Wingnuts Gear Up for Hate Campaign Against Library of Congress for Accepting Papers of Pioneering Gay Activist Frank Kameny

Library of Congress
Dr. James H. Billington, Librarian of Congress
101 Independence Ave, SE
Washington, DC 20540
phone – (202) 707-5205
fax – (202) 707-1714
Contact via e-mail

Smithsonian National Museum of American History
Brent Glass, Director and
Richard Darman, Board Chairman
phone – (202) 633-3129
Contact via e-mail.


  1. Daniel says

    The group should be called Americans for “Truth”, or Americans for Truthiness. The word truth, as well as family have become meaningless.

  2. PDQ says

    Does anyone see another Ted Haggard in AFT’s Peter LaBarbara?

    Will the gay man (hooker or otherwise) who boned Pete LaBarbara please stand up and tell us all the lurid details so we can send another closet case into “therapy”?

    We all know he’s a closeted, self-loathing faggot – we just need proof from someone who’s done him.

  3. Leland says

    Thanks for featuring this, Andy. Proof that it’s going to take more than one election cycle—and more than mass gay dinners—to discourage these reptiles. Everyone should click on your link to the AFT site for a refresher in how organized, well-funded, and ruthless these fascists are. And, whether or not Frank actually used the term, I would respectfully suggest you start replacing the term “wingnuts” with “Christianofascists.” The former makes them sound only silly and inconsequential when they have succeeded in overturning or blocking our rights in state after state, which will take DECADES to fix.

  4. LiamOg says

    Leland, you are so right. But equating these fascists with reptiles is insulting to reptiles. Christianist fascists, for sure. This country is so scary sometimes.

  5. Jack says

    Good for the LoC and Frank.

    I hope Frank’s efforts have earned Leland’s respect because he’s getting kinda old.

  6. Leland says

    Fine, Jack. We get it. You hate me. Totally your right, and, frankly, I’m honored, but you’re letting your bitterness short circuit your thought processes. I happen to have worked with Frank many years ago in the Gertrude Stein Democratic Club. He has been to my house for dinner when I lived in DC. Can you say that? If you stopped finger fucking yourself long enough while turning Reichen’s sticky calendar pages with your teeth, you could do a Towleroad search and learn, assuming you have that capacity, that I have repeatedly praised him; never said an ill word about him. All you’ve done is given me an excuse to mention yet again what a disgrace it was for the Human Rights Champagne fund to belatedly honor him the same night they starfucked Reichen who is not and probably will never be worthy of wiping Frank’s ass. I have been priviliged to personally know or at least walk with a few giants like Frank and that, as much as anything, gives me the ability to recognize a midget like your American Idol Reichen.

  7. Jack says

    Leland I don’t hate you. I was teasing you. The HRC made the decision, Reichen should have declined. Look at all the celebrities that went down after hurricane katrina to get some face time. Now they are gone and have forgotten the place. Some of them have been posted here and they recieved praise. None of them are trashed for abandoning the place. There is a double standard in the gay “community” and I’m pointing it out. BTW, I’m not a Reichen fan, just an observer.

  8. titus says

    i deeply pray that those so opposed never find a way to get at this wonderful historic treasure trove. and leland you are a lucky man to have met and spent time with frank kameny along with the late congresswoman barbara jordan, he is one person i would like to spent time.