Timbaland: Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” is a Really Gay Track

Sexyback_1Hip-hop producer Timbaland tells Blender magazine that listening to Justin Timberlake’s track SexyBack can make a man question his sexuality. (After all, look what happened after Timberlake sent a demo to one of his former bandmates.)

Said Timbaland:

“Some people listen to a song like ‘SexyBack’ and think, am I queer? Am I funny? If you are that way, you’re just that way. But if you’re a masculine man, embrace it. Have a glass of wine, put the record on and invite your girl over to get sexy.”

So basically, if liking the sound of Justin’s falsetto threatens your masculinity, drink heavily and screw a woman to affirm it.

However, perhaps the ultimate question when listening to “SexyBack” should concern not your sexuality but your taste.

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