Joey Porter Issues “Apology” for “Fag” Slur

Pittsburgh Steeler Joey Porter issued an apology after practice on Tuesday for calling Cleveland tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr. a “fag” in comments to media outlets after a game last Thursday.

Porter“You know, that was probably a poor choice of words. So if I offended anybody, I apologize for that…I don’t know … I guess because how we used that word freely, me growing up using that word, I didn’t think anything of it. Like I said, I apologize to anyone I may have offended. I didn’t mean to offend anybody but Kellen Winslow. That’s pretty much that. I don’t want to put any more into it…Whatever I say is going to be on an extra level anyway. But like I said, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal when I said it anyway. So it’s over with it.”

Porter just doesn’t get it. Would Michael Richards use of the N-word been any less offensive if he had insisted he only meant it for one person in his audience?

And apparently coach Bill Cowher and teammate Deshea Townsend don’t get it either:

“On Monday, Steelers coach Bill Cowher called Porter’s homosexual reference ‘inappropriate,’ but suggested that Porter wasn’t necessarily attacking anyone’s sexual preference. Steelers cornerback Deshea Townsend agrees. ‘That’s how the game goes,’ Townsend said. ‘Joey was just expressing his opinion after someone cheap-shotted one of our guys. Joey was just standing up for one of his teammates.'”

Since when does the word “fag” not attack anyone’s sexual preference?

A fine from the NFL has not yet been issued.

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  1. noah says

    “So if I offended anybody..”: the classic non-apology apology that places the blame on the offended party for inferring offense (where it was actually intended). Why do idiots who say offensive things always say “if I” instead of simply saying “sorry”?

  2. mikey says

    It’s sad that that this enviroment allows young men & men to toss the word “fag” around like a football and no one blinks an eye. But use the “N” word and the whole world shits its pants. Shameful.

  3. LiamOg says

    If the media had not picked up what Porter said, he would not be making any attempt at an apology.

    And a piss-poor apology it is, in my opinion: qualified, defensive and ignorant.

  4. andre says

    Let’s face it, most black people are ghetto and not very educated, this guy only helps to prove that. And those people always wonder why they are never treated equally by the rest of society.

    They havent earned it.

  5. mark m says

    Whoah Andre… let me distance myself from your comment as I have black friends who call your viewpoint as bigoted as any derrogatory word that came out of Porter’s mouth.

    Yeah it was a pathetic apology. And people need to be educated that the word is every bit as inappropriate as the N word.

    But Porter has a point. “Fag” is thrown around about as often as the N word by some black people. They also like the word “bitch”… it’s usually meant to emmasculate someone they don’t like. They use the N word sometimes in jest but many times it’s the “a” on the end instead of the “er” they say is the difference. The result is usually the same: Knock someone down a peg.

    As half-assed as that apology was… there was a time when there would have been NO attempt at an apology — when no one would have blinked and no public statement would be issued. The fact that someone felt he needed to says that things are changing.

    Slowly. But they ARE changing.

  6. burnssuit says

    He was ONLY standing up for one of his teammates. If everyone does it, that’s just how the game goes and it’s unpunishable, right?
    Jesus, the coach is apologizing for him like he’s a small child. I guess behavior standards are just that low in the NFL.

  7. Blair says

    I hate it when people use the term, Sexual Preference. As if I prefer cock over pussy on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.And leave the gina to the weekends only.


  8. noah says

    Andre said: “Most black people are ghetto and not very educated..”

    Andre, thanks for showing that just as there homophobic African-Americans there are racist gay men who have no shame expressing their disgusting bigotry!

    Jeez, could you be any more of a fool? What the hell? You think you impress anyone by revealing your racism?

    How are you any different from this guy? Answer: you’re not. You’re both comfortable in letting your inner, dumbass bigot out on display.

  9. James says


    Maybe you should take a history class. Last time I checked equality in America has nothing to do with “earning it.” Neither the Declaration of Independence nor the Constitution make that type of argument. So please take your ignorance somewhere else. Thanks buddy!


