Golan Cipel: McGreevey is a Dangerous Bisexual

Following his recent interview with WCBS in New York, Golan Cipel appeared on Larry King Live last night and repeated his recent claims that he is not gay, but also said that he doesn’t believe James McGreevey is exclusively gay either. “I believe that Jim McGreevey is bisexual,” said Cipel, citing stories the former New Jersey Governor told him about picking up prostitutes in the Dominican Republic and Germany.

GolanMcGreevey’s former aide and Homeland Security Advisor said that he believed his former boss began spinning a web of lies when faced against a sexual harassment lawsuit brought by Cipel after he made allegedly unwanted sexual advances:

“I think McGreevey had no choice. There was a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. And he didn’t know what to do, and his advisers told him, ‘come out first,’ and he would be perceived as the victim” and thereby gain control of the story.”

He also urged the gay community to be wary of McGreevey: “My point is, I’m asking the gay community, which I respect, not to embrace McGreevey. McGreevey is a man who chose violence, who is a man who committed sexual harassment to me and to others and he should not be part of that.”

These two just sound like a pair of bitter lovers out to get one another. As I said before, I don’t believe either one of them.

Golan Cipel Interview [larry king live]

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  1. Anon says

    Some of what McG has said, particularly on Oprah, reveals that he is unconfortable with his sexuality and may be bi-, but who can believe Cipel’s harassment story when he got his job out of the blue? Harassed people don’t get high-paying no-show jobs, they get demoted or fired. It’s rare that anyone is being asked to prove they are gay. Calling Judge Judy!

  2. patrick nyc says

    “My point is, I’m asking the gay community, which I respect, not to embrace McGreevey. McGreevey is a man who chose violence, who is a man who committed sexual harassment to me and to others and he should not be part of that.”

    I too do not trust either of them, the oprah interview made me dislike McSleezy even more. That said I think Cipel is just the same. How has he shown any respect in the Gay community? Why did he drop his case against McG if it was true? Sounds just like Bill O’Rielly dropping his suit after he heard she had tapes.

    They should all just drop off the face of the earth.

  3. noah says

    Andy is right. These guys are both creepy. McGreevey is just a user of the worst sort. The whole “gay American” thing had slime-ball politician spin all over it.

    I’m sure the apologists will come out to defend McGreevey but the guy is a scumbag. Giving an unqualified lover a high-profile job speaks of corruption and cronyism. McGreevey admitted that he deceived and married his second wife because of his political ambition. How is that not cynical and unethical? There’s a big difference between a person who has doubts about his sexuality marrying a woman with the misguided hope of changing versus someone using another person. McGreevey could have found a beard but he didn’t. How can we trust anything that comes out his mouth since we know the guy lies to get his way in the most cruel fashion? By his own admission, McGreevey cheated on his wife while she was in the hospital hours after she given birth to his child. Gay or straight, anyone who cheats on his partner like that is scum.

  4. whatever says

    I always have a hard time believing these women who are married to gay guys, and they can’t ever figure out they guy is homo? That never seems to make much sense to me.

  5. LightningLad says

    Just an honest question to ask people here:

    Last year around this same time, many people here were praising “Brokeback Mountain”, a film which portrayed two closeted male lovers who deceived their respective wives as well as others, as a sympathetic portrayal of the difficulties some gay men experience coming to terms with their sexual identities and feelings.

    Why is there not similar sympathy for McGreevey, who also deceived his wife and the public in general, as he struggled with his sexual identity and feelings?

    Although the time frame is different, “Brokeback Mountain” appeared to span the 1970s, a time when the gay subculture and community were emerging into visibility. (Doesn’t Jack even mention something about “people like us” moving to the big city?) So Jack and Ennis definitely knew they had options – something Jack kept trying to persuade Ennis to pursue with him by leaving their wives and living together on a little farm.

    So what accounts for the apparent lack of compassion for McGreevey but bucketloads of compassion for two fictional characters in a movie?

  6. pat says

    Andy, both you and i don’t believe in these two, perhaps we should stop publishing stories about them in the hope that they would go away? They are NITTY GRITTIES, Get THEM out of here!

  7. Anon says

    I thought Jersey women had Big Hair Al. Never heard of Jersey Helmet Hair.

