James Purefoy on Gay Sex: Never Say Never

PurefoyFans of rugged Brit actor James Purefoy, who plays the metal-clad Marc Antony in Rome, has left things open regarding the types of sexual situations which appeal to him.

Page Six reports that the actor tells Out magazine in a cover story that he’ll “never say never” when it comes to sex:

“Anyone who went to an English [private] school in the 1970s will have had some kind of a gay experience. You bang 500 adolescent hormonal boys together at exactly the time when they’re exploring their sexuality, and don’t be surprised if some shenanigan comes out of it.”

Purefoy has already played the object of a gay man’s lust on screen, in Rose Troche’s 1998 film Bedrooms & Hallways


  1. JT says

    I’m probably disclosing way more than I ought to, but doesn’t Mr. Purefoy look like Pavel Novotny in the linked article?

    Mr. Purefoy’s statement reminds me of my army days when my training officer, at the language school (a REALLY hot major), told me: “I’m not gay…yet. I’ll never rule anything out.” That was in the 70’s and he convinced me to go to Esalon for a weekend. No wonder I’m screwed up.

  2. EireKev says

    Good on ya James. Compare that to Stallone over in AICN who said that “showering with a fellow member of the same sex makes me repulsed and very uncomfortable”.

    The question was “Hey Sly, I was just wondering if showering with Kurt Russell has been the highlight of your career up to this point.”


  3. mark m says


    I’ve all but sworn off AICN due to the fact that it seems to be run by uber geeks who are so far up the asses of their idols they can’t be even minded about film. Their sloppy boot licking of Stallone was the last straw.

    Re Stallone’s comment about showering… I again quote the movie “The Opposite of Sex”… straight guys don’t spend a lot of time thinking about naked soapy men. So if it bothers Stallone that much, maybe the rumors about him are true.

    Kudos to Purefoy for being honest. It seems many many adolescent males engage in same sex experimentation. Most go on to be straight. I never did….and I went on to be gay.

    So it provides another possible attributor to homophobia: shame or embarrassment about one’s gay experimentation in youth.

  4. Mark says

    What honesty. It’s marketing. Anyone who talks about their sexuality to the press is simply marketing themselves. By communicating “never say never” he has opened up a whole new group of potential fans, the ones that read this site and wish all straight men were gay.

  5. Mark says

    What honesty. It’s marketing. Anyone who talks about their sexuality to the press is simply marketing themselves. By communicating “never say never” he has opened up a whole new group of potential fans. So simple that it insults.

  6. Rascal says

    Consider a statistic I read years ago that is provocative in several directions: Due to the incidence of engagement in homosexual sex reported by the up-to 90% heterosexual majority population (most, naturally, in adolesecence or in college), straights are in fact responsible for more sexual activity between members of the same sex than gays.

  7. EireKev says

    I agree completely Mark M. Generally I just check the headlines on AICN and skim the odd story. Loads of homophobic comments from the posters as well.

    As for adolescent experimentation, two friends and I fooled around one day when we were 13 (we decided to act out gay porn). They were fully erect the whole time. I, who wasn’t as developed as them, turned out gay. They, apparently, did not. It was never mentioned again. But you can bet I wanted a repeat!

  8. says

    “What honesty. It’s marketing. Anyone who talks about their sexuality to the press is simply marketing themselves. By communicating ‘never say never’ he has opened up a whole new group of potential fans, the ones that read this site and wish all straight men were gay.”

    Been around Hollywood much? Everything that a celebrity says to the press can be construed (and probably is) marketing. So what? I’d far prefer a celebrity who is secure and open-minded enough to dare to say such things, to one that will rather market himself only to the homophobic crowd.

  9. mark m says


    I’m as cynical as the next guy but “honesty” and “marketing” do not have to be mutually exclusive.

    Who gives a rip why he said it. I’m glad he did. Nothing insulting about it all unless you’re looking under every rock for something to insult you.

  10. Jack says

    OMG, it’s a straight man! *kiss feet* *drool* You people do this ALL THE TIME!

    Mark, had it right. It is marketing. His management knows that you people will shell out money or watch him now that he said that. He would NEVER say that on Letterman or Leno or any other mainstream program. This is what happens with every straight actor that talks to a gay publication. They say “I’m ok with gays” or “Kissing Robert was fun” and you people go crazy. It’s all an effort to get YOUR money.

  11. says

    There are all kinds of marketing – hateful marketing and responsible marketing, for example. I’d much rather James Purefoy market himself as gay-friendly than Mel Gibson market himself as someone who hates gays and Jewish people… etc.

    Lots of people market themselves to the NASCAR crowd, instead of trying to get the type of appeal that could make the NASCAR crowd realize there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

  12. Jack says

    Ryan, they say one thing (I’m ok with gays etc.) and every gay person treats them like their savior. Give me a break.

    Saying you like gay people doesn’t mean you actually like gay people.

