Truman Capote Auction Pulls in $242,000

TrumancreditThe Truman Capote auction that I posted about in October went off yesterday at Bonhams, and the items, previously owned by Capote’s close friend Joanne Carson, sold for $242,000. The funds went to canine epilepsy and greyhound rescue, a cause close to Carson’s heart.

Capote’s manuscripts failed to generate the interest from bidders and were withdrawn. His ‘collage boxes’, “made from cigar-box-like snakebite kits embellished with images cut from magazines,” drew heavy interest. His tux from the Black & White Ball was withdrawn when bidders expressed little interest.

Trumanmems_1Bloomberg reports on miscellaneous other items: “Two photographs of Capote by Richard Avedon sold for $2,750 and $3,250, respectively. Several of the lots included ‘souvenirs’ from hotels where Capote had stayed. His passport sold for $3,000, and an expired credit card sold for $2,750. A letter from the late agent Irving ‘Swifty’ Lazar telling Capote he could not bring Joanne Carson as his guest to a party, for fear of upsetting her former husband, sold for $550. A scrap of paper, on which Capote had written in red ink, ‘I know what I’m doing, except sometimes’ sold for $1,700.”