    I think people were defending BBM the movie from the accusation that it showed adultery in a good light more than defending the characters, but also, the devil is in the details and J&E were in love from the start, essentially committing knowing adultery against each other by marrying women. It’s what you call an “unsparing” portrait, not a pro-adultery romp. The movie also portrayed the wives sympathetically. Finally, could it have ended any worse for the two men? Cipel is unmarried. McG slept around in anonymous trysts for years and married TWICE to protect his career. There is no Jack to McG’s Ennis. However, both are cautionary tales, particularly for women who are naive or think they can “change” their husbands.

  8. BeeDee says

    Is it really, technically sexual harassment if you express interest in a co-worker or employee or superior if you let it go when turned down? Doesn’t sexual harassment begin when you either pursue after the rebuff or discriminate in some way the rebuffer?

    I’m especially egg-shelley on this as an openly gay man in the work place. Am I not allowed to ask anyone out or express an interest? It’s crazy making!

  9. patrick nyc says


    As was said above, one case is fiction, the other real life. Also there are the case that both met before being married, Jack had sexual expierence with men while Ennis had not. Being gay in middle America in a small ranch in the ’70’s and in a big city in the ’80’s also is a major factor.

    Then there is the sleeze factor of both McG and Cipel. McG not only married twice, he did so because of his career, and he slept around over and over. He also hired and promoted Cipel for the purpose of having him in bed. Cipel took a job he was not qualified for, whether he slept with or kept McG on a string is known only to him.

    The other factor with McSleexy is that at the time he left office, he was being investigated over several questionable actions that could have put him out of office and possibly in jail. If you took the gay factor out he was slime either way.


    Having an affair at work is risky business. I have seen mostly bad outcomes, though some do work out. The fact that your boss has power over you, added to the power issues of sex, is a very bad combination for both. Sexual harrasment starts when sexual attraction is started on either party. Many a boss has been taken down by a subordinate using sexual politics and attraction to get their way.

  10. Daniel says

    Brokeback Mountain was a fictional film (and in my opinion a very good one). It also did not show adultery in a good light–it showed adultery and denial of sexuality as something that destroyed lives. I think any reading of it that says it encouraged people to mimic the lives of the character is seriously off.

  11. CaliNexus says

    Golan is a muthafuckin’ liar. Middle Eastern gay or “bisexual” men are psychologically twisted… religion causes that… and I know, from first hand experience. The fact Golan said McGreevey was “bisexual…etc.” told it all. What “straight” man would make that comment… it’s either gay or straight, with them. I wanted to reach through the tube and wring that fake lying ass bitch by the neck. And I love Larry, but I could have snapped his suspenders and sent him flying to media hell for liking Golan… but I understand: it’s a shared religion thing (Jewish…)

  12. Ed says

    I just finished McGreevey’s book, THE CONFESSION, and I think it’s great. I don’t know why you guys are so down on him. He talks a lot in the book about how his ambition drove him to hurt his two wives – he owns up to it – and the idea that he resigned because he had an affair with one of his staff is somehow not a good enough reason is absurd – that it was a cover for more heinous crimes, none of which were ever prosecuted. Once again, the gay community devours one of its own. How about showing a little sympathy for a change?

  13. Leland says

    Mon frere, Patrick. Ironic, given how much we agree on, that our impressions of McGreevy in the Cathedral of St. Oprah were so different.

    Certainly his aggressive religiosity turned off a hardshell athiest like me, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t sincere. And, unlike some, I didn’t “hear” his explanations of his failures as excuses. He flagellating himself several times. And being investigated for something is not the same as being found guilty of something.

    The larger issue for me is whether he is doing more harm or more good by his current actions? If it is the latter, should we care if he’s sincere? Some veteran Towleroadies might immediately think, “Then why do you dislike Reichen so much if it doesn’t matter whether he’s sincere or not?”

    And I have labored over that question. Many, many moons ago I asked movement patriarch Frank Kameny, who was speaking at a conference I was helping organize, what he thought of a particular gay celebrity who I’d heard once only in it for personal aggrandizement. Kameny replied, “I’ve heard those stories, too, and I don’t care what his motivations are as long as he’s accomplishing something for us.”

    Quelle ironic that, all these years later, Kameny and Reichen would end up on the same dais. Each of our perceptions of people cannot help but be subjective. I know relatively little about McGreevy, but I can continue to give him the benefit of the doubt until something concrete persuades me otherwise. However much he might enjoy attention, and be making from his book, I see his message primarily as “Learn from my mistakes.”

