Stoned Behind the Wheel: George Michael Rides Again

George Michael has been found by police slumped in a car in a cannabis haze, for the third time in eight months:

Mercedes_1“His latest scrape came just after 3.20am yesterday. Police received calls about a car causing an obstruction at the junction of Cricklewood Lane with Hendon Way, North West London. They found the “Careless Whisper” singer’s Mercedes stationary at the lights. A source said: ‘An officer saw George slumped in his seat in a semi-conscious state. He was helped out of the car and an ambulance was called because there were real concerns for him.’ A small amount of cannabis was found on George.”

Michael_concertThere was optimism that Michael had begun to escape the negative attention lavished upon him after the aforementioned incidents as he opened his first concert tour in 20 years last week.

That concert featured a brash political statement involving a British bulldog fellating American President George Bush.

George must return to court on November 20 to see if he will face charges.

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  1. says

    George is turning into the gay Paris Hilton. More popular for what he is caught doing than for anything else. This man needs to get his act together. And yet it is so tragic that one can’t help looking.

  2. Brian says

    People who can’t hold their smoke should stay home and have the pizza delivered. Why do I have to be the voice of reason all the time? Common sense, people.

  3. says

    Really, George?

    Cruising is one thing. It’s arguably legit to say “I cruise and so do many other gay men and it’s a private matter.” The “leave me alone and let me live my life!” line doesn’t really work when you pass out from illicit drugs in the middle of the road.

  4. Pompeius says

    I’m not a particularly religious person, but I’m at the point now where I want to say a prayer everyday for George Michael to just spontaneously combust.

  5. Cory says

    Seriously? … Seriously? … Pot doesn’t make you pass out spontaneously, GHB on the other hand… This boy is a mess. Any one with a brain would have checked themselves into a rehab clinic a long time ago, and not started a world tour at the low point of their life/career. If I were his PR people (thankfully I am not) I’d jump ship before this titanic sings a tune it can’t carry…

  6. Pablo says

    yes, it doesn’t look good; but the concerts in BCN & MAD were fantastic. Great fun, funky sometimes, very emotional some other & very “out & proud” all the time.

  7. hoya86 says

    not clear to me how crusing in public place is a private thing – but whatever.

    why doesn’t anyone who cares about this guy, get him some help? if ben affleck, robin williams (who apparently is off the wagon again) and countless others can face thier issues, he can to. where is the bf/fiance? shopping?

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