1. says

    Agreed that the score is important. Some people hate Glass, but he certainly works here. How ’bout that Bill Condon being shut out by the Globes? As Judi’s character from Notes would say, “I think you’ll find that was a mistake.”

  2. jojo says

    I saw a screening as well. And although the performances were amazing, the film was griping, and the score incredible — I am surprised from a gay man’s point of view you didnt mention Judi’s character is basically “another homosexual predator role” that we have seen since the beginning of motion pictures. Especially what we are left with after the final scene. In fact, this film could have been shot 50 years ago.

    And even though Cate Blanchett’s character has an affair with a young student, we are supposed to be more sympathetic and understanding to her …

  3. mark m says

    Excellent point, JoJo. I do not know anything of this film or novel except the trailer I saw with my husband at the movies.

    I leaned over to him and said it looked like another mad lesbian on the loose film. Is this a remake of “Rebecca?”

    I guess when it’s high brow, it’s ok to portray gays as unstable predators.

  4. says

    Ever hear of a little overcooked bunny boiler from 1961 called “The Children’s Hour’? Cos’ this turkey sounds like pure Lillian Hellman. You know, “I feel so dirty!!!”

    II don’t know about you guys, but all my gay friends killed themselves laughing at the sight of Judy Dench chasing after Blanchett when the trailer played before Casino Royale.

    Run! The neurotic aged lesbian is coming for you! Run!

    Oy vey.

  5. Marco says

    Considering I was stalked by a gay guy once, I have no problem with a depiction of a gay person as a stalker. I get the implications of such a character, yadda yadda, but whatever. Judi and Cate are two of the best actresses we have. I’d watch them play cards.

    My big beef is with the marketing department. The trailer gives so much of the film away. I watched it at Apple a month or so ago and every major plot point, sans the ending, was spoiled.

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