Eric Dane and John Stamos Make Their Faux Gay Debut


Eric Dane and John Stamos showed up for the premiere of A&E’s Wedding Wars last night in Los Angeles. A Socialite’s Life has the details. A few Queer Eyes were on hand but I don’t think Dane or Stamos needs any grooming advice.

Dane talked to Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming TV movie, which blogger Proceed at Your Own Risk calls the most “silly, whitewashed, absurd fairy tale treatment of one of the most challenging and important issues of our day” that you’ll ever fall in love with.

However cheesy the treatment, Dane’s presence means we’ll be tuning in. Monday, December 11 @ 9 PM ET/PT on A&E.

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  1. says

    …this is more geared toward the overall tone of those I’ve noticed commenting lately…how are we are to expect the “straights” to like us when we constantly and consistently don’t like ourselves? Each and every comment to a post is tearin’ some other gay apart. Damn, boys, damn!

  2. resurrect says

    Paul – ha! ha! ha! agreed.

    Midnight Lounge – agreed w/ you too. Being gay doesn’t automatically mean vindicative, catty and bitchy.

    To the point of this post though, Dane is fine to gaze upon but Stamos – woof! The guy just seems so comfortable about himself that sexiness just oozes out of him. Why can’t we hold up as straight “role models” guys who are comfortable and accepting of sexuality, rather than wondering who’s in/out and what position they take in fucking (cue Reichen/Bass BS)

  3. condihater says

    I was under the impression that John Stamos was gay. There was a rumor back in the late 70’s that he and Kin Shriner (both of General Hospital fame) had a little affair.

  4. mark m says

    I consider myself a well-cultured film geek, but I have my guilty pleasures and some of them include awful gay-themed movies that tug at the heart strings. Sounds like “Wedding Wars” is one of those.

    I’m certainly going to check it out. And definitely count me as one who prefers Dane WITH facial hair… he’s a pretty boy but with the beard he’s sexy as hell.

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