former page.”

road.jpg Mark Foley was considering not running for re-election, but Rep. Tom Reynolds, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, talked him into it, even after Reynolds knew about the inappropriate emails.

Foley_foxroad.jpg Can’t handle the truth? FOX labels Foley a Democrat, three times.

road.jpg Boy Scouts of America sloppily scrub “adult leader” Mark Foley from their website; honored Dennis Hastert. Program: “J. Dennis Hastert consistently has placed the needs of America’s youth at the forefront of debate.”

road.jpg The Open and Closeted Lives of a Gay Congressman. Friend: “You have someone who for all intents and purposes is a gay person, but continues to perpetuate the myth that there’s something wrong with it.”

road.jpg Hastert thinks Foley scandal is a “liberal conspiracy” designed to affect election. ABC debunks that claim.

road.jpg ABC reportedly pulls story on Advocate outing Foley ten years ago.

road.jpg ABC: The Politics of Outing Politicians.

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