Dripping in Money: David Geffen Sells Pollock for Record Price

PollockArt “experts” with knowledge of the transaction say that David Martinez, “the Mexican financier who bought a two-floor apartment in the south building of the Time Warner Center for $54.7 million recently” purchased “No.5, 1948″, a Jackson Pollock 4′ x 8′ drip painting, for $140 million from David Geffen. If the purchase price is correct, it would be the highest amount ever paid for a painting.

It would break a record set in June when Ronald Lauder purchased a Gustav Klimt painting for $135 million.

Speculation is that Geffen is filling his coffers for a possible purchase of the L.A. Times.


  1. dpnash says

    Klimt is worth $135 million. Pollock is not – you could make your own for about $20 in supplies at an art store.

  2. artforartssake says

    Jackson Pollock is the biggest crock of shit that was ever foisted on the art loving public. It just proves that people will buy whatever they are told is great, even when it’s crap.

  3. gabe says

    I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around the notion of a painting costing that much money.

  4. says

    Boo nay sayers! Clearly their art is effective if it is provoking such a strong reaction from you all. I guarantee you you couldn’t create what either Pollock or Warhol did.

  5. Naid says

    Obivously a lot of you know nothign about jackson pollock, he is considered one of the most significant influences on american art. Perhaps you can recreate that painting , (I highly doubt , If you are an artist you will know that action painting and abstract are often the most difficult), but you are not jackson pollock . This painting is a peice of history.