Anticipating Presidential Run, Mitt Romney Stages Anti-Gay Marriage Rally

MittromneyStanding before a giant American flag while loudspeakers blasted John Philip Sousa’s Stars and Stripes Forever, Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney staged a publicity stunt for his anticipated presidential run by beating the old tired drum of discrimination, telling supporters he would ask the state’s Supreme Judicial Court to order an anti-gay marriage amendment onto the ballot should legislators fail to vote on it when they reconvene in January, which is highly unlikely.

Earlier this month, opponents of gay marriage were dealt what was called a “fatal blow” after lawmakers voted to push a constitutional convention to the last day of the legislative session on January 2nd, effectively killing a vote on the proposed anti-gay amendment.

MarriageSaid Romney: “The constitution quite plainly states that when a qualified petition is placed before them, the Legislature ‘shall vote.’ It does not say ‘may vote,’ or vote if procedures permit a vote, or vote if there are enough of the members in the chamber. It says, ‘shall vote.’…A decision not to vote is a decision to usurp the Constitution, to abandon democracy and substitute a form of what this nation’s founders called tyranny, that is, the imposition of the will of those in power, on the people. The issue now before us is not whether same-sex couples should marry. The issue before us today is whether 109 legislators will follow the Constitution.”

Mark Solomon, campign director for Mass Equality, disagreed: “One of the tenets of the Constitution is that you do not put the rights of a minority up for a popularity contest. It is one of the very principles this country was founded upon. Gov. Romney is trying to divide Massachusetts and use this issue as a device to run for president.”

Romney does not have legal authority to call lawmakers back into session.

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  1. says

    Most of us in Massachusetts can’t WAIT to see the last of Romney when he leaves the governorship in January. He’s done nothing but insult us and ridicule Massachusetts when he goes around the country whoring for presidential votes.

    Throughout the entire history of gay marriage here, he’s been like a dog with a bone, calling for “the popular vote” when the popular sentiment is as clear as the hair grease in his over slicked-back “do.”

    Other than to use us as a springboard to national office, I have no idea why being governor here appealed to him in the slightest. He clearly has contempt for Massachusetts and all it stands for, and he refuses to accept that his obsessive campaign to turn this state into a Mormon fundamentalist theocracy has been resoundingly rejected by people with more brains, heart and ethics than he’ll ever have.

  2. mark m says

    Someone with a better understanding of history and law please explain to me why in this day “popular vote” can easily overturn the state’s laws and why State’s Rights seem to scare the Supreme Court of the United States.

    If Segregation were left up to the popular vote in the last century then blacks would still be marginalized. The Supreme Court struck down Segregation, so no State could decide for itself and no majority vote could keep the races separate.

    Someone please explain why today things are so different when it comes to marriage benefits, because in that sense of the law, we are most definitely segregated.

  3. jimmyboyo says

    This is just for his presidential run. What he needs to realize is that he will never ever get the nomination.

    Evagelicals to this day, from Southern Baptists to the pentecostal churches like The Assemblies of God, still preach from the pulpit that Mormonism is a cult. Evagelical christian book stores are full of anti-mormon books and supposed documentaries.

    Evangelicals who think catholics are heretics and idol worshipers at least think catholics are christian. They view mormons though as worshipers of a different jesus, have a different bible, and is a totaly different religion.

    They will never accept him no matter how much he disses us gays.

  4. Leland says

    I contend that all religions are cults. Regardless, don’t underestimate the ability of the various tribes that make up the American Taliban to abide differences between themselves to join together to fight a “common enemy.” They have already done a great deal of that vis-a-vis gays and abortion rights. Dyed in the polyester pentecostals and evangelicals have taught for decades that theirs is the only true path to “salvation,” and the belief that Catholicism is a false religion [“they worship Mary”; “they follow the Pope’s orders not God’s”] is older, broader, and deeper than the opposition to Mormonism which was a virtually out-of-the-blue crusade started in the 60s by one prematurely white haired preacher.

    The election—after a vicious anti-Catholic campaign—of John Kennedy broke the proverbial ceiling for Catholic politicians in non-Catholic arenas, but the hostility to the religion itself persists in the farther corners of the more conservative denominations. Yet, to paraphrase Shakespeare, they all proved that they didn’t love their “one true religion” beliefs less but their hatred of gays and abortion more. Side-by-side, from picket lines to precinct walking, they have rabidly fought us with as much fervor as the US and the USSR fought Germany and Japan together. Both knew that they could go back to hating and fighting each other after defeating their common enemies.