  10. says

    I have to admit that what Porter said rings true – a lot of people don’t really think about their use of “fag,” they’ve just been trained to use it as the slur of choice. I agree that it should be considered as offensive as racial/ethnic/religious slurs, this is the sort of process we need to try to educate people.

  11. Jonathon says

    I grew up in the rural South and heard the word “nigger” used often by the people around me.

    Does than then give me carte blanche to use it as an epithet? Of course not!

    Regardless of how the word is used, it is offensive. The same goes for “fag”, “faggot”, “fairy”, “queer”, etc. Even when used in jest, they are hurtful and demeaning.

    American sports are plagued with homophobia. Hell, AMERICA is plagued with homophobia, but it seems we most often hear anti-gay epithets coming from the mouths of sports celebrities.

    While I don’t agree with what Andre wrote, I do think that minorities have a responsibility to stop perpetuating hate language. Gays should indeed be less bigoted towards other minorities, but so should folks like Porter and the many other athletes who may share his homophobia.

    Tearing down another group is no way to build up your own. Leave that to conservatives.

  12. Mona says

    I love how Porter sums up his “apology” with “So it’s over with” as if he has the right to closing the matter that someone else found his words offensive.

    That’s not an apology. That’s asking to be let off the hook. Those are two very different things.

  13. mikey d says


    You are part of the problem. You’re a bigot for making that statement. Assuming you are a homo, you deserve to be treated equally under the law despite your obvious racist ideas, YOU IDIOT.

  14. tjc says

    On qualified “apologies”:

    To all the issuers of these so-called “apologies” —
    It’s really very easy to turn your non-apology into a genuine one. Just change the word “if” to the word “that” and presto! You’ve apologized. Sometimes it’ll come out a little awkward grammatically, but it’ll be better than what it was.

    Before: I apologize _if_ I offended anyone.
    After: I apologize _that_ I offended anyone.

    For Joey Porter:
    Before: “So if I offended anybody, I apologize for that …”
    After: “So that I offended anybody, I apologize for that”

    See? Easy. Try it — we’ll like it!

    Oh, but here’s the catch:

  15. Zeke says

    Towleroad has been getting more than its share of trolls lately. I hope and pray that Andre is just trolling here trying to stir up a flame war. If not, then he should be ashamed of himself for his ignorance.

    As for Porter; what an ass!!!

  16. yeahisaidit says

    ….Sheesh, again I have to ask, since it involves an element of the topic being discussed here…where are the “FIT FAGGOTS” that REAL is advertising for at the top right hand corner of this site? Is that like ironic or just a coinkidink? sigh,…N.o I.teresting G.ay G.uys E.ver R.espond unless you post the N-word…! Just what in the white liberal hell is going on here, huh?

  17. soulbrotha says

    Obviously you fuck yourself on a regular basis because nobody else with half a brain would touch you. There I said THAT!


    To all posters, yeahisaidit and I have been posting this question to you since the first post of this story. And not one of you has responded. So you can criticize this football player but Andy is off limits? WTF? Don’t tell me you guys are hypoctites too?

  18. Zeke says


    Is it at all possible that rather than being hypocritical, some of us have never been to the REALJOCK website and have no idea what they do there?

    If what you say is true then yes I would have a problem with that just as I would be if Towleroad linked to a site with racial slurs.

    Andre, you are as big an ass as Porter.

  19. pangzi says

    About this racism stuff–everyone’s a little bit racist, right? I’m not sure how the stereotype got planted in my head, but I tend to assume that black americans who don’t speak in clear english are homophobic. And this guy just reinforces that belief. Maybe it’s unfair to think that, or racist, or whatever, but people evolved the ability to generalize and stereotype for a reason–it helped them live long enough to pass on their genes. Now, I wouldn’t say that I fear for my life when I’m around uneducated people (of any race), but I certainly try not to bring up the gay thing until I know their position. So, maybe give Andre a break.

  20. soulbrotha says


    All you have to do is scroll up this very page and read the REAL JOCK.COM ad. You don’t have to click on it, Boo. The word is right there in your face. So it doesn’t MATTER what they do.

