Brad Pitt Surprised to be on Vanity Fair Cover, May Sue

VfpittAlthough Brad Pitt signed a release for the photos shot by avant-garde film director and artist Robert Wilson, part of a video portrait project in which he poses in boxers with a toy gun, he was surprised to see himself on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Pitt is currently considering his legal options, which may be few, according to what VF reps told TMZ: “In a letter dated October 5, 2006, and sent to Pitt care of Brillstein-Grey [Pitt’s managers], Wilson informed Pitt that a still image from his portrait was going to be featured in the December art issue of Vanity Fair. Brad Pitt posed for a Robert Wilson video portrait, and in the photo release (signed by Pitt), agreed to allow Wilson to use the portrait or any images from that sitting in connection with any publicity on Wilson’s video project. Vanity Fair decided to do a story on Wilson’s video portraits and obtained rights to the entire collection of photographs from those sittings, which included Pitt’s.”

Said Pitt’s people: “We are very disappointed that Vanity Fair has chosen to put an unauthorized cover on their magazine. It seriously makes me question their integrity and motives.”

The motives seem clear to me: sell lots of magazines using Brad Pitt’s shirtless body. As far as integrity goes, this one seems to fall into the ‘act first, apologize later’ category.

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  1. FernLaPlante says

    I don’t see the problem with this. Pitt posed for the photos/film, signed a release that stated the photos could be used in any manner to promote the film (and Pitt himself – who has a film, Babel, coming out any day now) and when the photo is actually used he throws a fit? Get over it Pitt. You licensed out those photos.

  2. says

    Seems that if he signed a release, and agreed to collaborate in producing an artwork (art is public!) then Pitt has no arguement.
    Maybe Brad’s just wisely wrangling a Conde Nast donation to Africa out of this kerfuffle.

  3. Rob says

    Stand in your underwear in front of cameras and your destiny is no longer your own to control. Period.

  4. Rey says

    Wilson got the release for promoting his project; Pitt may have been OK with that in any context other than a national magazine that would typically pay a lot of money for such well-done cover shots of a hot movie star.* Wilson may not think of it as selling his photography – he’s just trying to sell his project, but Vanity Fair would be disingenuous to suggest they purchased the photos in order to promote Wilson’s project.

    *And for somebody who doesn’t typically go for smooth blonds, Mr. Brad Pitt really is hot.

  5. wtf` says

    What a pussy Brad Pitt is. He’s so good looking they put a photo that he did pose for on the cover of a magazine without his persmission. Wow, we should all have these life altering problems.

    Brad, get over yourself!

  6. Marco says

    If I had Brad’s body, I’d be in my underwear all the time and you could put my image anywhere you want.

  7. Lead says

    …after his recent series of suck-ass, erm, acting/films he should be thrilled as a little girl to get such broad exposure. As for me I won’t have to shell out the £9 to sit through another crap film in hopes of seeing some BP skin. Amen to that.

  8. Rey says

    Yes, Brad Pitt should be as carefree and frivolous with his image as anybody who wishes they looked like him would be.

  9. Leo says

    Even if I had a body like Brad Pitt’s, I wouldn’t be happy appearing on the cover of Vanity Fair wearing underwear like that.

  10. says

    It’s all about control. Control of what I say. Control of what I do…

    Brad Pitt enjoys working on photoshoots, but only when he has the ability to exude his creative influence (hence, loving to work with Steven Klein).

  11. says


  12. juliana says

    ehh…ya know what? (as madtv’s vancome lady would say) lol

    I don’t really like Brad. He’s not THAT CUTE… he’s okay, let’s move on. The word that comes to mind when i think about him is elitist… and that sounds conservative, which i really hate… but I still think brad Pitt is just a big pussy.

  13. Robert In WeHo says

    In defense of Brad Pitt, “Vanity Fair” publisher Condé Nast Publications has a bit of a rep for screwing people over on licensing fees by purchasing third party photographic material to use in in their publication. They not only do it to star talent like Brad Pitt, but to photographers and photographic producers as well. Brad Pitt should sue Condé Nast over this. If they think they’ve become so powerful that they can overtly screw over one of the top Actors in Hollywood, they’ll certainly try to do it to everyone else too. I hope Mr. Pitt takes teaches them a lesson…