    I’m confidant the same will be true with Romney. The candidate who best articulates their shared agenda, as it is for all of us, will get their support. The unknown is how far right those who control the RNC believe they have to go in [or retreat] to put up a viable candidate. For the American Taliban, religion is their politics. For the Rovites, politics is their religion.

  5. jeff says

    Anon, let the record show that Mormons do not espouse polygamy anymore and abandoned it over a century ago. It’s the (unsanctioned) splinter sects that still pratice multiple spouses.

  6. JT says

    I’m not certain that fundamentalists dislike Catholics more than Mormons. The amazing thing about hatred, though, is that it can unite the hate-filled and that’s what has happened with the evil union of Catholics, evangelicals, radical Muslims, and Orthodox Jews who feel that gays are abominations.

    They will unite to destroy the mutually hated (that’s be us and pro-choice advocates) and then turn on each other and dash their babies against the rocks (to paraphrase the psalm).

    Sure, Gov.Romney thinks he can wage a viable campaign for the Presidency. I tend to think that prejudice against his cult will stop him in his tracks. But, regardless, his voice of intolerance will be heard. And, if he is even remotely correct about the Massachusetts constitution, then he might have a point and that could bite our Massachusetts brothers and sisters.

  7. patrick nyc says

    The only silver lining with that ahole Romney is that it will push the other canidates further to the right, which will get them the nomination, but loose the general election. Just like the good that Pat Robertson did with the ‘Moral Majority’. He went around the country and had his churches run canidates for both the school boards and as delagates for the GOP.

    No one will win the nomination without being right wing, or sounding like one, as did Bush 2, but cost Bush 1. I still feel the only reason GWB won was because both Gore and Kerry had no spine. Neither stood up to him and Rove, and tried so hard to win over the right, which was pointless.

    Kerry seems to be on the same again, as was seen with his delay in responding to the attacks on his lame joke. They both had too many handlers and not enough courage to stand up for what they believed was right.

    While I hate Romney as much as any person with a conscience should, he will not get the nomination.

  8. Daniel says

    Mormons don’t practice polygamy–they made it illegal so Utah could become a state, but they still believe it will be practiced once Jesus returns and defend it amongst themselves. They don’t advertise this but I heard it all the time growing up. (I was raised Mormon).

  9. jimmyboyo says


    I have to disagree.

    Evangelical book stores are stoked with more anti-mormon books than anti-gay books . They actualy hate mormons more than they hate us. We just haven’t seen it in the MSM, but we will once Romney actualy announces. Evangelicals aknowledge that Catholics, though idolaters and such, do have the same jesus as they do. They honestly think Mormons have a totaly different jesus (partly based on mormonism’s belief that Lucifer and jesus were brothers…..which makes for a totaly different jesus)

    Heck, I believe the evangelicals would vote for a gay christian before they ever voted for a mormon.

    On the polygamy thing. I am an atheist, but I do respect mormons for 1 thing about their religion over all others. They allow for “new revelations”. They once said god ordered polygamy, they then had a new revelation that polygamy was a sin. They once preached that blacks were not allowed to join the mormon church, but had a new revelation which allowed for it. I honestly think that if any large religion is ever going to accept gays, it will be the mormons first. Once they realize that gay money and numbers can boost them up, they will have a “new revelation” allowing for us to be non “sinners”. Their religion ,though foolish like all religions, does allow for adaptability/ fluidity….it can change to accomadate the advancement of society. Their having the book of mormon which superscedes the bible, allows for ignoring some of the most anti-gay stuff in the bible.

    One day I envision mormons being one of our strongest supporters on gay marriage. Maybe it is just the ravings of a mad man (me). In this crazy world, who knows…..

  10. Leland says

    Agree mostly with you Patrick. But I am still of that school that believes that the only place that Bush indisputably “won” in 2000 was at the Supreme Court. That was made possible, in part, by Gore’s failure to fight for a full, statewide Florida recount which, according to some post election analysis, would have shown him the winner, versus the type of partial recount he did temporarily pursue which, ironically, according to the same analysis, would have shown less votes for him. In any case,

    Kerry was the bigger wimp of the two by not just failing to verbally defend himself against the Swiftboaters but by not literally kicking down the door of their offices and calling them out. And his failure to do the same the week before this election when the Repugs, including the Now Officially Certified Slimeball John McCain, his “friend,” misrepresented his comment about the troops proves that testicles do not descend after a certain age. I hate what they did but I’m glad if it finally knocked out of him his obvious intention to run again.