  21. soulbrotha says

    Pangzi, stop right there.

    So you think that Black Americans with poor speaking habits are homophobic? So that must mean you believe the reverse is true. Well-spoken white Americans are pro-gay? The only time that you or Andre will ever get a “break” is when you take an active step toward reversing your ignorance.

  22. James says

    Oooooooo, Andre. You are such a big man. Telling people to go “fuck themselves.” Wow. I’m scared of you now. Anything else your small mind wants to share? Come on buddy. We are all waiting.

  23. says

    Soulbrotha, Thanks for bringing the advertorial hypocrisy to my attention. I agree with you that running an ad with that language is hypocritical on our part and I’ve requested that it be changed. I should have noticed it sooner.

    Additionally, I don’t have time to monitor every single comment that is placed on this site, so I appreciate it when readers bring offensive comments to my attention. Although I try to allow everyone to have a voice here, I do reserve the right to ban those who leave personally offensive or off-topic comments, or comments simply meant to insult others and create flame wars.

  24. peterparker says

    Regarding the REALJOCK website…I don’t get what the problem is…there is nothing offensive in the ad in the upper right hand portion of this page…and when I clicked on the ad and went to the site, the word ‘faggot’ was nowhere to be seen…could someone please enlighten me why the REALJOCK website is offensive?

  25. soulbrotha says

    Andy, thank you for responding and taking action. I understand that you don’t have time to monitor all comments, so what would be a better way to contact you? That would help reduce alot of posts and frustration.

    I’m not sure if that last comment is directed at me or not, but if so, I don’t think I am guilty of any of those things. I’ve seen much worse posted on this site. But it is your blog and you can make whatever decisions you deem necessary.

  26. yeahisaidit says

    ….whew! that took a lot of work…thanks soulbrotha for noticing me shouting out REAL JOCK…and of course Andy, (you are too cute and smart as hell to boot…) i guess those “FIT FAGGOTS” will have to find some other site to visit…lol

  27. Zeke says

    I missed it too SoulBrotha.

    I’m glad it’s been taken care of and I’m glad you pointed it out, although I wish you had done so without accusing Andy of being hypocritical rather than giving him the benefit of the doubt that he missed it just like many of us did.

  28. says

    PeterParker, the language in the ad was changed at our request. RealJock has also let me know that the language in the ad was not meant to offend.

    Soulbrotha, the last part of my prior comment was not directed at you. And the best way to get in touch is via the “send a tip” link in the right sidebar.

    As I said, I hope that the comment areas can provide a forum for constructive discussion rather than flame wars. Thank you all for participating.

  29. pangzi says


    I would like to defend my position.
    While I think that statistics are not usually the best guide when determining our core set of beliefs or morality, I do believe that they are applicable when trying to decide the liklihood that someone I meet may react negatively to my homosexuality. So, I’d like to introduce a few statisics:

    With education, religious views, and age held constant, black men are %14 more likely than white men to say a)that homosexual relations are always wrong, and b)that AIDS might be God’s punishment for immoral sexual behavior. Overall, nearly 75% of blacks say that homosexuality is wrong. (Lewis, Gregory. “Black White Differences in Attitudes toward Homosexuality.” Public Opinion Quarterly, Spring2003, Vol. 67 Issue 1, p59, 20p).

    Now, consider this: Education and Religiousity are two of the best predictors of homophobia (along with age, and interaction gay people). If un-clear speaking can be assumed to be, at least in part, a predictor of lower education, then I am completely justified in assuming that Black men who don’t speak clearly are more likely to be homophobic.

    I know that society teaches us to ignore differences along racial lines, but until we are free to recognize and discuss these differences, there’s very little hope of any positive change happening.

  30. peterparker says

    Thanks for the heads up SOULBROTHA…by the time I checked out the website, and then composed and posted, Andy had responded to your complaint…but thanks for letting me know why I wasn’t seeing anything offensive.