    I know a great deal more about Reichen, both because I was once a believer and because he’s been on the scene much longer. I see his message primarily as “Admire me because I’m so sexy and attractive; I’m so good; and I’m doing so much.” We can’t argue with reason 1, but reasons 2 and 3 could get him investigated for emotional and reality fraud if there technically were such crimes. Virtually all he’s “done” somehow becomes more about him than the issues, yet he has the cheek to inform, e.g., Barack O’Bama, upon a chance encounter, that HE’s the one leading the fight to overturn DADT.

    We certainly need public figures to spread the good word, but when that word is primarily “I” this old skeptic pulls the Bullshit Alarm.

  14. Martin says

    I wouldn’t touch either of them with a ten foot pole. Make that 20 foot pole.

    Gross on every level. As for this Cipheleus character, when is he going to move on with his life and stop making press appearances. I’m guessing this is a build up to a potential book deal.

    I hate this public cock fight crap.

  15. Charles Roland says

    If either one of these two men expressed an interest in you, sexual or otherwise, you’d not only be flattered – but you’d probably be quick to hop in the sack with him too.

    Regarding the “Bisexual” statement that Golan made about McGreevey: It really peeves me when people use the term Bisexual in a negative way. All of a sudden the Gay community is supposed to shun McGreevey becuase he might be Bi instead of totally Gay. Give me a break. It’s a shame, though, that McGreevey came out as Gay when in fact he may in fact be Bi. It just goes to show that these days it is even harder to admitt to being Bi rather than Gay.

    Over the past couple of decades the Gay communtity has come a long way in creating an acceptable identity for itself, but Bisexuals are still often demonized and have good cause to keep their identity private.

    As a 39-year-old Bisexual male I have experienced negative vibes from both the straight AND gay community once my sexual orientation became the topic of conversation (Not to say that Gay men don’t experience negative vibes from others). I just hate it when gay people tell me that I am “CONFUSED” or “uncomfortable with my REAL sexuality” (i.e., that I’m really GAY rather than Bi).

    What is so hard about understanding and accepting that some people like others from both sexes? Some gay people like to point fingers at everyone they can and say that they are Gay. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves and validates their own sexuality.

  16. patrick nyc says

    Carles I think it comes from how hard many of us gays had to fight so many to come out. I too had a hard time dealing with the whole Bi thing until I went overseas. In Europe sexuality is much more fluid. Here we have so many closet cases like TC & JT that it makes many gays angry. Good luck with your journey and know that they mean you no harm, they just don’t know your experience.

  17. Anon says

    My rule of thumb is that politicians are guilty until proven innocent. McGreedy is no exception. He keeps talking about helping “children” (a la Reichen and DADT) but I don’t think he’s gotten started either.

    I think most Bi guys by now know that gay men have a slight credulity problem with the whole issue because many gay men use the “bi” cover story when they are coming out but stop after a while. Now, you could argue that bi guys will say they are gay to fit in better with other gay men, but still sleep with women (the reverse “down low” phenom), or you could say that bi guys are fairly rare, but we’ve all heard the plaintive “I’m Bi” speech and have become cynical. That’s not to say we wish truly bi guys ill or anything.

  18. Zeke says

    It seems really silly to me that people are speculating as to whether or not McGreevy might have lied about being gay in order to gain sympathy from the public. Since when did a politician claiming to be gay, after having an affair with a man behind his wife and child’s back, garner him sympathy in America? If he were bi, wouldn’t it be much more likely that he would have begged forgiveness from his wife and saved his marriage and family? And wouldn’t THAT have been much more likely to have gotten him considerably more sympathy than the road he chose?

    The speculation that he might have claimed to be gay because he was afraid to admit that he was bi is seems absolutely ludicrous to me. However, the most labored argument that I read above was the claim that McGreevy’s coming out as gay rather than bi proves that it’s harder to admit to being bi than it is to admit to being gay in America today. There may be some truth to that: I doubt it, but I don’t know. What I DO know is that the argument used above to make this point is a text book example of a straw man argument. A “since A – then B” argument is put forward that is predicated on a false, unproven or assumed A statement and then it’s claimed that since A is a fact then it proves B. The crux of this straw man claim is predicated on the blind acceptance that the completely untrustworthy Golan Cipel’s scurrilous speculation about McGreevy’s bisexuality is a proven fact (A). Then you assume, based on this flawed foundational “fact” that McGreevy lied when he said he was a “gay American”. Then you further build the argument on the flawed premise by claiming that he did it because it is harder to come out bi than gay (B). There may be arguments that would make this point effectively; THIS isn’t one of them. Frankly I seriously question Charles’ claim that it is harder to be, or to come out as, bisexual than it is to be or come out as gay in America today.

