NYC Hate Crime Victim Michael Sandy Dies

Michael Sandy was taken off life support Friday afternoon, according to WABC New York.

Beltpkwy_2Sandy had been in a vegetative state since he was lured by four men in an internet set-up to a gay cruising area off the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, robbed, and then forced into traffic by his attackers. Sandy was then struck by a car which fled the scene.

Three Brooklyn men — John Fox, 19, Gary Timmins, 16, and Ilye Shurova, 20 — were charged with first-degree assault as a hate crime, and first- and second-degree robbery, also as hate crimes at the 61st Precenct Station House yesterday. Charges are still being considered against a fourth, Anthony Fortunato, who was questioned and released.

The charges may be upgraded now, since Sandy has died.

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  1. cliff says

    I don’t know what to say…I was holding out hope that he would recover…perhaps this is best — rather that suffer for a prolonged period of time…peace Sandy :( as for those who committed this heinous offence…may God have mercy upon you.

  2. Zeke says

    I’ll just repeat here what I said on the other thread before this one came up:

    Rest in Peace my brother Michael.

    You will not be forgotten.

    I will do everything in my power to stop the senseless slaughter of my gay brothers and sisters at the hands of hateful and ignorant predators.

    I will stand, I will scream and I will fight ’til my dying breath with your spirit and the spirits of all the many others who have suffered your fate to strengthen me.

    NO MORE!!!

  3. peterparker says

    My thoughts and my sympathy go out to Michael Sandy’s friends and family.

    I know what I’m about to say will be controversial, but my thoughts also go out to his murderers and their families. I want so much to hate them and wish a lifetime of misery upon them, but I don’t really see how that would help the situation…for Sandy or those of us left behind. I believe that reaching out to those who have harmed us can stop the cycle of violence and help create healing and understanding. I know if I were a victim of a hate crime, I would hope my friends and family would forgive the perpertrater(s). I’d be doubly proud if they reached out to them.

  4. jimmyboyo says

    PEACE be with you Michael

    zeke you are turning out to be an inspiration whenever you post

    To my fellow gay and lesbian brothers and sisters…..if is not your thing due to hating guns….then I highly recomend taking martial arts classes. Learn to defend yourselves. There is a paradigm shift occuring with a new dawn for the gay community fast approaching, but those who hate us will fight tooth and nail while they pass away into dust.

    Tae Kwon Do is very cool for lesbians due to its emphasis on kicks. Females generaly have greater lower body strength as vs upper

    Akido is cool if you are of a more passivist tempermeant due to it having NO offensive moves. It totaly teaches you to blend with the force coming against you and redirect it either back upon itself or off into nothingness. The true way of peace martial art form

    For my latino brothers and sisters who wish to explore their heritage while learning to defend themselvs…kapuwera is great

    Their are also Afro centric martial arts forms for our african american brothers and sisters

    In other words……do NOT rely on big daddy government to protect you. The police don’t even want to label this particular crime a hate crime…..We MUST learn to protect ourselves.

    There are many gay and lesbian martial arts instructors as well as many large cities holding classes specificaly for gays and lesbians.

  5. jimmyboyo says


    If guns aren’t your thing, and you don’t have any time for martial arts classes….this simple little thing could save your life

    Whenever walking alone at night , meeting someone you talked to over the internet, being approached by a group of punks

    ALWAYS!!! keep your keys handy…slip your keys between your fingers 1-2-3 in between each finger and make a fist

    Think spiked knuckles

    slash or punch at eyes and or throat

    I am totaly for non-violence, but when your life is on the line….at least cause your attacker/attackers a bit of pain

    If nothing else walking with keys sticking out of your fist like a spiked fist will give you confidence even when walking down a dark alley alone. Confident people are less likely to be attacked.

  6. Zeke says

    I would suggest that people NEVER meet anyone alone for the first time. ALWAYS meet in a public, well lighted, crowded place, preferably with friends in tow.

    There are a lot of evil people out there. We have to really look out for ourselves and for each other.

    This horrible tragedy is a sad and painful dose of reality.

  7. Zeke says

    Thanks for the kind words Jimmyboyo.

    PeterParker, my faith tells me to pray for the murderers and their families and I fully intend to do that in the near future. Unfortunately, the reality is, my human side needs a day or two to be outraged, unforgiving and vengeful before I allow my faith to kick in.

    Hopefully, SOMETHING good can come from this senseless tragedy. THAT is the only prayer I have in me now.

  8. em says

    It is so sad. I can only reinforce what others have said. Be careful when meeting people or even what you think is just one person. You CANNOT trust the internet 100%.

    I think it’s best to show restraint first time round and meet anyone by day, or at least in a well-lit, crowded area or club at night. Maybe take a friend who can shadow you for an hour without making it obvious. At least then someone knows you’re safe, or where you are and with who.

    I hope the rally does well. This sort of shit really needs to stop. But it will go on as long as people allow themselves to be too trusting on the net.

  9. mark m says

    Jimmy, excellent tips on empowerment. Victims are often chosen because they look as if they are distracted or not aware of their surroundings. I learned long ago to take inventory of my surroundings if I am alone and in a “sketchy” location, especially at night. And if you see a stranger approach, make direct eye contact… Make sure he realizes that you have noticed him and a glance back in his direction as he passes doesn’t hurt either.

    I’ve taken my fitness and weight lifting about as far as I can, so beinga big guy helps but I do want the serenity and peace of mind that martial arts can bring.

    God Bless Michael and his friends and family.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    Mark M

    Great point on eye contact.

    Also if anyone has the unfortunate experience of having to deal with attackers…if at any time before the actual attack you have the oppurtunity…….tell them your first name and ask theirs……it sounds goofy, BUT it creates in their mind the idea that you are a person and not just a thing. It is harder for people to attack someone they percieve as an actual person as vs a thing.

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