  31. Zeke says

    After going back to the original “Porter” discussion from yesterday, I realized that SoulBrotha has been pointing out the problem with the ad repeatedly since yesterday. I don’t think he realized that Andy wasn’t seeing his complaints and therefore he was becoming increasingly frustrated with what seemed like hypocrisy from Andy.

    This was a big misunderstanding.

    As Andy said before, the best way to bring something to his attention is through the “>send a tip” link.

    SoulBrotha, thanks again for catching the offensive ad and giving Andy an opportunity to fix the problem.

  32. James says


    While we are on the topic of “racial differences” could you explain this to me” according to Pew Research blacks are more likely than whites to want gays included in anti-hate crime laws.

  33. says


    Los Angeles, CA., 11/28/06 – Author H. Lewis Smith has written a thought provoking, culturally divided book that will not only spark heated conversation, but can also bring about real change. The N-word is often used in the African American community amongst each other and is generally not a problem when spoken by another African American. However, once the word is used by a Caucasian person, it brings on other effects. The question is “who can use the word and why?” Smith believes it is a word that should be BURIED!!!!

    The book is written in a manner that all can understand. The points are well-taken and the wording is easy to follow. There are quotes from great people in our history including Martin Luther King, Jr., Harriet Tubman, James Baldwin and many, many others. Smith has mixed history with honesty, love with life, education with effects. This is a great book for educators, parents, managers, professionals, newsmen, and anyone else wanting an in-depth look at the N-word, the effects and the solutions. A MUST READ!!!!

    To learn more about Bury that Sucka, please visit

  34. NOT FOR YOU says

    I think we’ve reached our black professional athlete quota for the week eh?

    Oh wait that’s right I’m still waiting for shoe to drop on the New Jersey Nets homo.

  35. soulbrotha says

    Thank you Andy, Zeke & PeterParker!
    It’s nice to know that I am being heard and supported. I love you, man!

    I will withhold comment until you respond to James.

  36. mark m says


    I got into this tempest a little too late. Didnt read the other thread till now, plus I NEVER read the ads on the side (ssshhhh, don’t tell Andy).

    Count me as as someone who also hates it when gays use Queer and Fag. I don’t buy the whole “we’re reclaiming the word” bullshit.

  37. pangzi says


    Yes, I’ve heard that, and I don’t doubt that it’s true. I would imagine that the willingness to support anti-hate crime legislation is linked to that fact that black americans are also the victims of hate-crimes, whereas white americans usually don’t have to deal with it. However, that statistic doesn’t invalidate the statistics from my last post. How about this: blacks are more likely than whites to support criminalization of homosexual relations. (same study I cited before). It seems to me that support for hate-crime inclusion is the exception, not the rule.

  38. SGR says


    The two greatest groups of homophobes–the two with the most power in this country to direct American public opinion–are the GOP and Evangelicals.

    Both are overwhelmingly the province of White Males.

    They slur gays daily. They give marching orders to millions who, in turn, vote to prevent us from marrying, among other things.

    You write, “Blacks are more likely than whites to support criminalization of homosexual relations.”

    Was it blacks who drove the criminalization of homosexual relations in Texas and elsewhere for decades?

    You’re handy with statistics. How about some substance. Tell us all about the black organizations that forced courts to criminalize homosexual acts until the Lawrence decision. You’ll have to fabricate it. There are none.

    You can pick and choose statistics to drive your theory that blacks somehow are more homophobic than whites, but when looked at rationally, the fact is: it is whites, especially white men, who institutionalize homophobia.

    I suspect you are racist. You don’t like black people. Black men frighten you.

    You can take homophobia from straight white males because, in your view, they are above you on the totem pole of influence.

    But when it comes to homophobia from straight black men, you are deeply offended (even though it’s the exact homophobic act) because you assume you are superior to them. That’s why you bring up the issue of education and dialect. How dare those monkeys look down on fags! He’s so uneducated! That’s what is fueling your race-directed outrage and your use of cod statistics.

    But if it came from a straight white male, well, you’re so used to bowing and scraping to your life-long superiors that you don’t have the same level of outrage as when it comes from a straight black man.

