Mii Celebrity Talent Show

Braff Rice

One of the great things about Nintendo’s Wii is its ability to customize personal avatars, called Miis, which can be dressed up with any number of rudimentary hair styles and facial features. This has lead to users designing Miis that not only look like themselves, but look like celebrities. Jason Kottke decided to hold a celebrity Mii contest and the results are in. It’s not hard to guess the winner, above left, although Condi’s trademark scowl is rendered perfectly in the Mii on the right. More amusing results at Kottke

Since the Thanksgiving weekend I spent with my friends’ Wii, I’ve since had the opportunity to try out about six more games and aside from the Wii Sports, which I love, my favorites are Madden Football, Zelda, and Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam. Feel free to leave any suggestions for other good games in the comments.

Oh, and if anybody’s up for creating celebrity Wiis of the gay newsmakers (Lance, T.R., Neil Patrick, Foley, Haggard), feel free to send them along…

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  1. someotherkevin says

    I had no idea who the one on the left was, until I read EireKev’s comment. Now I totally see it.

    Trauma Center: Second Opinion is another amazing game.

  2. mike says

    The one on the left looks like Judith Regan who just got fired by Murdoch.

    I think you got confused, Andy – Condi is on the right. And you forgot Anderson Cooper in your list of gay newsmakers.

  3. Ken says

    Rayman’s Raving Rabbids is a lot of random silly fun. It’s just so much fun to smack the little bunnies around.

    I just got Elebits, and so far it’s also pretty fun. You get to make a huge mess by throwing stuff all over the place with your wii-mote/anti-gravity gun.

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