Senator George Allen’s Staffers Rough Up Blogger

Staffers for Virginia Senator George Allen, who is running a contentious campaign against Democrat Jim Webb, assaulted blogger Mike Stark today, placing him in a chokehold and pushing him to the floor, after Stark allegedly asked the Senator if he “spit on his first wife.”

Allen was leaving a speaking event at a hotel in Charlottesville when asked the question. Why was he attacked? According to AmericaBlog, “Mike Stark, a UVA law student and former US Marine, asked a question about a story that’s been discussed for a while now, but the media has yet to report: Why Virginia Senator George Allen has sealed his divorce records and won’t explain why there were warrants out for his arrest in the 1970s? There have been rumors that the divorce records included details of Allen’s treatment of his wife, including a rumor that Allen spit on his former wife.”

When asked for comment on the incident from a CNN affiliate, Allen reportedly replied, “Things like that happen.”

Speaking of the sanctity of marriages, Virginia is another state with a proposed ban on same-sex marriage on the ballot this November 7. Allen recently spoke at a rally and reiterated his commitment to protecting marriage (except for the one to his former wife). Said Allen (sometimes known as the “bigots’ bitch”): “There is a clear difference here between me and my opponent – I support protecting marriage from judges who do not understand their role: to interpret the law, not invent the law. My opponent does not. My opponent says that this amendment would infringe upon the rights of ordinary Virginians, and he opposes it. This amendment does exactly what it says it does; it defines marriage as being between one man and one woman, and I’m for marriage between a man and a woman while my opponent is against it.”


  1. says

    Hard to believe his staffers would react so vehemently and violently if the “rumors” were untrue…

    Yeah marriage hypocrisy! Wonder what Jesus would say? Something about a timber in your eye…?

  2. Cory says

    This is serendipity. The Republikkklan empire is crumbling from its own hypocrisy, tyrrany and hatred. The winds of change are blowing and they’re taking this horrid administration with it and all its conservative, Republikkklan trash…

  3. jimmyboyo says

    The Allen campaign is desperate, 4 new polls all show Webb leading/beating Allen by 4%-6%

    Retired 4 star General Wesley Clark and Michael J Fox will be campaigning with Jim Webb on November 2nd.

    Which provides a great moment to pimp Clark

    Retired 4 star General Wesley Clark is a friend of the gay community unlike hillary and Obama he will NOT compromise on our rights

    Homosexuality is not a sin. (Sep 2003)
    Gays deserve the same rights as everyone else. (Nov 2003)
    Same sex couples should have same rights as heterosexuals. (Nov 2003)
    Equal opportunity for homosexuals in armed forces. (Nov 2003
    Strong enforcement of Civil Rights Act including hate crimes. (Nov 2003)

    Retired 4 star General Wesley Clark should be the progressive gay dem’s candidate in the primaries unless you wish to compromise our rights just for the sake of power

    It also doesn’t hurt that for an older guy he is cute.

  4. Anon says

    Divorce papers are often sealed because both sides have settled the case through negotiation. The blogger I guess could press charges. Webb is no friend of women or gays, but Allen is a first class panderer setting up to run in ’08.

    Clark is cute?

  5. Cory says

    You know, I’m very alarmed and worried. I’ve been reading some of the comments on youtube regarding Lynn Cheney’s interview, etc. and I can not believe the Republikkklan nut jobs. If people really think this way, really honestly believe that the war is good or that liberals are Satan and that abortion is killing or stem cell research is against the laws of God or homosexuals shouldn’t marry or don’t deserve rights or that liberal media wants the US to lose the war in Iraq or that CNN is Al Jezeera and thus Al Quida or that Intelligent Design over Darwinism – my point being that ignorance is a disease influenced by fear and hatred. More alarmingly is the lack of separation of church and state, it is okay to believe what you want but the hate and loathing by these religious fanatics is frightening. All these issues – abortion, homophobia, war, ALL are influenced by this fantasy that god created the world in seven days. It’s absurd.

  6. bob says

    Looks like a little fun roughhousing to me. People shouldn’t get too worked up about, it’s nothing worse that hazing in a fraternity or what our soldiers did in Abu Grahib. You Dems need to laugh a little !!!!

  7. jimmyboyo says


    you forgot the whole statement

    For an older guy

    yes clark is cute for an older guy

    he beats mccain and guilliani in the looks department

    He beats kerry and hillary and possibly obama in the looks department.

    Sad as it might be, looks are a huge factor in elections.

    Robert, even if they were only supporters and not staffers with their blatant Allen stickers and pins……please explain Allen’s remark. Allen should have condemned what happened instantly.