    And you certainly don’t feel the need to bring out cod statistics on education and homophobia from whites.

    Football players of all races throw the fag word around daily. That Porter is black has no import here.

    If he were white, what parallel to ‘gee what if someone used the N word’ would there be? Blacks have no special obligation to be less homophobic than whites.

    I sometimes think that gay white males who struggle not to be racist (and fail) get extra mad when it’s a black person who is homophobic because they think, ‘gee, I struggle not to be racist, why can’t they do the same for me?’

    So dumb. I guess the one good thing to get out of your comments is that racists are as stupid and illogical as homophobes.

    And by illogical, I mean the discrepancy others have pointed out: “So you think that Black Americans with poor speaking habits are homophobic? So that must mean you believe the reverse is true. Well-spoken white Americans are pro-gay.”

    How exactly does your theory hold up when it comes to homophobia from the GOP and Evangelicals?

  39. pbnyc59 says

    “That’s pretty much that. I don’t want to put any more into it…Whatever I say is going to be on an extra level anyway.”…Porter

    Whatever I say is going to be on an extra level??? Man is this idiot clueless or brainless. Or perhaps he’s been playing without his helmet. 😉

    Andre. Outside of you being an idiot, have you ever traveled around the USA?? I’ve heard just as many whites sound just as bad, if not worse, than Porter. To our black friends here, not all whites
    are as stupid as Andre. His come back of “go fuck yourself” also shows how witty he is.

  40. noah says

    Pangzi, you started by defending Andre, who was making blatantly racist comments. Trying to justify his comments is just adding to the bigotry of the world.

    Comments against Andre’s bigotry were focused on the prejudice and hypocrisy he issued. They were indefensible comments. His comments were hatefully written.

  41. soulbrotha says

    Here is something you might find interesting:

    “For “softer” areas of science (e.g. human behavior, social interactions, psychology), the branch of mathematics called statistics is particularly useful. Unfortunately, statistics is one of the most misused forms of the scientific process. Juxtaposition of statistical data and suppression of key issues lead to very interesting examples of flawed scientific reasoning. Statistics, coupled with misinterpretation of data, using irreproducible experiments, disregarding peer review, passing of fiction as fact and a whole bunch of innocuous yet powerful techniques are used in the promotion of pseudo-science. Pseudo-science looks like science, feels like science, but is completely “junk science”.
    Statistics in fact can be misused or even misinterpreted easily. The fallibility of sloppy statistics leads to the popular phrase “Lies, damn lies and statistics”

    -Partha Dasgupta is on the faculty of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Arizona State University in Tempe. His homepage is at

    For the FULL article go to:

  42. forreal says


    VERY well articulated.

    Unfortunately as reasonable, well-spoken and fact-driven as your post was – A racist will (almost) always be a racist.

    The institutionalized and inherent bias that drives people to discriminate against an entire group is most often fueled by deep resentment, inadequacy, and a lack of self-worth/happiness (if you are truly happy and content in your own life how could you HATE someone you don’t know?).
    These feelings are usually deeply ingrained and often second-nature and can only be addressed and changed when there is an acknowledgement that they actually exist.

    It is obvious that many here are incapable of this acknowledgement, don’t care to, and will never get it.

  43. MisterSinister says

    Nice way to sum up everyone you don’t know or understand FORREAL…but not everyone fits so neatly into your little box.

    Some distaste for people actually comes from a learned experience and is facilitated by displeasure of their actions and NOT from feelings of inadequacy…..THAT is laughable!…lol!

    People make judgements of others everyday and decide whether or not like or dislike a person based on how the other person portrays himself, whether or not they have common interests, etc. Even someone as liberal as you (and many of you others)cannot claim to like EVERYONE.

    Unfortunately, when people define themselves as a group or by an issue, they have a tendency to be judged by it.

  44. pangzi says

    Hmmm…this got awfully ugly awfully fast. I don’t know if I have the time to respond to everything people have written, but here are a few things:

    1) The study I cited probably is not available to be viewed by people not on my college campus, but I went ahead and used the email feature to send it to Soulbrotha.