    Along with suggesting the books analyzing the 2000 election by Dershowitz and Toobin, I would again urge everyone to read David Brock’s “Blinded by the Right” for a detailed expose of the ruthlessness of the Right in the previous 15 years from the White House to Ken Starr to Repug-appointed federal judges down to Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. If you think you already “get” how far they will go, how low they will stoop, his now-repentant insider’s view will make your eyes bulge and your blood boil. Having gotten the shit kicked out of them two weeks ago after using every weapon against their opponents but literal ones, expect 2008 to be dirtier than any election since the darkest days of Nixon.

  11. Anon says

    It’s amazing that the LDS church has not received more study from anthropologists since it does represent a good case study for the development of new religions. The US has spawned dozens of new Protestant religions and non-christian religions over the past 200 years, the two most important being the LDS and Scientology. We have lost a lot of native religions and the Shakers have nearly disappeared. We’ve also been fertile ground for European religious minorities such as the Mennonites, Quakers and the Amish. What seems to make a religion successful in the US is its ability to raise money and attract adherents through a variety of means: charismatic leadership, orthodox and reactionary dogma combined with a certain flair for hypocrisy and a fondness for political activism.

    One has to wonder what Islamic scholars would make of the Book of Mormon? Surely this would be seen as a great heresy since Mohammed is considered the final prophet of God to his people and the Koran the final revelation.

  12. Leland says

    Sorry, Jimmy, I still disagree while respecting your opinion. While modern anti-Mormonism has grown tremendously among SOME evangelicals [and is more “theological” than 19th century opposition which was often more motivated by economic and political power struggles], neither side is as viscerally freaked out about the other’s religion as they are about homosexuality. I’m unaware of any history of Mormons, especially at BYU, using electro shock and emetic shock “therapy” to “cure” anyone of being an anti-Mormon. I can imagine few instances where an Assembly of God teenager might say, “Mom, Dad, I think I’m a Mormon.” and that traumatize them as much as him saying, “I think I’m gay.” There is no scripture, e.g., “Thou shalt not lie with Mormons, as with evangelicals: it is abomination,” they can so easily cherry pick to justify their homohatred, though the core beliefs of modern anti-Mormons involve interpretations of demonic influence. However well-published this sect within a sect might be, I am still convinced from having grown up among evangelicals that were they collectively presented with the question, “Which do you fear most: homosexuals or Mormons?” we, so to speak, would come out on top.

    As for Mormons having another one of their practical “revelations” re gays, I can see them MAYBE in another decade becoming more “tolerant,” e.g., no longer excommunicating gays period, but allowing continued membership for CELIBATE gays. But, given their emphasis on hetero-marriage with reproduction that is far more problematic for them than evangelicals.

  13. jimmyboyo says

    Leleand, All good points.

    I on the other hand think an evangelical would much more likely tolerate a gay son as vs one who converted to mormonism. Maybe my view is based partly on 1/2 my family being mormons and the stories they have told me. 1/2 my family is catholic, the other half is mormon, and I am gay…LOL The evangelicals would probably think I was the anti-christ himself come up to get them all. LOL Boogety Boo

    Anon….the shakers problem was that they didn’t believe in procreation. The fastest way to die out as a religion is to discourgae your people from having babies. Scientology will be having the same problem in another 10+ yrs . Scientology believes that producing babies is bad because it causes souls to be trapped in a body (I personaly love bodies….LOL) One could argue that catholicism survived 2,000 years and outlasted the pagans they met because they outbred them (besides hacking them to pieces with the sword).

    On the islamic view of mormonism, I don’t think they would even get to the point to be offended by Joseph Smith being another prophet after the final prophet mohamed. Mormon belief of god actualy procreating (an actual physical divine penis inserted into a human vagina) with mary to produce jesus would be seen as even worse than the catholic/protestant view of jesus being the eternal son of god and said deity willing a body into being in the womb of mary to house said eternal spiritual son. They can not and will not ever accept Allah (arabic contraction of Al Ilah The God) having a son

    Anyway; I love the south park joke that only mormons go to heaven. LOL Everybody else goes to hell. The irony being that mromonism doesn’t even have a hell. Just 3 heavens. hitler and his ilk go to the lowest heaven, the middle heaven is for all non evil non mormons, and the top most best heaven is for good mormons. i think someone should do a study on meaness/ hate in christianity and the having a hell in one’s religion. mormons tend to be much much nicer people than evangelicals. I personaly think this has a lot to do with mormons not having a hell fire and brimstone view of the afterlife and judgement of others.

  14. Anon says

    Jimmy: Thanks for the info, though I was referring to success here in the USA, not worldwide. I don’t see scientology dying out anytime soon. Can’t say I’ve met too many Mormons.