    How do we define “bisexual” and “bisexuality” anyway? Does the fact that a person CAN have sex with people of both genders qualify them as bisexual? Does having had sex with a person of the opposite gender at least once in your lifetime qualify you? Does having dated women, having been married to a woman or having a child/children make you bisexual? Does getting turned on by straight porn mean you’re bisexual? Does a gay person who really, really hates being identified as gay and really, really wants to be straight, or at least bi, qualify? Does just saying your bi make it so?

    For every question above I’ve known at least one person that believed a “yes” answer to the question is a clear indication of bisexuality. I don’t know what the actual qualifications are but I know when I’m being sold a donkey for a mule.

    Charles, could it be possible that people question those who claim to be bisexual because there really is a significant percentage of people who claim to be bi when they are actually gay? I know that considering that possibility upsets a lot of truly bisexual people but is there really any doubt that large numbers of homosexual men claim to be bisexual? Many gay people claim to be bi because they consider it to be less “gay” and therefore more masculine and more acceptable. Many, if not most, gay people have at one time or another claimed to be bisexual; especially when they are in the early stages of self awareness. Most of the self-identified gay people that I know are not at all confused about their homosexuality but almost all of them went through a period when they identified as bisexual, though they now way they never REALLY were. I can count myself as one who did this. We, just like a significant portion of gay people, dated/or and had sex with women because that’s what we thought were supposed to do or because we were trying to not be gay or because we didn’t want people to know that we were gay before we fully embraced our natural and innate sexuality. Many of us identified as bisexual through the transition because we were unaware of or unable and/or unwilling to fully accept our true orientation at the time. I’m sure every one of us would have been offended and angry if anyone had suggested that we might actually be gay during this period of transition. However, as offended and angry as we might have been, it wouldn’t change the fact that we were homosexually oriented regardless of our “straight” or “bisexual” behavior.

    Another reason why many gay people claim to be bi seems to be that they think being, or claiming to be, bi is a superior identity to being gay because it’s less “gay” and more straight and/or masculine, almost as if one’s masculinity and worth is directly proportionate to his degree of straightness. It seems odd to me that a truly bi person would claim to be gay to avoid harassment sense there is so much harassment that often comes to people who identify as gay. If a person wanted to avoid being harassed for being bi it seems much more likely that they would claim to be straight.

    The fact of the matter is there are countless men like Jim McGreevy who are totally gay even though they have, or have had, girlfriends and/or wives and/or children. We ALL know plenty of them. My best friend was married for 16 years and has two kids but he has no doubt that he was always 100% homosexually oriented. Strangely enough there are always people who argue with him and try to convince him that he must have been straight or bi when he was married. They seem to be unable to accept the fact that he could have been a gay man married to a woman.

    For the record, I know that there are truly bisexual people. I know at least a couple. I also know that there are truly ambidextrous people. But I believe that a significant portion of those who claim a bi or ambi identity technically aren’t. I know that there are varying degrees of bisexuality and ambidextrousness but just as I personally don’t consider a person who is right handed but CAN clumsily throw a ball, or clumsily write his name with his left hand to be ambidextrous (even if he claims to be), I don’t consider every gay man who has had, or can have sex with a woman, or identifies as bisexual, bisexual just because he claims to be. Others have different opinions.

    I’m sure many bisexuals have a hard time with gay and straight people who don’t believe them or possibly even shun them. That’s unfortunate but it seems to me that their beef should be with those who claim to be bi when they actually aren’t, and with individuals who doubt their personal identification as bisexual.

