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Policeman Crowned Mr. Gay UK


"[Mark] Carter said his main reason for entering the competition was to 'change the public perception of the stereotypical gay man'."

Too late?

PC strips off uniform to become Mr Gay UK [daily mail]

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  1. He's got major gayface.

    Posted by: chrisb | Oct 2, 2006 1:42:54 PM

  2. Well, blowing the image in his being a cop is cool

    But, uhm.......he is cute and all,...but, uhmmmmm he sure does look gay. :-)

    He will not blow the steriotype in the way he thinks

    Posted by: jimmyboyo | Oct 2, 2006 2:00:38 PM

  3. A quote from the Daily MAil articel:

    "He is expected to have a year of personal appearances and photo shoots ahead of him after beating off 25 other contestants in the final..."

    I would have like to see THAT part of the contest. LOL

    Posted by: Patrick W. | Oct 2, 2006 2:02:26 PM

  4. His waxed chest and 8-pack abs are doing nothing to mainstream the gay image.

    Posted by: Rad | Oct 2, 2006 2:03:07 PM

  5. I thought the link to the other article was facinating...especially "He is expected to have a year of personal appearances and photo shoots ahead of him after beating off 25 other contestants in the final at Blackpool's Flamingo Club to win £5,000 worth of prizes." I would think that "beating off" 25 contestants would give him an unfair advatage. Maybe it is a different kind of "beating off"? I would not mind if he let me beat him off!

    Posted by: Roy | Oct 2, 2006 2:06:08 PM

  6. Um. That oicture is pretty much my stereotypical view of gay men. that said, he's damn yummy.

    Posted by: MT | Oct 2, 2006 2:13:13 PM

  7. You have to love the Brits! In the USA, he'd have been fired. In GB, his fellow officers show up to support him. And, you have to love the Brits use of language... "he beat off 25 other contestants". Those lucky, lucky men...!

    Posted by: Nathan | Oct 2, 2006 2:13:46 PM

  8. A shirtless man with an overabundance of hair products who is in a speedo while wearing a beauty pageant sash is going to change the public perception of the stereotpyical gay HOW exactly??

    Posted by: Charlie | Oct 2, 2006 2:14:59 PM

  9. At least he's not in leather.

    Or is this a qualifying event for International Mister Lady?

    Posted by: 24play | Oct 2, 2006 2:18:25 PM

  10. God Save The Queen. And Elizabeth, too.

    Posted by: Marco | Oct 2, 2006 2:33:11 PM

  11. Officer, I need to be restrained, frisked and cavity searched!

    Posted by: peterparker | Oct 2, 2006 2:33:34 PM

  12. Compared to some of the reactionary narrow-minded bilge that is printed in the Daily Mail, the article and the reader comments are actually quite restrained.

    Posted by: Leo | Oct 2, 2006 2:59:00 PM

  13. 50 officers went to cheer him on in the final? A fine example of respect for minority communities from an often maligned institution. The UK should be proud of its progressive attitudes. In most countries this would have cost him his job.

    Posted by: MIKE | Oct 2, 2006 3:15:00 PM

  14. LOL.....he had to beat off 25 people.....LOL

    Posted by: Butch | Oct 2, 2006 3:20:47 PM

  15. Leo, I thought the readers comments in the Mail were depressing and annoying as hell. Mind you, I shouldn't be surprised; it is the Mail after all...

    Posted by: cypher | Oct 2, 2006 7:15:25 PM

  16. Perhaps it's just that picture?

    Posted by: Neil | Oct 2, 2006 9:24:28 PM

  17. Yeah, the public sees nothing gay about a muscleboy in a speedo wearing a sash.

    Posted by: Jimmy Jimmereeno | Oct 3, 2006 1:42:19 AM

  18. Now where did i put those hand cuffs again....

    Posted by: steve | Oct 3, 2006 3:39:13 AM

  19. Cypher - Having read more of the comments, I see what you mean. However, many comments on the Daily Mail website are spoof comments by readers of

    Posted by: Leo | Oct 3, 2006 3:10:06 PM

  20. I think the point is he is not GOING to spend much time during his working day half-naked and covered in oil (shame). The fact he's a working PC and will continue presumably to be so is the issue, not what he is or is not wearing or whether he has 'gayface' (which is in the eye of the beholder anyway).

    Posted by: EM | Oct 9, 2006 1:16:19 PM

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