1. JT says

    That is freaking beautiful. I am thinking about all sorts of body parts I’d like to have in a precious metal. Incidentally, there is a set of photos on the casting company’s website of various other celebs’ booty parts.

  2. says

    Yep, cos we’ve ALL got our stomachs cast in gold.

    I’ve had one done every year of my life, so I can look back on them and see how much my stomach has changed over the years. 1999 was a bad year – I blame pre-millenial angst. But 2004 is over the fireplace, and when the flames catch my bellybutton, the glint is heavenly.

  3. 24play says

    I’d love to see Sean Penn spring to Law’s defense on THIS.

    And I must say, if I were having my abs immortalized in gold I’d assume the same crunched up position Jude is in there. Wanker.

  4. Leland says

    In a related note, this just in from the official spokesperson for The Church of Reichenology: “We are pleased to announce that, thanks to generous donations from HRC, PlanetOut, and Logo/, we are half-way there in our campaign to find enough gold to complete Reichen’s life size statue. Church members in South Africa and South America have been working our mines there in 24-7 shifts to complete the project in time for Reichen’s birthday, December 26th. Sadly, we must report, however, that Sen. O’Bama was noncommittal when Reichen asked him about making his birthday a National Holiday, and, further proving their relentless homophobia, the Vatican has not yet agreed to start observing Christmas on the 26th. Until they see the light, as the millions have who are buying Reichen’s heart-wrenching book, AKA “Reichenetics,” we can at least proudly reveal that an assortment of Radko Reichen Christmas ornaments, each molded from a different part of his body, will soon go on sale at HRC’s online and walk-in stores. Those buying the entire set receive a free, exclusive CD of Lance singing special versions of favorite Christmas carols and songs of faith dedicated to his soulmate and hero, including, ‘Oh, Cum All Ye Faithful’, ‘Reich of Ages’, We Three Queens’, ‘Oh, Holy Reich’, ‘How Great Thou Art’, ‘I Saw Reichen Kissing Santa’s Balls’, ‘On the Old Reichen Cross’, and, in honor of that heart-breaking passage in his book—’He Came Upon A Midnight Queer’. Keep the faith, fellow disciples!”

  5. JT says

    So, Leland: are you pissed off at me for my comments on the Allen thread?

    You neglected to leave off the fact that they won’t be casting Reichen’s whole body because there isn’t enough un-mind gold to make a life-sized cast of his head.

  6. Leland says

    No, JT. LOL. Just way behind in my rants, having spent the night dodging bullets in the Castro. Should have known not to wear that Reichen costume.

    Anon: thanks so much for your concern. I now take all my meds in suppository form and feel WONDERFULLLL!! It’s the people with their heads up their asses about St. Reichen that you should be afraid of.

  7. patrick nyc says

    Jude Law has gone from talented hot British Hunk to flake with no future so fast. He has made both bad film and personal choices one after another. Even Pee Wee Herman was more careful about his moves than this idiot.

  8. JT says

    Well, Leland, I’ve often suspected you of being a Californian. (mainly because you’re posts seem to be two-three hours behind the real world). You really need to be careful about the meds, though. That Pepto Bismol is NOT, repeat NOT a suppository.

  9. Bagpiper says

    Give the guy a break. This wasn’t done out of vanity, it was done (several years ago) for some charity, auctioning off “Celebrity Body Parts”. A lot of slebs had their hands or faces done and some soapie “actress” had her tits cast. Personally, I think Jude should have had his arse done as he has a very fine one.

  10. coalharbourqt says

    Hey JT – as a fellow West Coast-er (Vancouver, Canada) I resent that comment to Leland about not being in the “real world”. At least we have something more to report than another snow storm 😉 LOL!

  11. Leland says

    Stevo. Stevo. Stevo. Never judge a book by its surgically altered cover. Reichen has never fucked ANYONE! No man anyway. Possibly he marshalled the impressive imagination he demonstrates in “The Gospel According to Reichen” enough to top the woman he dated between being dumped by Chip and first starting to regularly throw his legs in the air for Charlie, the car rental manager he met after his “assistant” wrecked his Benz. But, still, she must have been a little confused by his repeatedly grunting, “Fuck me. Fuck me harder!” Though probably not as much as she was when he screamed “Oh, Reichen!!!!” when he came.

  12. Lizzie says

    Yeah, seriously. Someone should have pointed out in that picture that Jude did this for CHARITY. I can think of a few other parts of Jude that I’d love to have cast in gold… 😉

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