  8. jimmyboyo says


    I forgot to mention Romney. Romney is the possible repub “Looker” candidate (for an older guy)

    BUT!!! the base who hates us hate mormons just as much. Fundies still preach that mormons worship a different jesus, have a different bible, are a cult, and not christians so Romney will never get the Repub nomination. The base would rahter vote McCain panderer to the fundies or even Guilliani friend of gays than vote for a mormon. As a former fundie myself years ago…..fundies despise mormonism more than they ever despised catholics

  9. Leland says

    I realize that my often strident tone confuses some gentler people, but it is stories like this that demonstrate so vividly what is often at the core of my anger: the vulnerability we all share because so many, being such good souls themselves, cannot accept what ruthless thugs so many of our enemies are. “Enemies” is no metaphor. While the greater number of homophobic Americans simply need educated, there is a sizable number who hate us as vehemently as members of the White Citizens Council and the KKK hate[d] Blacks, German Nazis hated Jews, etc. Although the incident here did not involve LGBT rights as such, it did involve a poster boy for those kinds of Neanderthals, white collar and blue, who viscerally hate others and will resort to violence when they feel challenged. We turn the other cheek and refuse to see them at our collective peril.

  10. jimmyboyo says

    good point leland

    and for any who care

    ABC news reported tonight that they project a AT LEAST 50 seat (only need 15)takeover in the house and AT LEAST 7 (only need 6)seat take over in the senate


    ABC who delivered “Path to 9/11″ so they are not friends of dems.


    The blue wave turned into a blue tsunami and now if ABC is anywhere near correct it has turned into a blue remake of reality itself.

  11. Zeke says

    Leland, I’m pretty sure that I’m one of the confused gentle souls to which your comment was referring. If you knew me better you would know that I am a peacemaker and gentle soul only under certain circumstances and only up to a point. When I am lied to, disrespected, taken advantage of or personally attacked (verbally or physically) or when anyone disrespects, takes advantage of or attacks my family, my friends or my community, very quickly become anything but kind and gentle. Let there be no confusion about that.

    For the record; if those Allen supporting thugs had laid one hand on me they would have spent the rest of the day finding and collecting their teeth and sorting out which tooth belonged to which thug. The gentleman that was attacked was a hell of a lot more diplomatic and restrained than I ever would have been.

    The only time I have taken issue with you is when you’ve launched ad hominem (personal) attacks and personal insults against ALLIES who were engaged in a civil discussion about an issue but who were approaching the subject from an angle or perspective that you found unacceptable (i.e. conservatives like Pompeius and RB). You are not the only person here, liberal or conservative, that I’ve challenged on this.

    I also took issue with your portraying newly out allies as enemies of our community simply because they weren’t as far along on their personal journey of self-improvement as you would hope or they were not improving as quickly as, or in the specific way that, you would wish (i.e. Lance Bass and Jim McGreevy).

    I hope you can see the difference between the “ENEMY” status of antigay politicians, preachers, etc. and those ALLIES for whom I’ve asked you to show a bit more understanding. I think it’s important that we understand who our REAL enemies are so that we don’t waste our time and energy destroying allies because they are imperfect or because we have differences of opinion with them over political ideology and which strategies are most effective in promoting social awareness and achieving civil equality.

    I have a long list of people who I feel are true enemies of our community: David Drier, Rick Santorum, Harold Ford Jr., Tony Perkins, Pat Robertson, Peter LaBarbara, Louis Farakan, Marilyn Musgrave and Bernice King, just to name a few. You’ll notice that, like our allies, our enemies come in different races, sexes, religions, political affiliations and sexual orientations. They even come from families with impeccable civil rights records.

    I assure you, am fully aware of who our enemies are and I will never overlook or turn the other cheek to a person who is a threat to me, my family, my friends, my country or my community. I’ll be more than happy to join you in the trenches where we’ll fight our REAL enemies, side by side, with every rhetorical weapon available to us. I just won’t join you in fighting our allies over differences of opinion because I see that as a dangerous distraction from, and is counterproductive to, the real fight against those who would actually do us harm. There is no confusion in my mind about that.

    Hopefully that clears up any confusion about my willingness to fight and get down and dirty when I feel it is appropriate. There’s still plenty of scrap left in this Mississippi redneck Marine, my friend.

    Leland, you are STILL one of my absolute favorite voices here. I hope you will continue to bring your unique passion, intellect and articulation to the discussions here in spite of my occasional personal disagreements with your style.

  12. says

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  13. JT says

    Leland: Whenever you correct my grammar, you hurt me. I’m not a gentle soul either but I would ask that ad hominem attacks be limited to those of us whom you know. Like Zeke…it’s ok to call Zeke names.

    My dear, the word “enemies” may be too mild to describe the hatred some people feel toward us. Latin has several words for “enemy” depending on the context. One of the words refers to public enemies who deserve execution. That is what we are to the hate-filled. The civil rights movement forced the hate-filled to concentrate most of their focus on two unfortunate groups…us, the gay and lesbian population, seeking to have full inclusion in the greater society, and women, exercising their rights to control what happens to their bodies. I would argue, in fact, that the hatred vented against us is greater than that focused on pro-choice advocates. The difference is that abortion isn’t a perversion, so it’s the action that is the problem not the person.

    Voices of condemnation against the hate-filled ought to be raised in anger. Righteous anger is always a virtue. Snarkiness ain’t.

    Your wit, good Leland, and your intellect and knowledge of Reichen’s private life are sacred gifts that you must use for good. Using those gifts to hurt those who are not hate-filled causes karmic imbalance.

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