  13. ggreen says

    James Purefoy’s full frontal nude scene in Rome proved he is one of the biggest actors around. The sight of his fat cock with floppy balls is probably the best moment on television ever.

  14. mark m says

    Ok, just so I have it clearly laid out for me….

    When straights say pro-gay things, they are manipulating me for my money. When straights ignore me they are marginalizing me. And when straights say anti-gay things, they are targeting me with bigotry.

    Is there ever a time I am supposed to be ok with what comes out of a straight person’s mouth? Just wanna be sure ’cause I’m getting the picture that every straight man either hates me and doesn’t want my money, or hates me and wants my money.


  15. Brett says

    As Beyonce whould sing, “To the left, to the left…….”

    I think our community should spend more time building its own team than seeking “straight” people to validate them. So many of you guys on this site are pathetic. Yeah, I’m talking about you.

    Everyone with half a brain knows is the “#####” thing to do in saying you are open minded. I’d say the same thing if I wanted the straight chicks to buy my movie tickets……..and they would!

  16. Gary says

    As a gay man that went to said English boarding schools (mine was Stowe) during the 70s and early 80s I can affirm that yes, indeed, there was some proclivities, but I never kiss and tell.

  17. jimmyboyo says


    great post

    There are an infinite number of HOT, sexy, inteligent, open, honest, and proud gay men for us to lust after instead of all these straight guys whose PR teams come up with inocouis (spell check) statements to suck our dollars out of our wallets

  18. pbnyc59 says

    So unless I have this wrong, I’m only suppose to be attracted to openly gay men. Those in the closet, or straight, are off limits.
    What a fu#king joke.

    That’s like saying that straight men can only be attracted to women who are not married, because they are off the market, or if the straight men are not married themselves.

    There is nothing wrong with looking at a person, male or female, and saying they are hot. As for ‘us gays’ as if someone signed me up for a club, are always looking to make straights gay. I could not give a shit. Far from it. I have much better things to do with my life.

    That said, I still do like Andy’s posts on Jake, he’s a hot man, gay or straight. It’s not like I plan on sleeping with the guy, as if I’d have a chance anyway. You guys are the ones who should lighten up.

  19. mark m says


    As I understand it, we are allowed to find any man attractive, but to some on here, straights get a bit too much attention and so the prevailing thought (again to some) is that gays who lust after straight men are sending a message that being straight is somehow being better than gay.

    The point I keep trying to make ad naseum is that I’m just a randy red-blooded DUDE who likes hot guys. Gay, Straight, Cylon… it doesn’t matter to me. In fact, when I am attracted to a man and I find out he isn’t gay, my gut reaction is “What a shame he doesn’t play for our team.”

    That isn’t exactly viewing straights as better now is it?

  20. says

    I never see mentions of Bedrooms and Hallways on line or anywhere. Fun movie, it runs on the secondary and tertiary HBO and Showtime channels occasionally.

    BTW, Listening to Dreamgirls soundtrack right now, and it’s outstanding.

    Still I miss J. Holliday.

  21. jimmyboyo says

    Mark M LOL Ok maybe infinite isn’t the proper word since there are not an infinite number of humans, but tons and tons would work 😉 Also, ^5 on the cylons. LOL give me a guy with a glowing red spine any day. 😉

    Anon thanks for the spelling correction

    PBNYC59 it is perfectly normal and healthy to admire beauty straight or gay, but it is psychologicaly unhealthy for gay men to go ga ga over straight guys specificaly actors that toss out PR statements to get your money while there are tons and tons of HOT sexy open and proud gay men who are also BUTCH just there for the oggeling.

    This need within the community to lust after supposed “straight acting”/ “straight personalities” denotes a subconscious self hate.

    By all means admire beauty wherever you find it, BUT step back and realize that this goo goo ga ga reaction towards straight men is a symptom of an underlying self hate.

    This brings up a tangent ….BUTCH and or MASCULINE as proper terms to use vs the self hating “straight acting” term used by too many in the community.

  22. jimmyboyo says


    Maybe Andy should do a “Hunk of the week” thing. Towleroad readers who are interested can send in pics to Andy and he can post 1 hot gay guy every week….underware shots are a necessity

    hint Hint Hint Andy

  23. mark m says

    Excellent recommendation. I’ve seen other blogs that do that… Can I make a suggestion. The guys who run http://www.bigmuscle.com have a couple of different sites devoted to different types of men. There’s one for bears and there’s one I think just called http://www.normalgay.com – which is more a dating site than a show-off site like big muscle.

    And before anyone goes and says anything unkind about that site or the guys on it… be careful, some posters on this thread may actually have a profile there. Hint Hint.

  24. pbnyc59 says


    “PBNYC59 it is perfectly normal and healthy to admire beauty straight or gay, but it is psychologicaly unhealthy for gay men to go ga ga over straight guys specificaly actors that toss out PR statements to get your money while there are tons and tons of HOT sexy open and proud gay men who are also BUTCH just there for the oggeling.”

