On Broadway: The Little Dog Laughed


Since rent boys and closeted Hollywood actors have been in the news, I thought I’d point out that Douglas Carter Beane’s The Little Dog Laughed starring Tom Everett Scott as a closeted Hollywood actor and Johnny Galecki as his rent boy, just moved to Broadway.

Jones_2Haven’t seen the show yet, but Julie White, whom the Times describes as a “Mephistopheles in Manolos” as a movie agent, reportedly steals it.

Says reviewer Ben Brantley: “What sets Mr. Beane apart from aspiring successors to Neil Simon is the comic poetry he finds in hypocrisy, deception and denial. Having toiled in the artificial vineyards of Hollywood as a screenwriter, Mr. Beane has understandably become an authority on these subjects.”

Hypocrisy, deception, and denial: can a musical based on Haggard be far behind?

NOTE: As noted by our vigilant reader Brian in the chat box to the right, Ted Haggard ‘exposer’ Mike Jones was invited to the opening last night. I was able to dig up this shot of Jones arriving.

‘Little Dog’ is big fun [nydn]
The Stage Is Bigger, but It Still Can’t Hold All Her Ambition [nyt]
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  1. Nicholas says

    I saw the show on Friday night. Julie White is a scene-stealing talent and her presence on stage from the moment the lights go up to her last monologue make the evening worth while.
    However, with the exception of some brief male nudity, the rest of the play (story, actors, characters and ending) leave much to be desired.
    IMHO, of course.

  2. David says

    Nicholas, I couldn’t agree more with your review. But Julie White is worth the price of admission. Well, a matinee mezzanine ticket anyway.

    Also, somewhere along the way Johnny Galecki (in the pic on the right) got an incredible body.

  3. says

    I saw the play Off-Broadway back when it was at Second Stage and I thoroughly enjoyed it, White, Galecki, et. al.

    And yes, Johnny has a lovely body, but no one else seems crass enough to also report that he is very well hung.

    Fortunately, I’m here.

  4. Cory says

    Is this the same guy that was in Roseanne and “The Opposite of Sex” John Galecki? If so, then yes, he DEFINITELY improved his body as he was always the chubby kid next door type…

  5. says

    I saw it off-Broadway as well and (if that was also Julie White) the agent stole the entire show. I wasn’t a big fan of Galecki’s acting at all, but his…penis…yeah, so yeah he’s hung. I guess that’s all the talent some of us need. *shrugs*

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