Mickey Rourke Okay with “Fag” Slurs

In a recent interview with New York’s Time Out magazine, once relevant Mickey Rourke recounted an incident reported on Page Six in which he was supposedly hassled by a drunk at a downtown restaurant. Obviously, Rourke has a few masculinity issues:


“That guy was screaming at the top of his lungs. Then he wants me to shake his hand. I said, ‘You’re drunk. I’m not gonna shake your hand.’ But he kept pressing the issue, so I told the owner, ‘If he touches me, I’m gonna punch him in his fuckin’ mouth.’ So the waiters tossed him out. He was really, really out of control—some big fuckin’ obnoxious fag. I don’t mean fag in a derogatory way—just like the guy was a jerk-off. Look, I’m not afraid to say the word fag. I’m not gonna walk on glass because maybe some dude is gonna be offended if I say the word fag. I’ve got plenty of gay friends. We toss the word around. If I wanna say fag, I’m gonna fuckin’ say it. And if somebody has a problem with that, they can kiss my fuckin’ ass!”

Pure class, as usual.

(via cityrag)


  1. CF says

    This train-wreck of a caricature of a washed up actor makes me laugh.

    Mickey, I saw you on the LES wearing a clingy pink v-neck sweater carrying a Tinkerbell dog.

    Pot, kettle, black much?

  2. GM says

    Look, I’m not afraid to say the words bloated and washed-up. I’m not gonna walk on glass because maybe some dude is gonna be offended if I say the words bloated and washed-up. I’ve got plenty of bloated and washed-up friends. We toss the word around. If I wanna say bloated and washed-up, I’m gonna fuckin’ say it. And if somebody has a problem with that, they can kiss my fuckin’ bloated and washed-up ass!

  3. says

    He should have gone to a ‘fag’ plastic surgeon. Then he would have gotten a decent face lift. jokes on you, Joan. I mean Mickey

  4. gabe says

    He and Axl Rose should both do a guest stint at Nip and Tuck. They could play siamese twins or something.

  5. Michael W. says

    Anon: If I’m not mistaken, his last movie was Sin City. Or in his case, Ugly as Sin City.

    By the way, all these comments are freakin’ hilarious!!! :)

  6. jason says

    Why attack his physical appearance…that’s all too easy.

    I don’t find his comments offensive. They aren’t coming from a bad place, in my opinion. I’d consider him to be someone that’s been immersed in gay culture (read: Hollywood) for so long, he’s hardly a homophobe.

  7. Maxwell. says

    I’m fairly certain the same guy harrassed me on the street. He was a jerk, but Mickey Rourke is still a loser.

  8. David says

    It is just a word and it wasn’t said not to be degrading. I have straight friends that say fag and I know they are just saying just to be funny. I think we give words like that way to much power. Same was the word nigger or the “n” word as it is referred to know. I am black and how many times has someone of my own race said that word to me. You can say but we say nigga but in the end it still means the same and so what.

  9. says

    indeed…hardly washed up..he works all the time, and frankly, he’s a very good actor.
    Funny to see how easily “fags” get offended, or probably just have the need to blurt out something bitchy.

  10. toto says

    The point is it doesnt make him look any more intelligent if he can’t use a term correctly. And being Mickey Rourke you can’t look like anything but the elephant man.

  11. Jeff says

    Love it! and so true! Calling someone a FAG doesn’t always have to be taken as a bad thing. Simply say Thanks! :)
    I think he’s right and good on him for saying what he thinks – we need more people saying what they think and not always so P C

  12. says

    years ago when he stumbled into LA gay bar The Abbey on a saturday afternoon, asking all the “fags” if they could hook him up with drugs, he was VERY comfortable with the gays. he’s an asshole.

  13. Nathan says

    First of all, I say the word “fag”, but I’m GAY and admit to it. Black people say the word “nigga”, but they are black, so they own it. When a white person says “nigger” it’s as offensive as when a straight person calls someone a “fag”. If Rourke is gay (and God, I hope he isn’t…) he can say fag all day for all I care… Otherwise, put a sock in it, Mickey.
    Second, if you ever wondered what the love child of Shelley Winters and a manatee would look like, wonder no more…

  14. 90sTwink says


    Don’t you remember cruising me in Palm Springs? I know it was nearly 20 years ago but I’m sure you still like suckin’ fag dick.

  15. just sayin' says

    Fashion Alert: You know you are in the presence of a TRUE Style Icon when someone uses his shades as hairband.

  16. superjosh says

    i dont find his use of the word “fag” offensive. it’s his attitude about it that completely despises me. the whole thing about people saying they’re not going to walk on eggshells because other people are hypersensitive is complete bullshit. it’s not about being PC. it’s about being a decent person. in any case, i hope he has that same attitude about the word “nigger” and chooses to express himself in east oakland. i dont think he’d mind walking on eggshells there.

  17. mickeymouse says

    aw, mickey rourke is a sweet mess. i bet he does have a lot of fag friends and im not in the least offended by that comment. at least he didnt punch the guy!!

  18. says