    That’s pretty funny. I thought that a psychologial response was one that was a mental rather than physical effect on oneself. When I see a hot guy, straight or gay, he often has both on me.
    And admiring either is not unhealthy, rather getting stressed over it is.

    By the way, tons and tons is still a bit of a stretch. There are very few hot gay men to drool over. Unlesss Nathan Lane is your type. Sorry Mr. Lane, no offense meant.

  25. jimmyboyo says


    You are reffering to actors…I am reffering to Gay guys in general. I should have been more specific. There are tons and tons and tons of NON actor, musician, model gay guys who are hot out there.

    I personaly am tired of seeing actors, models, and musicians. I would much rather look at Real non plastic non smoke and mirrors illusions cooked up by a PR team.

    Thus the Hint to andy about Gay Hunk of the week picked from REAL gay towleroad readers.

    Mark :-) Which one are you at? I prefer hairy chested guys myself and would gladly sacrifice the time (oh the humanity, oh the sacrifice) to peruse the bearish site to check out a pic of you. :-) Non actors/models/musicians who have dark brown to jet black hair (sorry blondies)with THICK!!!! eyebrows 9sorry tweezer fanatics) and hair on their chest is what totaly makes me go goo goo gaga. Muscles…egh have them, had them on others…can help any guy get more if they are worth the time to date due to other factors.

  26. jimmyboyo says

    LOL sci-fi nerd here as well

    I must say that your pic of you asleep with the puppy on your hairy man chest was my personal fave.

    If Andy does a Hunk of the week thing HINT HINT HINT! That would be perfect.

  27. mark m says

    No, I wanted to but I only caught part of it… any good?

    And after seeing your picture I think Andy should do a Towleroad calendar. I think you should be July.

  28. jimmyboyo says

    LOL thanks

    It was great, they will probably do what they did with BSG. First a miniseries that recieves lots of praise and is left open ended then a year or 2 later do a series.

  29. jimmyboyo says

    PS, and then I have to go eat dinner

    That BSG video on you tube….GREAT WORK. The music is cool. The best part is how you edited 6 walking down the hallway straight into her fraking Gaius and her spine glows…HOT, GREAT, etc Red glowing spinal columns during sex and wanting sex all the time…..call me a toaster lover because cylons rock.

  30. Anon says

    “The Lost Room” was pretty good. Much better than I expected. Makes you look at your comb and toothbrush differently for a while. If you liked it, check out the move “Pi”.

  31. Parker says

    I think we’ve ALL forgotten one major point: HOLLYWOOD IS NOT THE REAL WORLD. Everything about the city is predicated upon *FANTASY*. There’s absolutely no way in hell that I will personally ever discover whether Mr. Purefoy (as fucking HOT as he is) is actually gay friendly [in life or in the bedroom.] But it is infinitely more enjoyable [for me] knowing that there is some possibility [albeit totally remote] that my fantasy could happen.

    I think we’re running a real danger of taking ourselves too seriously, gentlemen.

  32. EM says

    Don’t forget also that although some people think this could be a cynical marketing ploy, neatly packaged by Mr Purefoy’s agents, HE has to now live with those comments. He could be asked about them at any time or it could all be opened up in the future.

    You have to admit it’s not the sort of everyday comment most ‘straight’ actors would be open enough about to state like that. He has to answer to that from now on, so it’s as much his responsibility if you like, as much as it is people on here worrying about the truth behind the statement, how genuine or cynical he might be.

    But it’s nice to hear the views of a man who is NOT squeamish and idiotic sounding like some actors out there have been.

    Although I admit, much of what is printed I feel is the work of actors’ “teams” targeting a mainstream straight audience rather than is the actors’ true views. They all know gay people or have gay friends and family so it’s not as much an alien concept to Hollywood as it would like to make it appear.

  33. Lukey says

    I have been turned on by James Purefoy since “Bedrooms and Hallways”. I do NOT lust after him because he is straight (since I wasn’t aware of his sexualty when I developed the crush on him). In the film, he was VERY believable as a “bi” man. BTW, I have had a LONG TERM sexual relationship with a fitness model who recently got married (to a woman). EVERYONE assumes he is straight (as he has ALWAYS dated women). He was a total insaitable bottom for me. I wonder about the perception of “straight” most of the time.

  34. John says

    Yes, we should be pleased when straight men say nice things about us. Anyone who isn’t a public enemy… is a potential friend. And even if they’re lying, so what? It helps their career, and it helps our political cause. It’s a win-win scenario.

    Would you prefer they yell homophobic slurs in front of the camera (like some recently fired actor who shall go unnamed)?

    Methinks some of the bitter among us just like playing ‘spoiler’ a little too much.

  35. LL says

    James is DEFINATELY trying to attract a gay audience. He says things that lead us to believe that he is open to the idea of man on man action, AND he has recently done full-frontal nudity on “Rome”. I agree with John in that I could care less WHY he did it. If he wants my support, he has it.

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