Brandon Routh is in Denial

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If you’re interested in seeing Brandon Routh in something other than a red cape, he’s in a short film (with his fiancée) called Denial, now available for download at iTunes. Not sure when it came out but it’s a good opportunity to see him flex that acting muscle.



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  1. jeff says

    The very definition of “blah”.

    He and Kate Bosworth are so bland, they sank “Superman Returns” like a stone.

  2. says

    He couldn’t ac t on ONe Life to Live and can’t act now. I agree with Jeff. I’m glad i didn’t see superman in the movies. The size of kate’s forhead was huge, she reminded me of a klingon.

  3. FML says

    “Superman Returns” was overlong and horrible, and Brandon Routh was as fey as it gets ….. but I have to admit I kind of like looking at him, the same way I kind of like looking at Josh Hartnett (who is similar in looks and blandness both).

  4. Rob says

    What are you guys smoking?? Brandon was outstanding in Superman Returns – which was a great movie! Brand did a great job playing three characters: Clark Kent, Kal-El, and Superman. To me, he filled Chris Reeves shoes, and then some. In the absence of long winded dialogue, he masterfully used numerous facial expressions to convey the character’s depth of emotion and feelings. While most profesional reviewers did not care for Kate Bosworth’s performance, there was near unanimous praise for Brandon. He’s a talented young actor that definitely has a super future!

  5. Bobby says

    I agree. I loved the movie and thought he did a fine job. I didn’t like Bosworth as Lois Lane. She just didn’t have the spunk needed to portray that character.

  6. says

    Even though I thought Superman Returns blew, I think Brandon is a D-A-D-D-Y and I would let him use EVERY super power he had on me.

  7. Br!on says

    Vanilla Pudding. Pure, no tapioca, nothing. Just vanilla pudding.

    Josh Hartnett was in the store the other day with entourage and though seemingly similar, he actually comes across with a bit of an edge and definately more scruffiluppagus.