  15. Leland says

    I have known some incredibly nice Mormons. It was really hard to reconcile their closed minds with their kindness. And, alas, I never did have the pleasure of ripping off their “temple garments.” :-)

    There was a revealing and heartbreaking 2002 “Point of View” documentary on PBS called “The Smith Family” about three years in the lives of a once closeted gay Mormon with a wife and two sons in Salt Lake City. He had been sleeping with men, caught AIDS, and dies within the course of the filming, but not before having infected her. One might think his wife and sons would have hated him for this, but they didn’t. She became his caretaker as he deteriorated, his son’s carried him up and down the stairs, and the older son was allowed to leave his “mission” in Mexico to return to Utah to attend his Dad’s funeral. In addition, the younger son started questioning his faith when they disfellowshipped his Dad for being gay [or bi]. One of the final scenes shows the wife/mother putting away her late husband’s clothes and she begins to sob into one of his shirts. I don’t know if anyone has ever questioned the authenticity of the entwined shirts in Brokeback, but if they did I would point them toward that real life, real love scene.

  16. jimmyboyo says

    hmmm success in ametriCA

    The ability of a religion to bring money and pwer to certain elites

    shakers, quakers, menonites all tend towards a monetarily impoverished class of people. Though one could argue the organic a food, fresh air, etc makes for a different sort of wealth for them.

    Mormons tend towards being super strict on the whole 10% giving thing and helping out one’s fellow mormons. I think this tends to rank them on the middle tier of concentrated wealth.

    evangelicals and catholics tend towards a concentration of wealth and power amongst the leadership which allies them when the wealthy and pwerful in the buisness world.

    Maybe that has something to do with success of religions in america. those that become allied via wealth and power with the coporatists and politicans are the ones that are the most succesful

  17. jimmyboyo says

    sorry for my typos

    Leland, wow…cool/sad story.

    Though mromons look dorky in the short sleeve white shirts and ties, they are truly some of the nicest people I have ever met. I would prefer them to not be so closed minded about us gays, which like you leland I find hard to reconcile with their genuine niceness (as compared to evangelicals)

  18. Daniel says

    They may be “nicer” than evangelicals but I would say they are more “pleasant” or “cordial” than nice. There are exceptions, but I’ve found–especially in Utah they tend to ostrasize those who are not Mormons or who don’t fit in (even if they do it with a pleasant expression). They’ll let the door slam in your face, they won’t let you in the lane on the freeway, and they won’t give a homeless person outside the temple gates money to get a room for the night or a bus ticket.

  19. patrick nyc says

    Leland I sit corrected. I agree 100% that the GOP stole the race in 2000, I used the term win meaning the prick got in.

    Also don’t forget that if Gore was not trying so hard to get away from Clinton and sounding like a conservative, maybe he would have won his own state.

  20. Leland says

    Sorry I misunderstood, Patrick. I’ve always wondered what would have happened if Gore had said, “Fuck you, Clinton haters! He was totally irresponsible privately, but that’s between him and Hillary and his conscience. I’ve been a Senator, VP, and served in Vietnam. Bring on your piss ant, business failure, who couldn’t even complete his stateside National Guard duty that he used to get OUT of going to Vietnam.” Bush probably got the sweats finally having to go there. Too bad we couldn’t have a little deja vu drama and he wake up this morning and the war is still raging and bullets are flying through his hotel window. “Daaaaddddddyyyyy!!!! Get me outa harh!!!!!”

    Again, I urge everyone to read “Blinded by the Right” for its mindboggling details about how absolutely rat fuck INSANE the Right Wing was about the Clintons. I remember hearing a little bit at the time about accusations that the Clintons had Vince Foster KILLED [Indiana congressloon Dan Burton invited the press to watch him shoot holes into a watermelon to prove that Foster’s wounds could not have been self-inflicted!!!], and were, allegedly using military aircraft to run a huge drug smuggling operation from the White House out of Arkansas but, I guess, unless one read Rightest propaganda organs [American Spectator, Weekly Standard, National Review, Commentary, the Washington Times, the Wall Street Journal editorial page], listened to Rush and the other neo-Nazi shit suckers, etc., one had no real grasp of the entire subculture that was devoted to destroying them. Despite looking the other way about his homosexuality as long as Brock played their tunes, it was his “failure” to crucify Hillary in “The Seduction of Hillary Rodham” that they had poured every drop of real and mostly made up poison into, the way he had slimed Anita Hill, that got him excommunicated.

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