1. Glenn says

    While it’s certainly true that nobody can replace Divine, Harvey did a great job on Broadway. Like others, I’m thinking Travolta, not so much. But I’ll try to keep an open mind.

  2. Mark says

    I have to disagree – I think this looks hysterical.
    And remember, he is actually a talented singer.
    I’ve said it before, Best Supporting nomination coming his way…besides, these days if you fart in a musical you generate Oscar buzz (Dreamgirls for eg.)

  3. Cory says

    Hmmm, I don’t know about him either. I am trying to keep an open mind however I liked Bruce Vilanch as Edna Turnblad (and I’m not even a fan of musicals). Time will tell…

  4. says

    Loved the John Waters movie. The Broadway musical (saw it with Harvey as Edna) not so much. Most of the “attitude” was gone/watered down for Broadway. I have a feeling this movie version will be even more watered down than the stage version. And John does look scary!

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