    2) Yes, I realize that institutionalized homophobia and discriminatory laws are almost exclusively the workings of the GOP and white males. I wasn’t referring to institutionalized homophobia–just to homophobia as a personal matter.

    3) I was not blaming black Americans for the problems of the gay community in America. I wasn’t meaning to address marriage rights or other restrictions on our freedoms. Again, I was talking solely of homophobia as a personal matter–like using the word ‘fag’ as an indictment of someone’s manhood, for example.

    4) I cited a source with statistics showing that black men tend to have more negative attitudes towards gay people than white men. I didn’t comment any further on white men’s homophobia, because it wouldn’t be relevant. Of course I’m upset by homophobia, no matter who expresses it. If you would like to present research on the education of white males, and their homophobia, I would be happy to read it–but it shouldn’t be my job to post this information, since I was convinced that I had proven my point without it. If you’d seriously like to rebut, then you need to do some research of your own.

    5) I really do resent being called a racist. Simply because I’ve studied (and acknowledged) that a portion of black culture is especially unaccepting of homosexuality, doesn’t mean that I hate black people. It means that I’ve read enough to be convinced that it is a fact, and would like to get to the bottom of why it occurs, so that as activists, we might try to improve the situation.

    6) Here are a few links you might be interested in. (though to be honest, I’m sure I could find better ones if I had the time)
    Some quotes: “…a deep and persistent discomfort with homosexuality in the African American community.”
    Also: “But the church and its leaders, longstanding cornerstones of African American life and the architects of many of the community’s mores, in general have been vehemently critical of homosexuality.”

    I haven’t read this book, but it seems to address the issue to some degree:
    Here’s the text of this link: “Recent work on attitudes toward homosexuals promotes the view that males typically have more negative attitudes than females; and African Americans have more negative attitudes than their white counterparts. However, among African Americans, women are thought to have the greatest negative attitudes because they perceive themselves as competing for a limited pool of black male partners. This study uses the National Black Politics Study to examine African American gender differences in attitudes toward homosexual men. Multivariate findings show that of the variables analyzed: (1) Among African American females, age, income, education, and urban residence are statistically significant; and (2) among African American males, frequency of religious attendance was the only statistically significant variable. It is, therefore, argued that black masculinity explains the gendered differences and that negative attitudes within the African American community toward gay men contribute to debilitating both the physical and mental health of the entire black community.”

    7) If black, uneducated men are more likely to be homophobic, is the opposite true? Yes, I think that, conversely, white, educated men are less likely to be homophobic. Of course, I would never state it to the extreme, because that would be ridiculous (“Well-spoken white americans are pro-gay”). SGR did that to make a point. (a flawed point).

    8) So do black men scare me? No, of course not. Well, no more than white men scare me. Do stupid people of all races scare me? Yes. I am more certainly scared of stupid people, and the effect they’re having on the country (for example, the president). Education level is, once again, one of the highest predictors of homophobia–certainly a high predictor than race.

  45. mark m says

    “Unfortunately, when people define themselves as a group or by an issue, they have a tendency to be judged by it.”

    And another unfortunate tendency is to judge a group that you are not a member of.

    That goes for everyone here. It’s called prejudice and it does not mean bigot or racist. It’s simply the human tendency to “pre judge” that which you do not have all the facts about.

    And I would say everyone here, regardless of race, age, orientation, national origin, religion, atheism, gender, economic class, education, geographic location or simply political ideology falls into that category.

  46. Damon says

    No one has a special obligation towards anything. But we all do have an Equal obligation to dismantle racism, homophobia, sexism, etc, from our government, businesses, homes, and even minds. (Ooo, thought police). :)

    For blacks to be homophobic is to betray their cause to seek universal human acceptance in the world. And ditto for homosexuals who are racist and expect the world to be accepting towards homosexuality. Different instances, same essence.

  47. pangzi says


    Yes, statistics can be misused. I agree. What did your post accomplish? You didn’t even accuse me of misusing statistics (which I don’t believe I have). Can you be more specific with your criticism?

