Former General Shalikashvili: Repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Former General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff John Shalikashvili agrees with a recent Zogby poll that says American servicemembers are ready to serve alongside openly gay members of the military.

JohnshalikashviliIn a New York Times op-ed, Shalikashvili has called for a repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”:

“I now believe that if gay men and lesbians served openly in the United States military, they would not undermine the efficacy of the armed forces. Our military has been stretched thin by our deployments in the Middle East, and we must welcome the service of any American who is willing and able to do the job.”

According to the Zogby poll, “More than half (55%) of the troops who know a gay peer said the presence of gays or lesbians in their unit is well known by others.” Shalikashvili feels that the time is right (unlike when Clinton considered it in the 90’s) to reconsider the ban on gay troops but says it’s prudent not to let it distract from developing a more effective U.S. strategy in Iraq.

As for that new strategy, Bush appears to be on the verge of announcing an increase in troops to the region as part of his new plan: “Its central theme will be sacrifice.”

Do the deaths of 3,000 troops not represent enough sacrifice?

The American public does not support an increase in troop levels, and neither do many Republicans, according to reports. Unfortunately for Bush, a Democratic majority in Congress may mean he’ll have to sacrifice a few of his ridiculous ideas.


  1. LightningLad says

    The whole rationale for banning openly gay people from serving in the military – that it harms morale and threatens unit cohesion – is ridiculous.

    Evidence shows that the number of soldiers unwillingly ejected from the armed forces tends to decline during periods of conflict – precisely the time when morale and unit cohesion is most important. So there goes that theory…

    It appears that the number of gays ejected from the armed forces has been on the rise over the past several years since the war in Iraq began. But accompanying this rise has been in an increase in the number of gay soldiers voluntarily disclosing their sexual orientation – most likely as a way of cutting short their service in Iraq or not having to go on another tour of duty in this seemingly interminable conflict and hoping to save their own life.

  2. soulbrotha says

    Now that they are shorthanded by 3000 soldiers they want to repeal the DADT policy? Well I say “Fuck ’em”! Because when this war is finally over (whenever THAT is) and we are at peace, the discriminating bullshit will start all over again! Only if they put a policy in place that states that any anti-gay activity will result in a dishonorable discharge for the participant(s) AND their commanding officers!

  3. mark m says

    Sounds like a prelude to bringing back the draft. Get rid of the ban on gays and men won’t be able to say “I’m a Homo!” to get out of service.

    Ahhhhh, progress.

  4. Dex says

    I’d love to have the opportunity to serve my country openly and honestly. I’d enlist today if it weren’t for Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and the considerable homophobia that’s become synonomous with the American Military. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell could easily (and sensibly) be replaced with another policy: Don’t Be An Ignorant Bastard, Don’t Fuck Your Fellow Servicemen.

  5. ricardo says

    happy new year andy!!

    seems some people have already sacrificed reason, as some have sold their intellect to the highest bidder. yet, i’d love to see the radical faeries and sisters of perpetual indulgence in the “green zone”.


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