Timbaland: Justin Timberlake’s “SexyBack” is a Really Gay Track

Sexyback_1Hip-hop producer Timbaland tells Blender magazine that listening to Justin Timberlake’s track SexyBack can make a man question his sexuality. (After all, look what happened after Timberlake sent a demo to one of his former bandmates.)

Said Timbaland:

“Some people listen to a song like ‘SexyBack’ and think, am I queer? Am I funny? If you are that way, you’re just that way. But if you’re a masculine man, embrace it. Have a glass of wine, put the record on and invite your girl over to get sexy.”

So basically, if liking the sound of Justin’s falsetto threatens your masculinity, drink heavily and screw a woman to affirm it.

However, perhaps the ultimate question when listening to “SexyBack” should concern not your sexuality but your taste.

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  1. Zeke says

    “…am I queer? Am I funny? If you are that way, you’re just that way. BUT IF YOU’RE A MASCULINE MAN…”

    Here we f*ckin go again. When will people ever learn that homosexuality and masculinity are two totally different things and they ARE NOT mutually exclusive of each other?

    For the record, this funny, queer, Mississippi redneck makes Justin Timberlake look like a cover model for Ladies Home Journal; and I don’t need a drink or a woman to do it.

  2. Kurt says


    The simmering editorial tone is welcomed & appreciated!

    I wouldn’t listen to a Justin Timberlake song with someone else’s ears. But then again, I’m not an 11 year old girl.

  3. Timothy says

    Did Timbaland really say that? Shame on him. Most hip-hop is really quite retarded when it comes to musical values. Sophmoric & moronic rhyming, the most pedestrian rhythmic figures and harmonic language. Truly dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants: James Brown, Motown, P-Funk, Sly & the Mississippi Delta etc.

  4. James says


    My first post! My goodness, I’ve been reading for a while, too.


    I just read BLENDER yesterday, actually. You see, the people who used to live at my apartment forgot to cancel their subscriptions to Blender and MAXIM, so I read both now. It’s weird, I know, but entirely entertaining. I’m actually really impressed with BLENDER…


    Timbaland was asked by a fan if it felt funny to be telling Justin in a song to “get his sexy on”. Timbaland replied with that quote that was pulled.

    I think he should be given more credit. Comparing him to the hip-hop and R&B vanilla you hear drifting in and out of the Top 40 shows that you’re likely not a fan of urban music to begin with.

    SexyBack is hardly hip-hop, by the way.

  5. wtf says

    Everything Justin does is really gay. But unfortunately that is not always a good thing. As most homos know, straight people don’t refer to things as being gay, and mean that as a compliment. Justin’s gay music and videos usually suck!

  6. says

    Someone needs to inform Justin that sexy never left. Not sure what makes him think he’d be the person to bring it back anyway. I’m glad I’m not the only one who hates that song.

  7. Leo says

    i don’t understand the whole justin timberlake phenomenon.

    his last album was good- the writing on the new album lacks wit, is generic and the main good points come from the production…which come from other people. oh well, maybe it’s just me.

    and i don’t know a straight man whose ever felt “gay” while listening to sexy back…it’s not that sexy of a song…but its fun.


  8. says

    When he was with that boy band, I didn’t think he was at all attractive even though my daughters were swooning over him. It wasn’t until this release that I have obtained any appreciation for him. I love “Sexy Back” and I don’t know why anyone would think it gay or straight to be quite honest. I just think it is a catchy song with a good beat and it makes me wanna fuck!

  9. steve says

    “Some people listen to a song like ‘SexyBack’ and think, am I queer? Am I funny?”

    funny??? as in sense of humour??? I don’t get it.

    Besides anytime i see a music video with Justin and Timbaland i always get the impression that THEY are in fact gay and having it on with eachother

    and finally, Justin lacks both in looks and talent.

  10. Leland says

    “funny” is just one of many Ghetto Trash expressions for gays. Though I do appreciate Timbaland demonstrating once again that no one outside of the gay ghetto got the memo proclaiming that “queer no longer equals faggot; the Q-word no longer equals the N-word.” Sorry, children, it does. And, as long as we’re on the subject of hate language, Andy, please reconsider continuing to accept money from advertiser DList.com: “like myspace for FAGS”! Thanks.

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