    Frankly, as a monogamous married man, I don’t care what another person’s sexual orientation is because I’m not going to be having sex with them either way. What does bother me, and I think it bothers many others, is people who claim to be bi because they are ashamed to identify as gay. It’s a slightly lesser version of closeted gay people who look down on out gay people because they consider themselves more masculine and superior because they, not being openly identified as gay, feel less gay and therefore superior to those who are out. It’s as if the more “gay” someone is or the more gay-identified someone is the lower on the totem pole they fall and the higher one scores on the “straightness” scale the higher they rank on the totem pole. This is insulting to those of us who are out and proudly gay. I think THAT is what upsets many gay people about pseudo-bi and closeted people.

    That was rambling and WAY too long, but I hope there is something in there that makes sense. It’s really hard to explain or discuss sexual orientation issues because it’s not something that we can accurately measure without the biases, phobias and issues of the test subject being a factor.

    I would like to see more scientific studies done on human sexuality. However, I would like for the studies to be done in ways that don’t rely on the personal testimony of the test subjects because that skews the results to an extent that they would be deemed invalid by any scientific methodology. I would like to see studies that rely strictly on measurable physiological and brainwave functions that would take the test subject’s conscious biases out of the game. That will be the only way we can get results that weren’t tainted by the test subject’s personal prejudices and biases. I am pretty certain that the results would be shocking and I’m also fairly certain that THAT is the very reason why we don’t see these studies being done.

    Damn, I did it again. See what happens when the husband and kid leave me stuck the house, alone and bored, on a Saturday with three weeks of commenting built up and bursting to get out?

    Sorry I made ya’ll suffer with me. :)

  19. Terry says

    We will never know the truth about their relationship, and do we really need to? McGreevy hid his orientation so that he could advance his political career, something every politician in America is guilty of. Now that he is out, I hope he can become a more honest person. As for the other guy, I find it hard to believe some of his accusations. Particularly his account of being thrown on the bed by McGreevy and manhandled. McGreevy doesn’t look big enough to throw anyone on a bed and have his way with him. They may have been wrestling goin on, but I think Cipal was a willing participant. Otherwise, why wouldn’t he have quit his job on the spot after this incident and filed charges? Because he had a cushy job that allowed him a great lifestyle in the U.S. and if he had to suck some dick to keep it, so be it.

  20. Mike says

    Coming out is hard whether you are gay or bisexual, I’m not going to presume which is harder.

    Coming out bisexual is not difficult for me because of my same-sex attractions, it is difficult because of it’s association with recreational sex and non-monogamy. Not that I think those are necesarily EVIL, but our society tries to make us feel like it is.

    I realize gay people have to deal with that perception by some people also, but I think bisexuals get the worse end of that stick.

    I don’t understand why gay people aren’t more sympathetic to bisexuals, especially if some of these people are potentially gay. Acceptance of whatever someone wants to call themselves seems more productive than pointing a finger and casting judgement on someone.

  21. Heidee says

    “Gay, straight, or lying.”

    Last year, the New York Times published an article of this title about Dr. J. Michael Bailey’s 2005 study. According to his website, he found that “male bisexuality appears primarily to represent a style of interpreting or reporting sexual arousal rather than a distinct pattern of genital sexual arousal.” Their methodology was rather similar to what Zeke suggested in his post; he used probes to measure male arousal while watching erotic films. With regard to their findings, Dr. Bailey and his team commented on the sheer complexity of measuring sexual attraction/orientation (is it only a physical response & would other studies be able to replicate this result?) and concluded that far more research needs to be conducted before making any definite interpretations and conclusions. Despite these caveats, the New York Times saw fit to publish an incendiary, biphobic article titled “Gay, Straight, or Lying.” It seems more appropriate for yellow journalism rubbish and rag mags than a usually more credible, just-the-facts kind of paper such as the NYT. I truly commend the way GLAAD immediately responded and defended our LGBT community; see the link for more info: http://www.glaad.org/action/write_now_detail.php?id=3827
    However, the NYT defended themselves by saying that since the gay community commonly uses the phrase “Gay, Straight, or Lying” anyway when referring to bisexuals, they didn’t feel they did anything wrong. This is hurtful to the LGBT community on so many levels. First, it is a blatant example of how bisexuality is presumed to NOT EXIST. Second, it divides our LGBT community rather than unifies our forces (which I’m sure the conservative right-wing just loves!) and leads us to point fingers at each other for who has suffered more injustice. Finally, are we all reducing ourselves to have to prove our bi, gay, or hetero-ness with physical probes? Is that all there really it to attraction after all?

    BTW, I found it far more difficult to come out of the closet as bisexual than as a lesbian.



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