News: Foley Damage Control, Brazil Motels, Nancy Boy Survivor

road.jpg Attorney General: Gay couples married in Massachusetts may file joint tax returns in Washington D.C., but city’s tax and revenue office may reject them: “The unexpected move by Attorney General Robert J. Spagnoletti places new pressure on Mayor Anthony A. Williams (D) to decide whether gay unions will be recognized in the nation’s capital, potentially injecting it into the battle over gay marriage that roiled the 2004 presidential election and prompted an unsuccessful push in Congress for a constitutional amendment banning the practice.”

Yaoiroad.jpg It’s a phenomenon that resembles the heterosexual male interest in lesbian porn, yet the Village Voice reports that rabid interest in yaoi comics by underage females may contribute to the downfall of the genre as awareness grows that many of the young men pictured in the sometimes explicit boy-on-boy drawings appear underage.

road.jpg Gay Survivor contestant Brad Virata called “Nancy Boy” in effeminate, lispy voice by fellow competitor.

road.jpg Debate on gay marriage draws hundreds in Virginia.

Leichenroad.jpg The unambiguously gay duo hits the Big Apple to hawk books

road.jpg Gay-friendly motels in Brazil launch ad campaign: “Here we don’t mind men with men, or women with women.”

road.jpg Paper: Senior congressional aides participated in “damage control” conference calls concerning Mark Foley two days before the scandal broke and earlier than previously reported: “ABC News approached the Foley campaign on Tuesday, Sept. 26, with a set of e-mails in which Foley asked a former page for his photograph. The conference call the next evening, described by a Capitol Hill staffer familiar with the talks as focused on ‘damage control,’ also included Foley’s Florida-based political consultant, Richard Johnston, and his communications director, Jason Kello, according to two people familiar with the call.”


  1. Leland says

    Gee, that guy standing between Sir Lancelot and Captain Lehmkuhl sure doesn’t look like Donald Rumsfeld. But maybe that’s just another queen imagining that Reichen is a top. Rumsfeld probably discussed overturning DADT with Reichen at Zoe Saldana’s private party in NYC Wednesday night. I’m sure an announcement from the Pentagon will come any moment.

    Meanwhile, while other gay venues are running the excerpt from “Reichenetics” that makes him sound like one of the 1st century Christian martyrs in Roman catacombs, we bring you another direct quote regarding his Academy hazing week “rape” AKA free B&D blowjob.

    “During the day, I was freaked out by it, but at night, I would find myself fantasizing about being with them again.”

    For futher details about The Hickey Heard Round the World, contact his Literay Agent at Or his Television Agents at and Or his Print Agent at Or his Personal Appearances Agent at Or his Personal Publicist at

  2. stevo says

    I knew the Reichen story would get Leland all riled up. Dude, you need to stop stalking him…he’s never going to fuck you

  3. Leland says

    Steve AKA Reichen’s mom: I repeat: sorry to disabuse YOUR fantasies, but Reichen only fucks women. Have you never noticed that large tattoo on his ass that is an ancient Navajo symbol for “Enter here.”

  4. Leland says

    He doesn’t seem nelly to me, but regardless, Lance [or “Bear” as Reichen calls him] is, to the best of our knowledge, anatomically male so the only time one is likely to find Reichen on top of him is in a sitting position. No, I was talking about the woman Reichen admitted to dating in early 2004. To the understandable “WTF?!” reaction, he insisted he was still exclusively gay but it allegedly had something to do with his wanting a child and indirect methods being too expensive. Now that Lance is signing the checks, does Tiffany’s sell sterling silver turkey basters?

  5. Clay says

    So Reichen has had sex with women. Big deal. I think we should refrain from perpetuating the myth that sexuality is cut and dried. Studies show significnat fluidity in sexuality. Leland, I recognize you hate Reichen, that’s your business, but it’s a tad extreme to start throwing around implications that a gay man isn’t gay enough. WTF purpose can that possibly serve?
    So every gay person who’s ever had hetero sex is now suddenly suspect? Come on!

  6. Leland says

    Hate Reichen? Guilty as charged. I also hate Bush, Jessica Simpson, rap, and brussel sprouts. But, please, Clay, don’t put words [or anything else] in my mouth. I never wrote anything implying I thought he wasn’t “gay enough.” I reported what he admitted to, the reaction of some, and his lame ass excuse. Feel sorry for the woman he was leading on not him, and get that such callous using of others is one of the reasons I have such contempt for him.

  7. Clay says

    If you’d stop acting like you’re on the rag for 30 seconds, the meaning you claim to be intending might become clearer. And writing that a gay man only fucks women, with your patented derisory tone, most certainly does carry implications. I have no emotional investment in the guy one way or the other, and you’re absolutely free to hate any individual you choose to(and for the record I’ll gladly help you drive the truck that squashes Jessica Simpson), but let the dude fuck who he wants to. What difference does it make to us?
    Leland, you make solid points on these forums, and more than occasionally. But you have Ted Kennedy disease, the delusion that vinegar catches flies. If you’d take the odd valium, climb down off that damn high horse, and simply lay out the (frequently intelligent) POV underneath all the pre-mentrual hysteria that so often characterizes your posts, you’d have considerably more impact. As it is you alienate so recklessly that the points you seek to make, the issues you seek to raise, the causes you seek to support or oppose, all too often get lost in mists of Bitch Goddesshood.
    You clearly have a brain, and God knows a sharp tongue. You can and should aim higher than self-parody. Anger is only useful if it gets you somewhere.

    BTW, you’re dead right about HRC.

  8. Brett says

    I agree with everything you say. I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of hanging out with Reichen on several occasions—a few of them with Lance—and have never met a more awful person….and I tried so hard to like him! I gave him the benefit of the doubt—-maybe he really DOES love Lance. Nope. It’s beyond obvious what he’s using Lance for—-and it’s working. How many books would Reichen had sold without the Lance publicity? At least half as many. I know for a fact that his publisher doesn’t support him— and that his “book tour” was arranged all by himself—with Lance no-doubtedly paying for it. I feel bad for Lance because he’s such a sweet sweet guy. Reichen on the other hand….is a user.

  9. EM says

    “rabid interest in yaoi comics by underage females may contribute to the downfall of the genre as awareness grows…”

    Kinda ironic isn’t it that straight men have been allowed for years (and still basically are) to view and buy Barely Legal and other teen chicklet mags but girls are being rounded up for liking da boysex.