    Oh, and as a side note–I know this is really lame, and sounds like bullshit, but my best friend is black, and we’ve discussed this issue to death. In fact, I had never thought about the higher rate of homophobia in the black community until she brought it to my attention. BTW, she’s an AFAS major, with a focus on the African American experience and the achievement gap.

    Sorry, being called a racist, illogical, stupid, and ignorant really hurts, because I absolutely loathe those things.

  48. MisterSinister says

    Ok Pangzi…

    Speaking of prejudice….I am always surprised (and amused) at how easily anyone who disagrees with the views of another person or group is so easily written off as stupid or uneducated.

    From your comments you sound like an undergrad (…and I’m not saying that I couldn’t be wrong about that) but beside the fact that college kids think they know everything (and believe me…you don’t…which is part of the reason you are going to college in the first place), it non-the-less qualifies you as being LESS educated than me ….and the PRESIDENT.

    People DON’T need to belong to a group to have feelings about the conduct of that group.

    I can tell you this….AS A GROUP, I don’t care for SMOKERS….I don’t. I don’t like smoking, never have, never will. My mother died of smoking at 61. That said…one of my brothers and both of my sisters still smoke. Do I HATE them? No. Do I wish they didn’t smoke. YES. Do they engage in a behavior that I don’t agree with. Yes. Can they stop smoking if they wanted to? Probably not.

    In case I didn’t mention it earlier, I work as a behavioral geneticist…so if anyone feels the need to open that whole can of worms, I’m ready.

    I also don’t care for that whole GOTH lifestyle and BIKERS don’t thrill me either.

  49. pangzi says


    Yeah, I’m an undergrad. And trust me, I thought I knew everything long before I got to college, haha.

    I’m not sure I understand exactly what your comment was in response to–was it something I said? What group are you comparing smokers to?

    About the education thing–I would imagine there’s some sort of plateau for the inverse relationship between homophobia and education level, but I concede that, as an undergrad, I am more likely to be homophobic than a grad student, or anyone with greater education than that. The mention of the president wasn’t supposed to be taken as a serious point–it was mostly for comedic relief.


  50. James says


    Don’t think I called you a racist, illogical, or anything else. However, as you just admitted stats can be used for any purpose. My only point about blacks being more likely to support the inclusion of gays in anti-hate crimes is to show that if you say black males are more homophobiac than their white peers you are only giving half of the picture. No one here is going to say that homophobia does not exist in the black community (at least I hope not). It does. However, I would like to make distinctions between individuals talking and whole communities. By the way: and I stole this from You know what character NFL players love? Omar from “The Wire.” Omar is a cold-blooded killer and as gay as the day is long. Now a few of the players admit glossing over that fact, but most don’t.

    By the way: I know you mean well, but telling us your best friend is black is as you said “lame.” It just takes away from your argument.

    But it’s all good. We are here to learn stuff (not including Andre of course….grin), so no harm no foul. Good luck in school.


  51. jOHN says




  52. James says


    You are a coward. Takes a lot of courage to call people names on a website. If you really believe what you say go find a black person and call him or her nigger. We know you won’t, but a brother can dream.

    Go find a rock and crawl under it. Maybe you and Andre can get married some day.

  53. Daniel says

    I want to refer to a post further above in the scroll, refering to a book wanting to “bury” the word nigger. As I said in a comment yesterday, I use “nigger” instead of “the N Word” or “N*gger” because it is an English language word & as an English teacher it doesn’t make sense to me to pretend it isn’t there, as “the N word” phrase tries to do. Or when people say “effing” instead of “fuck.” We’re not dumb, we all know it means “nigger” and “fuck.” It’s not a word that’s going to be buried. How are you going to read Mark Twain if it’s buried, or a variety of American lit. And what about the Spanish speakers who call black men “el Negrito” and women “la Negrita” without intending offense? Words come and go in the English language, but “nigger” will stay awhile b/c it’s used, it’s understood, it’s a part of our history, it’s a part of our literature. Trying to bury it seems futile to me.

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