Guzhen, China Dreams of Jeannie

GuzhenScheduled for completion by the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a gigantic tower shaped like an oil lamp will soon be the centerpiece of China’s “lighting capital” Guzhen. They wanted a monument that would be as fitting a symbol for their city as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris:

“…the $38 million Century Giant Lamp Tower will stretch 430,560 square feet over 48 floors, with an immense glass chimney on which an array of images will be projected at night from inside. With an observation deck at its crown, the building has a base that will contain shops, restaurants, and a museum to document ‘humanity’s quest for light against darkness.'”

It’s also the only building that, when rubbed, releases a colossal replica of Barbara Eden.

The Century Giant Lamp Tower [bldg blog]


  1. fizziekruntNT says

    Yeah, add to that their colossal electric bill and their growing desire to pollute the earth and destroy the enviroment with utter disregard for humanity, pets, people’s lives and OH, waitaminute. Sounds like home.

  2. FizziekruntNT says

    “…and a museum to document ‘humanity’s quest for light against darkness.'”

    Can’t believe I totally skipped over that the first time. LMAO. Who’s the architect on that one, some Brit who wants his money back out of Hong Kong? Hilarious.

  3. says

    OH GOD, it’s hideous.

    I mean hideous as in not even redeemable as an avant garde experimentation hideous.

    As in a velvet elvis hideous.

    Whoa.. is this the sign of the downfall of civilization?

  4. jimmyboyo says

    I think it looks more like a Giant HOOKAH instead of an oil lamp


    king Kong’s hookah pipe…..Coollllllll mannnnnnnnnnn

  5. John T says

    I came to the site and saw the post above, with the English wedding and the fancy dress party and thought “that’s so gay!” but then I scrolled a little further down the page and saw this monstrosity of kitsch… Are they trying to compete with Las Vegas?

  6. Robert In WeHo says

    Holy Sh*t! What a gawd awful building! That monstrosity single handedly redefines the term CRAP!

  7. Jason says

    Man, it’s so bad it’s almost good. I guess there is room for bad taste after all the international talents are there too.
    Thank Postmodernity’s late arrival?

  8. Bryant says

    perhaps they should add a round deck just below the cinch point and call it the “observation bowl” for this the most giant of bongs

  9. Rob says

    I work for the Chinese, and yes, they would think this is a marvel of cleverness and ingenuity….they’ll be tripping all over themselves to get photos of family and friends, front and center, when it’s completed. As they say ‘It’s keen’.